GWIS, the women's 2020 event, invited facebook's 2.49 million-tracked Dear Alyne overseas to tell her story!

The 4th Global Women's Impact Forum, shared for the first time in the second half, invited Alyne, the executive director/content creator of Dear Alyne, which has 2.49 million tracking numbers, to promote issues such as equal rights, culture and environmental protection.

In addition to making films, she also teaches and trains students to help more girls share their stories. She also runs the Girls Gone Global Society, which works with 140,000 members to promote women's self-identity and social values.

Alyne Tamir, who has visited Taiwan twice to film Taiwanese cultural features and interview Tsai Ing-wen. Now in Dubai, she is connecting overseas with GGWIS in particular to talk about her special life journey and how she got rid of her fear and embarked on the path to freedom.

"Hi, it's a pleasure to be part of this event from a distance!" Alyne greeted the GWIS audience warmly, and the audience responded warmly.

Alyne briefly introduces her from Los Angeles, likes to travel the world, is currently traveling the world, while making a million-dollar video, she wants to share with people "how to get this cool job", which starts with her growing story.

Life, only to find a job or get married, two options?

Alyne, who grew up in a religious Christian family, always wanted to control all her actions, "to go to church, to get good grades to college, and to follow all the steps that were supposed to make me successful." I've done it, I'm good at it, but at the same time, I know I have my own personal goals: I want to know the world through travel. 」

For her goal, she tried to save money, and on a snowy winter's day, even though her shoes had been pierced, she tried to get it right: "Twenty dollars I wouldn't waste, preferring to spend it on other parts, such as a trip that could start during the summer vacation." 」

However, after graduating from college, she was at a loss.

"I didn't know what I was going to do, I had only two options at hand to get a job or get married. I'm not a very creative person, so I got married. She flirted softly with herself, and the whole scene was amused by her lovely humor.

When the laughter stopped, she continued, "We all thought I'd be happy, but I didn't." I am not really happy, because I have not lived the truth I expected, I am only living in social, religious, my mother's truth. 」

Three years later, she divorced her husband. At the age of 24.

"For my family, there shouldn't be an option for divorce at all, and it's a big shock to my family and community to try to get to the end of my life." However, divorce, the loss of past work and life, is the best thing that happened to me. Because now, I'm going to try it my way. 」

Divorce, losing my past job and life are the best things that ever happened to me. Because now, I'm going to try it my way.

Alyne Tamir

I started asking myself, what the hell do I want to do?

After the divorce, she became a "loser" identified by her community, and she suddenly lost her baggage and thought was liberated.

"I started asking myself, "What the hell do I want to do?" I want to be able to travel full-time, I want to be able to walk with a computer and work anywhere. 」

A year later, she became a digital nomad.

"I've got a lot of new opportunities to reinvent myself with my work. I saw someone recruiting a photographer and went to take over the photographer's job, even though I didn't know what to do. The day before she started working, she went crazy about how to do her job as a photographer, and then went on a trial. "All the things I fear, I open my heart to try. 」

On this attempt to travel, she met a boy who at one point thought she had gone through dating and had no idea that a year later, the two would continue to connect and get closer.

"I started dating this guy. He was making a film at the time. We all have some video production experience, and during the travel process, we help each other make each other. Later, I also tried to control the subject matter of his film and wanted to talk more about things I was concerned about, such as vegetarianism or women's issues. He encouraged me to make my own films, so three years ago, at the age of 28, I finally started making my own. 」

The boy, Nuseir Yassin, is the founder and creator of Nas Daily, a world-renowned film production.

"If I'm thinking about it, try it first!" I from the production of a dull small film, on how to organize my big curly hair, did not expect a lot of people to give me a good feedback, so I began to make one after another film, equipment unlimited, from mobile phones to computers, any equipment I can do, but also more and more people are watching my film. Taking important women's issues as an example, it's very satisfying for me to have more than a million points to read. 」

As she grew, Alyne decided to teach her experiences to other partners and share personal experiences and stories, and she taught them online and taught students to make them into films.

Then the outbreak happened.

Bravely cross the epidemic, 2020 is the best year of my life

After the outbreak, she quickly turned all her activities online.

