2020 Golden Horse Awards, an event for the Chinese film industry. At a time when the global epidemic is raging and the film industry is in the dmal, Taiwan's film industry is able to buck the trend and shine. Women fans invite you to come and see the Golden Horse 57/2020 Golden Horse Award's moving moments, the golden sentence total finishing.

Best Supporting Actress | Chen Shufang, "Dear Tenant": As long as you remember me Chen Shufang, even if it is a play, a word, I will continue to play.

"I really didn't expect, I will go on stage, thank you Jinma, thank you judges, of course, I would like to thank the director, such a good script let me play, this year probably I have better luck, so many finalists, but I dare not, I am so old, riding a horse is enough."

I've been filming for 63 years, I've been a member of the Taiwan Provincial Theatre Association, I've been a national art school, I've been in a dance and I've been scouted by the stars. After waiting so long for 63 years to get this one, can I get another one? You will certainly think I am too greedy, 63 years to get me of course greedy, but everyone here, you have not seen "Dear Tenant" and "Lonely Taste" friends, now hurry to see!

I'm very grateful to the two directors, I just said I'm right to take only one, because I want these young people to come up quickly and don't forget that if I'm asked to shoot next year, I won't raise the price. Because of my life, I am an actor, I am not a star, as long as you can remember there is a Chen Shufang, even if it is a play, a word, I will play, I will not pick the role.

To receive the script is to forget about yourself, the second time the third time into the self. Take the horse, can't fall down, want a better and better performance, thank you!

Best Supporting Actor | Natto " Classmate Menace": This award, dedicated to the heavenly Ao, she had wanted to join the singing class, thank her for the performance gene passed on to me.

"I would like to thank director Ao first, thank you to the Ministry of Culture, thank you for the review, thank you director Ao to write such a wonderful script, write such a good role for me to play, I would like to thank my righteous father, Director Gong Menghong, he took me into the world of film, put a world-recognized variety curry people, take me to know the film, but also get the award."

Also thank you for joining me in the play of the big brother, Xiao Shuai, Guanting, and other actors, especially thank you Manas Pan Huiru, thank you. Also especially thank my father, mother, sister, sister-in-law, because recently are busy thanking them for understanding that I did not move with them.

Then this award is dedicated to me in heaven, Ao young want to join the opera troupe, thank her for such a good performance gene to me, really happy. Crown took this award last year, I took this award this year, I hope next year can be like Crown court play the same explosion, thank you, thank you golden horse award.

Best New Actor | Chen Wei's "Silence": I was just asked if I had any luck with me, my lucky one was my mother and sister.

"I was just asked if there was any luck with me, my lucky thing was my mother and sister, who came today. Then I'm going to apologize to my make-up artist, I'm still crying.

First of all, I would like to thank the "silent" director of Ke Zhennian, behind the scenes, so that I can shoot, shortlisted, thank you for the lonely director, thank you for my brokerage company, thank you for my mother and sister, thank you for accompanying me to take care of, thank you for the judges, thank you Jinma 57.

Lifetime Achievement Award | Hou Hsiao-hsien: the film, is made, not said;

"I'm in my seventies and eighties, yongcheng is like this, I can't shoot anything without you, everyone is each other." Whether it's in photography, script, all the people, they're great, and of course in a way I have 'eyes', I'm all open, and they know everything about them.

This relationship, this emotion, the insistence on the film, the whole person is tied to that head. The film is made with, not with; move others, move yourself first.

Best Director | Chen Yuxun," "Lost Valentine's Day": to be a screenwriter or director, to have a very locomotive friends, forcing me to change all the time, will progress!

"I didn't expect to win two screenwriter awards and get another director award. It's been a struggle along the way, because I've been making comedy and I think comedy is a less easy type to win.

But because my personality is relatively shy introverted, can only use the way to laugh and scold to express feelings. In fact, I have been using the attitude of comedy to shoot tragedy, thank you for reviewing this time have seen through me. To be a screenwriter or director, to have a very locomotive friends, see the script I wrote will always be suspected of the east and west, forcing me to change all the time, always change will progress.

Best Actress| Chen Shufang's "Lonely Taste": Taiwan's actors and directors, are very good, do not lose them, leave them in Taiwan! I'd like to start with a student production, I'll pay half!

"Thank you, really thank you Jinma, also thank you jury, I did not expect to be on stage again, I did not think about any words, I want to thank the director of "Lonely Taste", he gave me such a good role, I would like to say here, I am the first national art school did not graduate, but I want to talk about Cui teacher, age and I are about the same people will know he taught me acting, I put these plays good performance, but can not say that I used to play bad, I used to play very well. It is also said that two people in dispute, do not give Chen Shufang, she is so old, to the new person good.

