Women's fan X Summer in Joe's "Drawing the Girls Around" series of graphics, Xia Yu Joe weekly painting / words, a letter full of temperature, sent to dear girls. Talk about "The Virgin Girl" today, aren't you?

Sometimes we love like a mother. Love is dead heartless without regret, love each other as a child, but is a spoiled child.

Paying is not a problem, but no bottom line of pay may make you break your heart, crying broken intestines.

Constant forgiveness, constant giving, constant input, but finally only in exchange for everything becomes taken for granted.

Dear, sometimes, remember to love others before you love yourself.

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

No less than the people before and after all for you

I'm dependent on the little things in life

How can't the mother's love stop giving

Young children will always need to be taken care of

Photo | provided by Xia Yucho

Dear Notre Dame Girl:

Are you used to giving to prove your worth?

Or do you want to tie love to his dependence?

The Heart of Our Lady is great, endless care!

But is this really the love you want?

Don't turn him into your spoiled child.

Don't forget your seat because of maternal love!

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Photo | provided by Xia Yucho