Women's fan X Summer in Joe's "Drawing the Girls Around" series of graphics, Xia Yu Joe weekly painting / words, a letter full of temperature, sent to dear girls. Today, talk about the "fresh box girl", you are too?

Many people asked, "How do you keep a warm love feeling?" It's like you have to put love in a box!

But in fact, two people together will actually have a lot of different state, sometimes rest assured that love their own changes, perhaps you will experience a different love!

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Want to store love to keep fresh

Sneakly modify the expiration date

The hot love limit guarantees sweetness

Once expired, thank you goodbye

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Dear Fresh Box Girl:

"No more than half a year of love!" You said you don't want to, just whenever the preservation period on the taste!

Love has different stages of hard work and beauty, so need to operate!

Looking for the right one, learning to know himself,

Slowly leave the box and try to grow up in love!

You're surrounded by Joe

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Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho