Women's fan X Summer in Joe's "Drawing the Girls Around" series of graphics, Xia Yu Joe weekly painting / words, a letter full of temperature, sent to dear girls. Talk about chameleon girls today, aren't you?

Some girls can always be in different states in a relationship, sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes red. Like a chameleon, it becomes like a background color, and only wants to be in the other side's eyes.

But true love, it is to let you show their own. You have your own unique color.

And whether you're blue, red, purple, black or color, it's beautiful!

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

I can be the bright red of your love

The next second becomes your shyness

Camouflage master to meet your needs

Color change hiding is afraid that you see through

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Dear Chameleon Girl:

Watching you try to get involved in all the things he loves, you always say, "He likes to be important!"

Comfortable love should be mutual, flattering love will not be true, began to learn to please themselves, more self-confidence is not afraid to lose!

Summer Joe

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho