There are three colors: hardcover "morning yellow" and "twilight orange" and soft-skinned "eternal daylight", no matter which one is delivered to your hand, you must hear a cry

Autumn wind Cersei, as the end of the year, is again to pick the hand account season.

Women's fans this year 2021 hand account play with time with nearly 40,000 trackers on Instagram, with the tail cat to bring you out of the box women fans for everyone's well-designed hand account!

Tail cat: "This is my second time out of the box pwt hand account, combined with last year's experience, I think the women's puzzle book series is very core feature is to 'explore their own", through the hand account content design, in the use of this hand account at the same time, give themselves and their own interactive opportunities, in the busy modern life is precious. 」

The promise of the future "if, as usual, is a kind of wishful delivery"

The theme this time is "As Normal" - in the mood for life's fickle 2020, expecting the future to be "as usual, as it is."

The cat recalls the unfortunate events of 2020 that have brought us a sense of helplessness that has plunged us into a low mood.

The women's-obsessed hand-book designer came up with the concept of "business as usual", hoping that everyone who uses the ledger would be back to normal next year - because we would find that happiness was hidden in "everyday" things.

Picture| availableouo_catnap

It's not just daily memorament, it's self-talk

For the cat, facing the low tide of life, this small book, not only to record the daily events, between the page and the page, each carefully preserved blank space, is to give the owner a space to talk with themselves.

The soul needs a place, as long as you turn over the account will find that we keep a lot of lovely small position, let its owner have a place to rest, there is a place to write down yourself.

Give yourself time to ask yourself who you are and who you want to be.

There are also many small words hidden in the hand ledger, those words have touched countless people, and now we put together these moving words, scattered in all corners of the book, soothe the wounded heart, encourage you in a low mood.

The book also leaves room for you to write down your goals, allowing you to examine your past self from time to time and repeatedly confirm the direction of the future.

Therefore, "play with time hand ledger" not only has the function of the calendar, but also a loyal good partner to accompany you to self-dialogue.

Picture| availableouo_catnap

Busy in the exploration of self, record every move

Do you see a text on the book that makes you move? Did a friend say a word that touched you? Did your family say a tearful word of encouragement?

Write it down! Write down all these moves, record them in the hand account, these papers will follow you, really, there is no danger of disappearing. A few years later, growing stronger you can still turn over the past, laughing at the immature handwriting of the past.

Bachuan paper, which has been recognized by IG's handwriting family, and the whole book can open the flattened character, are all women fans for you carefully created a smooth handwriting sense, so that you write on the addiction, write non-stop every day.

See these moving words, do not want to also record it? Don't wait any longer.

Picture| availableouo_catnap

Everything designed by the hand ledger is for you;

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2021 with play time hand account, women fans to you carefully presented

Hardcover "Morning Yellow" and "Twilight Orange", soft-skinned "Eternal Daylight" - are you ready to pick which one to accompany you through 2021?