GWIS, the global women's impact forum for women fans in 2020, ended with a moving gold sentence from the speaker and host. It doesn't matter, this one gathered together to give you!

Women fans of the 4th "Global Forum on Women's Influence GWIS" from tearing off the label, redefining themselves, talking about breaking through the existing limitations, the acceptance of imperfect self, GWIS to the fourth year, more effort to listen to a variety of different voices, looking forward to action and more people to create a diverse and integrated ideal future.

Review the highlights of 2020 GWIS

No matter the sex, no matter what you like, just take that brave step and you want it.

Ambassador GEmma Wu Yingjie

"If each of us walks in a quiet voice and walks alone, there is no way we can create a better future. A man walks fast, and a group of people walk far away.

- Wusi Media Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

Every step of our time, we have to throw a sound! Remember, there will be an echo.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CHIEF Executive Director of Wusi Media

Create a change of times, create an era of fearlessness for all.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CHIEF Executive Director of Wusi Media

"What you think of yourself will affect how others see you. If you think of yourself as an audience member, then your voice doesn't matter at all, and you don't want to be respected.

- Nie Kailian, Managing Director, Verizon Media International

Take a little risk and let the world see you.

Elaine Yu, Managing Director, Verizon Media International

Use your power to bring about change in society. Inequality is born, but you and I can fight for myself, for the people around me.

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

If the label can't be torn off, I'll be brave enough to confront it! Just know what you're fighting for.

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

Don't look at women, themselves as vulnerable, we can use soft, warm heart to bring about change in society. Use the power of the enterprise to do good.

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

"Brand wants her mom to do housework a little easier, but moms actually have their own dreams, hoping to achieve their dreams, and make sure they have a hundred looks." Every look can be affirmed and treated.

- Unilever Marketing Director Deng Wei

"Maybe the world is not perfect, maybe our inner frame limits ourselves to "maybe I'm not ready yet", but today can be the beginning of our transformation!" Everyone can exert their influence.

- Anchor Taiwan CEO Qiu Wai-hui

Find your most beautiful side, identify with yourself, see yourself, give yourself the most confident beauty.

General Manager of Zodenice Chen Jiaxuan

"When you come online, there are a few rules you should remember: No one more successful than you will insult you. These comments have nothing to do with you, but with themselves. Still, Haute's browsing is browsing, and they're actually funding you. Try thinking so humorously and positively.

Alyne Tamir, creator of Web content in the United States

"Balance should be a long-term phase goal, not a perfect balance every day. Balancing over time is my goal all along.

Alyne Tamir, creator of Web content in the United States

My attempt may fail, or I may fail because I didn't try anything.

Alyne Tamir, author of Web content in the United States

Dolly Parton says that if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. The negative evaluation of the network is so, so is life.

Alyne Tamir, author of Web content in the United States

Tearing off the label will hurt, just like changing the medicine, it will hurt. But those pains will make me stronger and grow.

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

Life to find their own balance, there is no way is smooth sailing. Bumpy is also good, can be a story of people.

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

My pain makes sense as long as it helps others.

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

"Knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, all three are the key to supporting yourself to continue to be happy." We accumulate knowledge and experience in school and society, but enthusiasm, only in the process of continuous initiative to try and error, will find that they do not want anything and what they want.

Wang Weigang, co-founder of Yilou

"There's not much we can do, it's about choosing what we want to do most - one thing is good - and then pouring all the power into it, and that's going to be the greatest power of ourselves."

- Zhang Yanren, Charitable Manager, Give2Asia Family, USA

Diversity is difficult in society, harder in the family, I think I will continue to use gratitude to resolve differences, to be a friendly parent, so that children get double the love.

Hero Daddy founder Mr.6 Liu Weilin

If I had only listened to what others had said, nothing would have started now. If you do what no one else dares to do today, you may change the world.

Old Shoes Life Saving Association co-founder Recole

"When that article came out, 90% were supportive, and some people said how you didn't die. In fact, I will also worry about being told that you are not consuming your own experience of sexual assault, or even false. I say it to let other people who dare not speak out see, let them know that even after this experience, it is possible to get better and better, to be loved, to love. And no matter what stories we hear today, don't rush to tell him what's right, what he needs is unconditional support and empathy.

- Lecturer/writer Zhang Hitchhi

Sometimes we only see the most painful things, but after that pain, you get stronger.

Soul writer grapefruit sweet

"We say SMSM: you're going to have a lot of struggles, and then you don't feel meaningful, then there's Social Support, and that support makes sense, and that's meaningful, and then you're going to have a meaningful life." It can be a long process, and if someone supports you, you can get through it.

Writer/Psychologist Cheng Weiwei (Sea Moss Bear)