"2020 was the best year of my life, especially at work, because of the nature of the internet, back to the web video, so that my content can reach more people, beyond borders." Even though my business model was originally ground-based, I turned to the world in response to the challenges of the outbreak, so I had many opportunities. 」

At this point, she stopped and looked at the whole audience, "My story is about this, and now I want to talk to you about you." 」

"I'd like to ask you to start thinking about this: If you really start working for yourself, where can you go in a year's time?" Where can you be in one year if you actually try?

Before my divorce, I was trying to be right when I was following expectations, but I didn't give 100 percent of my effort. We can try to get close to our goals or continue to make excuses for ourselves. 」

Ask yourself, if you really start working for yourself, where can you go in a year's time?

Alyne Tamir

"Most of the work is now online, and I want to talk about what's preventing people from starting to make their own movies: people don't like the way they look and sound! She looked up at the crowd, and the whole room nodded wildly.

She smiled, "I want to share with you the oldest and most useful way is to practice!" 」

She gave all the participants a month-long lesson, "I hope you take out your phone now, turn it on every day, and record yourself, 30 seconds, and talk about your day's activities and what you think." Then turn off the film and don't watch it at all. Until the next day I watch the film and think about what part I can do better next time, without any self-criticism, just observe. After 30 days, you'll be more and more at home with yourself. 」

Without negative reviews, you can't succeed

At the end of the speech, she said she had to share, not get negative reviews, and not succeed.

"I've had a lot of negative comments in the past, and I've always been so until now. These comments have hurt my feelings in the past. Especially if you're a feminist, you're definitely more emotional and more likely to be criticized, no matter how much the country is, it's universal. 」

"When you encounter online trotting, there are a few guidelines you should remember: No one more successful than you will insult you." These comments have nothing to do with you, but with themselves. 」

Here, she says, there's a witty "but Even so, Hett's browsing is browsing, and they're actually funding you." We can try to think and see from such a humorous and positive point of view. 」

'When you get the first Hett message, it means you're reaching a new crowd,' says Alyne. She would always celebrate their first het message with her students.

Dolly Parton says that if you want a rainbow, you have to endure rain. Network negative evaluation is so, life is also, this sentence, also shared with you. 」

Ask questions live: What stories should we share and how to balance work and life

Open two questions in full English, the first brave hand is Taiwan girl Helen, her voice a little trembling, but still took the microphone to get up, said thank you Alyne for sharing, to help her look in the right way, she would like to ask, Alyne whether to advise people to share the theme of the production.

Alyne says, "I always advise people to be brave enough to talk about your personal experiences and dilemmas, what makes you different, your childhood experiences, your past difficult experiences." This usually creates links. Or you can share what you really love, what you love about gardening, or your business. 」

The second is Camilla, from Guatemala, who asks, "It's a challenge for you to work while you're on the move, traveling, how do you balance your life?" 」

Alyne sincerely shares that she has been trying to balance her life and has had a good balance over the past decade.

"Balanced units, not every day. When I started making movies, I had to spend a year fully engaged and growing up, and once I started growing up, I started to get more fun with my life. Now I go to the gym, spend time with my friends and have dinner. But for a year I didn't do it at all because my goal was to grow and develop my career. 」

"Balance should be a long-term, long-term goal, not a perfect balance every day," she said. Balancing over time is my goal all along, share it with you. 」

The story is told here, the border and language gap disappeared, as if connected with a long-lost friend, we are full of moved and grateful, do not give up to say goodbye to Alyne online, look forward to seeing you next time.

Alyne speech gold sentence finishing

Divorce, losing my past job and life are the best things that ever happened to me. Because now, I'm going to try it my way.

Alyne Tamir

Ask yourself, if you really start working for yourself, where can you go in a year's time?

Alyne Tamir

No one more successful than you will insult you. These comments have nothing to do with you, but with themselves.

Alyne Tamir

Hett's browsing is also browsing, and they're actually funding you. We can try to think and see from such a humorous and positive point of view.

Alyne Tamir

When you get the first Hett message, it means you've reached a new crowd. I always celebrate their first het message with my students.

Alyne Tamir

Dolly Parton says that if you want a rainbow, you have to endure rain. The negative evaluation of the network is so, so is life.

Alyne Tamir

Balancing should be a long-term goal, not a perfect balance every day. Balancing over time has always been my goal.

Alyne Tamir