Women fans launched the 2021 hand account "As Usual", the second year of working with designer Morita with the design of the play with time hand account to understand the motivation behind the design.

Q1. This year's theme is "As Usual as usual", and why did you decide to use windows as the main design element?

This year's theme seems bland but in fact very deep, everyone understands the literal meaning, but it is difficult to say so, and choose to window as an element of communication, but also seems ordinary but experienced a complete process of wanting to break! Because, I have always cared very much about the so-called sense of commonality.

Photo | designer Matsuda

There are two main levels of entry point, first, we wake up every day always habitually open the curtains, feel the outdoor light, humidity, thinking about what to wear today, one side is also the weather around the mood, through the window, can be said to open a day of small ceremony; Window, is the usual existence of the past, now it is still as usual companionship, but suddenly appear precious.

Cover I do not deliberately show indoor or outdoor perspective, I hope that the viewer to their own state of mind feeling, as usual, but also the world is not normal, who can not say a specific, can do is to experience and cherish. (Extended reading:2021 Woman's Lost Bookkeeter Tophy: Life is worth swallowing, let me accompany you as usual)

Photo | Matsuda

Q2. Please share with us the idea of color matching and special page design of this hand account.

This year I hope to show calm and gentle, color immediately decided the goose yellow, but also my own favorite color, elegant and durable, but also quite a morning light association;

The special pages are designed to extend the theme of the window, "Room View" and "Outdoor View", allowing the reader to view themselves from different perspectives
self and the world, but also through such a process to think about the ordinary beauty.

Photo | Matsuda

Q3. This hand account, what do you would like to recommend to everyone's characteristics?

This year hand account more luxury version of the combination, do not collect really lose, recommended finished.


Q4. In addition to the hand ledger, this year there are many more peripheral goods, such as posters, postcards, stickers, can you ask Dazi to explain the design concept of these surrounding?

Hope that the poster can echo the theme, as usual accompany not noisy, affixed to the room, do not use is also a reasonable existence of the scenery, but also provide a recording function, so that the end of the year can also leave precious traces.

Postcards are made in groups of three, three sentences and three levels and can be sent to friends with different personalities.

Stickers are designed to be used with hand accounts, and some everyday small objects and event reminders make the recording process more fun.

Photo | Matsuda

Photo | Provided by Yang Xiao grass hand account

Q5. We know that even if it is around, Dazi still put a lot of thoughts and details into, want to ask you personal favorite peripheral goods is which, what want to share with you the design of smart thinking?

My personal favorite surrounding should be the poster, it is worth noting that the poster to carry out the whole orange with silver ink, creating a fantastic sky, as the light in the room, but also let this sky have a different reflection and depth.

Photo | Matsuda

Q6. Could you also ask Dazi to share your philosophy of life with you? How can you make life better for you?

This let me first think about what is the definition of a good life, not good to the old I have not yet seen through it! For me, the state of mind is the key, consciously choose, responsible for themselves, good intentions, you can be at ease, if many people can do so, in fact, most people have a comfortable life, haha!

Q7. Want to say something to anyone who will be using this handbook for the next year? What power do you expect them to gain when they finish using this book?

Cherish the side, carefully appreciate the daily, regardless of the smooth and unhappy, everything will pass, do not have to be overly persistent. Use this book to walk through 2021 and gain the strength to look forward to the next year:)