"I walked the red carpet for the first time today, and I was scared, but when I got on the red carpet and got to the stage, I thought the National Father's Memorial was beautiful because it was my first time here. Today, I have just said, this award is not mine, I just on behalf of the lonely taste representative to take, did not expect you to toss my old people, I have eighty years, but also take so heavy, but return to me, or to take tight. Really want to thank a lot of people, Hou guide you teach me a lot, I really thank you, the first time I fell to the bottom of the well is I came back from Australia, then fell to the bottom, you said to me: 'Afraid of what? What's so great about a woman's divorce, come back and shoot "The Man from the Wind Cabinet!""

"I'll say another word, if I have nothing to do in a week, I will be sick, I am an actor must have something to do, you see these two months I did not film, why?" "Dear Tenant" and "Lonely Taste" are still performing in the theater, I am very happy, I said to my friends, I do mouse meeting, I head, you pull ten alone, ten to find a hundred, I hope these two movies sell, I also hope I will do bombing later Shrimp rolls for everyone to eat, break 100 million words, I fried shrimp rolls, lonely family will be out, thank you investors, Taiwan actors, directors, are very good, do not lose them, leave them in Taiwan to shoot, I would like to start from the student film, students are out of their own pocket, I'm half price!"

The host of the Best Actress award, Yang Wei, said very well:

"I often feel that actresses face bigger challenges than actors. Actresses are more likely to play the leading lady before the age of twenty and forty, sometimes even like a cliff-breaking plunge. But we have never lost heart, because what sustains us is the inherent resilience and perseverance of our women, coupled with the passion and love of performance in our hearts, which is what sustains us going. In my mind tonight, the five of them are already best actresses.

(Same scene:"Lonely Taste" director Zhou Ji | accompanied by "Lonely Taste" from the short film to the long film, because Chen Shufang, Lonely Taste is what it is now)

Best Actor | Mo Ziyi, "Dear Tenant": To Freedom, Equality, To Natural Human Rights, To Film and Creation, to Life, Thank you!

"I can stand here now, not because I'm the best actor, but because of your inspiration, your nourishment, and the team's joint efforts, plus a little bit of luck, so I'm getting this award now." To freedom, to equality, to human rights, to film and creation, to life, thank you!

Best Feature Film | "Lost Valentine's Day": Movies are our faith, filmmakers will not disappear, we will be like classmates, we will be like the same unity, lift their legs to continue making movies, toward a better future!

Producer Ye Rufen: "I actually feel a little more complicated, because I have another film "Student Menace", so, director Ao does not matter, you are younger than director Chen Yuxun, we continue to shoot, there is, I hope you have a chance to come on stage."

I would like to thank the core team, the Xuanfa team, the producer, thank you Chinese creation, thank you for the film production, thank you for the state guest theater, thank you for the United States Warner. Finally, I would like to use the teacher's words, because the Golden Horse Award can be held now, to maintain principles, maintain spirit, is the most difficult thing at this moment.

Because the film is our belief, we filmmakers will not disappear, we will be like classmates, like unity, lift their legs to continue making movies, we will continue to make movies! Towards a better future.

"Thank you to all the teams behind the scenes, we have the strongest staff, without them there would be no film, the current "Lost Valentine's Day" is still in the theater line, has not yet seen the audience, tomorrow quickly into the theater, so as not to go to the theater."

Director Chen Yuxun: "Just forgot to thank my parents, you have given birth to a lovely and kind child, thank you all my actors, thank you predecessors, thank you!"

Golden Horse 57 is the full list of winners

Best Art Design: Zhao Sihao / "Student Menas"
Best Styling Design: Guo Zisheng and Azni SAMDIN / "The Man King"
Best Visual Effects: Guo Xiancheng / "Lost Valentine's Day"
Best Editing: Lai Xiuxiong/Valentine's Day
Best Drama Short Film: Guo Wei/ "Night More"
Best Documentary: Zhe-Yu Li / Lost
Best Action Design: Huang Taiwei, Li Shaopeng/Escape from the Legislative Yuan
Best Supporting Actor: Natto/Student Menace
Best Supporting Actress: Chen Shufang/ Dear Tenant
Best Photograph: Yao Hongyi/ "The Name Engraved in Your Heart"
Best Original Screenplay: Chen Yuxun / "Lost Valentine's Day"
Best Adapted Screenplay: Junrong Tsang, Zhou Guanwei/Fantasy Love
Best Sound Effects Award: Guo Liyuan, Li Donghuan, "Silence"
Best New Actor: Chen Wei/Silence
Best Animated Short Film: Xie Civilization/ "Night Train"
Best New Director: Zhang Ji'an/ "South Witch"
Best Animated Feature: Yi Zhiyan/ Abandoned City
Lifetime Achievement Award: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Best Original Movie Song: The Name Engraved in My Heart / The Name Engraved in Your Heart
Best Original Film Music: Fran/Dear Tenant
Best Director: Chen Yuxun/ "Lost Valentine's Day"
Best Actress: Chen Shufang/Lonely Taste
Best Actor: Mo Ziyi/Dear Tenant
Best Feature Film: "Lost Valentine's Day"