2021 with play time hand account, women fans to you carefully present this year's theme "business as usual." In addition to exquisite surrounding goods, hand account a total of two covers, three colors optional, luxurious and rustic free choice!

As 2020 draws to a close, as temperatures drop, the calendar on the wall is thinner and thinner, and in a flash we find: Ah! It's almost New Year's Day.

Now that the days are beginning to count down, looking back at the flustered year of 2020, do you start looking for your next book and looking forward to 2021, in addition to cherishing and sighing?

We work with Instagram's "Yang Xiao grass", with the unique vision of the talent, as well as the professional and experience of writing the hand account, together open the box next year's hand account, share to everyone!

Welcome to the new year with the 2021 play with time hand account

Women fans of the theme of the 2021 hand account, "As Normal As Usual: Business as Usual, Good Day."

As the man Yang Xiao grass wrote in the IG post: "2020, live very ordinary, can ordinary life is a kind of luck." If it's business as usual, it's a way to get it done. This is also the women's fans of the hand account designer want to express and everyone.

"How" is a daily count/Every Day Counts concept, the more difficult the challenge, the more precious every ordinary day is.

This time the cover design is "windows", this year is a lot of peripheral goods, such as postcards, posters, beautiful style stickers and so on. Let Talent now teach you how to apply these ideas!

Photo |provided by @happinessgrass

Photo |provided by @happinessgrass

Moon Chronicles: Dating time is clear at a glance, and you won't forget what you do every day

Moon chronicles are the best place to apply stickers, with different throttles and events, we can paint in the blanks, so that a month's trip is not just a trip, but also this month your appearance, your mood.

Yang Xiao grass taught everyone to write the word first, and then to decorate. Whether it's stickers or sticker tape, as long as they appear in the corner, it can be a very cute decoration, make up your book.

In the future, when you look back at past months, you can see at a glance what that month did and how the mood as a whole changed. I believe that at that time lovely stickers and your pen works, will be alive and flexible to say hello to you.

Everything in the past is gone, they are always there, so keep a record.

Photo |provided by @happinessgrass

Ganttu: Record your daily homework and get into good habits

Yang Xiao grass shared the method of using Gantt chart: "I will use to record 'what I will do every day', such as writing a hand account, updating powder, drawing and so on!" 21 days to form your good habits

Yes, research says it takes 21 days to develop a good habit, so if you have any habits you want to get into, or do your homework every day, don't use it politely!

In addition to ticking the boxes of things, this Gantt chart has a feature to use, which is to record what happens every day, such as how much water you drink today, what time you can get up and fall asleep.

Tools are in our hands, and how they are used depends on imagination.

Photo |provided by @happinessgrass

Weekly Note: Daily Mood Record

If you're a busy life with more meetings, weekly notes are a more detailed place to keep an account, but if you don't have such a tight schedule, weekly notes are the best place to write!

Yang Xiao grass also shared his use: "Women are obsessed with white paper, writing is very comfortable." The part of the weekly note is similar to 2020, using the same as I directly divided into 7 days, after the division of the grid size I think is very suitable for friends who have just touched the hand account, in writing will not be too much burden, to develop the habit of writing hand account is very helpful.

Photo |provided by @happinessgrass

After watching Yang Xiao grass share, do you let your fingers stupid move? Talent teaches you to apply the stickers of surrounding goods, simply shape out beautiful every page, flip through at will, are art, have your handwriting, your temperature.

A small book is more than just a function of the calendar, it is more like an elaborate gift: a woman's fan gives it to you, you give it to yourself - to the past, to the future.

Everything designed by the hand ledger is for you;

2021 with play time hand account, women fans to you carefully presented

Hardcover "Morning Yellow" and "Twilight Orange", soft-skinned "Eternal Daylight" - are you ready to pick which one to accompany you through 2021?