9/30 The 2020 Better Business Awards, organized by the British Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) in Taipei, have come to a successful conclusion, and Standard Chartered Bank, which continues to support the Corporate Multicultural Awards this year, will help more people and businesses to reach the future of equal rights.

In 2020, following the focus on gender issues, Taiwanese companies are moving toward diversity and inclusion, while Standard Chartered is always ahead of the line, without falling behind.

Focusing on the promotion of equal rights in the workplace, Standard Chartered Bank has narrowed the gender pay gap and further expanded its reach to markets around the world by strengthening its pay and flexible working hours systems. Or through a variety of activities to break down gender stereotypes and increase the imagination of diverse families, or a long-standing concern for vulnerable ethnic groups and visually impaired issues, including the annual Standard Chartered Taipei Public Service Marathon, the establishment of the Visually Impaired Electric Marketing Group, and promote the Futuremakers Global Public Interest Program to highlight the importance of corporate statements and actions on social issues.

It's powerful to start, but Standard Chartered also knows that a one-man path can't go long, promote pluralism and inclusion, and must build up more corporate power. So starting in 2019, Standard Chartered bank sponsored the Better Business Awards Corporate Multicultural Awards, organized by the Taipei British Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCCT), which encourages companies in Taiwan to go further in promoting diversity and inclusion.

The more companies invest in it, the greater the impact.

The 2020 Better Business Awards of the British Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) in Taipei ended on September 30th, with five awards this year: Corporate Social Responsibility Award, Best Business Leader Award, Corporate Multicultural Award, Social Enterprise Award and Renewable Energy Award.

It is worth mentioning that the increase in the number of local enterprises running this year highlights the growing awareness of enterprises to invest resources in social issues, and the issues of concern are all-encrusted, from local creation to environmental conservation, from gender parity to the rights and interests of the disabled.

Among them, the spirit of the Corporate Multicultural Awards, and Standard Chartered Bank has long promoted diversity and inclusion, which is why Standard Chartered Bank continues to sponsor the award this year. When equality is agreed, the future of the business should point to pluralism and inclusion, and even become the DNA of the company's development, helping everyone achieve their own success in their work and continue to innovate. Thus, in the Corporate Multicultural Awards, special emphasis is placed on the culture of the organization, the performance of achievements, and the planned actions it implements to create influence.

Standard Chartered's director of public relations and marketing, Chen Yingxun (first from left), presented the award to the corporate multicultural award-winning company, pictured with Ralph Rogers (first from right), taiwan director of the British Council.

The jury for this year's Corporate Multicultural Awards invited Gillian Chen, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank, Ralph Rogers, Chief Executive Of the British Council in Taiwan, Zhang Weixuan, Chief Executive Of Wes Media, and Jay Lin, Chief Executive Of Jade Voice, to select three finalists from among the many candidates: HSBC, King's Bank and Prudential Life of the United Kingdom.

Standard Chartered's head of public relations and marketing, Chen Yingxun (second from left), and Ralph Rogers (second from right), taiwan director of the British Council, pose for a photo with the Corporate Multicultural Award winners.

Finally, the Corporate Multicultural Award was won by HSBC. As HSBC received the award, it said that D and I had become THE DNA of HSBC, and that everything from the race of its employees to the proportion of genders was a direction that must be sustained.

Practice diversity and inclusion to guide the future direction of enterprises.

To create a co-integrated workplace environment, not only to help employees achieve themselves, but also to help enterprises continue to innovate and grow. Diversity and inclusion encompass issues of race, gender, age, religion, language, and so on, which is why, in promoting women's power, businesses will need to achieve pluralism and inclusion and further expand their influence into society.

We look forward to the future, to see more and more enterprises into it, together to create the ideal of equal rights society.