Sometimes, when you're in a bad mood, you often want to be consoled.In the same way, when the body feels uncomfortable, someone chooses to take medicine.After the medicine is finished, do you think there is an improvement, but will it be a drug that does not have a curative effect?What's this all about?

Doctors give patients all kinds of drugs, all of which are qualified and effective.Prior to the availability of these drugs, these drugs must undergo long and rigorous tests. The results of the tests are effective and very harmful to the human body before they can be listed.

This long, rigorous experiment is a double-blind clinical trial, after studying the safety of the animal, how the drug is absorbed, how it is distributed in the body, how to function in the body, and so on.(Extended reading: At the age of 35, you should know the secret of health care-calcium supplement and regular screenings are key to preventing the future of future bones.))

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The so-called double-blind clinical trial is to treat patients with a certain disease randomly divided into two groups, one of which is administered by a group of patients who do not know whether they are giving or eating a new drug or a placebo, or a placebo, or a placebo.

If the results of the new drug test are more effective than placebo, they can be listed.So you're going to ask, why do you want placebo?Why double blind?

The placebo will be the same as the new drug appearance: If the new drug is a white elliptical drug, the placebo will also be made into white oval granules; if the new drug is red liquid, then the placebo will also be made into a red liquid.Their constituents are mostly sugars, sugar, and physiological saline that are not beneficial to the disease.Therefore, it is the same as the new medicine to look exactly like the new medicine, which is the placebo which is required for clinical trials.

In this way, the drug administration personnel do not know whether the drug they gave to the drug is a new drug or a placebo (one of the two blind), and does not inadvertently disclose to the patient what the drug is, either in a fine facial expression or in a body action.And the patient can't guess what kind of drug it is (one of the two blindness) from the patient's body, and it's impossible to judge whether it's a valid new drug or a placebo (two-blind two) that is not effective, so that you can really experiment with the results.

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Interestingly, some research studies have found that some patients have taken placebo, but they are taking things that don't have any good effect, but they are making significant progress, and their condition is improving.Why?This is Placebo effect.

placebo effect is that, after taking placebo, the condition has improved, and this improvement is not the natural course of the disease, nor is it the placebo effect (which says that the placebo is not effective), but rather the power of the other spirit and mood of the body.

Everyone should have experience: When you feel depressed, your body is easy to get sick, stomach pain, cold, headaches, and a headache. After you have a picnic or something you like to do, your body can always be in the best condition. Even the headaches have disappeared, and the number of cold times has been reduced.

This shows that mental feelings can influence our endocrine, the immune system, and the bad spirit will disrupt our defense mechanism, and the good mood will improve our operational readiness.

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Having a good spirit will help us defend against the notions of external pain, and then come back to see the placebo effect, why is it that a placebo which has no medicinal effect can improve the condition of the patient?

Because a patient who received a placebo did not know what he was holding, he believed that it was a new drug that was effective, and that he would make me feel better when he thought it would make me feel better.

So, friends, if you are sick and sick, don't forget to take your medicine and take your medication on time. Don't forget to keep your mind at your heart. I believe you can beat them, and you can defeat them!Come on!(Recommended reading: [divine taro] Nice heart guide!to have a balance between physical and mental )