Women fans invited six speakers from the 4th Global Forum on Women's Influence to share their life stories - how they went through all kinds of torture and hardship, and how they came to this day to share the darkness and light of life with more than 300 people on stage.

Women's Fans 4th Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS)from tearing up the label, redefining themselves, talking about breaking through the existing limitations, accepting imperfect self, GWIS to the fourth year, more effort to listen to a variety of different voices, looking forward to action and more people to create a diverse and integrated ideal future.

This article collates six speakers - Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association, Wang Weigang, co-founder of the Symbiosis Space in Yilou, Zhang Yanren, charitable manager of the Give2Asia family in the United States, Mr. Liu Weilin, co-founder of the Old Shoes Rescue Association, and Zhang Xici, the creator of the text - each with their own suffering and training, and then in those sufferings, they find their own life of redemption.

Psychic girl Liu Baijun: Before expecting others, take care of yourself!

Liu Baijun was not born to like herself, her childhood made her different. From an early age there is a psychic physique, see the people after death of the will of her, in the heart silently asked themselves:

If I'm going to die tomorrow, will I regret it?

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

In Liu Bojun's world, death is closer than anyone else's, which also drives her to constantly ask herself on the road of life, what do I want? Who the hell is my master?

Because of his unique psychic physique, so that Liu Baijun at a young age, he was given the responsibility of "helping others solve their suffering", even now speaking, Liu Baijun's face still appears a little helpless, "when I was a child, we all told me how to live, how many people to help, but I think, take care of yourself!" In the face of external expectations, she responded in a bullying manner.

In fact, with or without a special identity, everyone growing up is sure to more or less go with the label. Labels such as "Be a good kid" and "What to do / What not to do if you are a girl" and "You are a girl" are emerging. Liu Bojun shared the TV series "Psychic Girl" after a shot, and more labels to find him, these concerns, for better or worse, have a significant impact on her life at that time.

"The Psychic Girl made a big difference in my life, when I was an international baseball referee, but because of the big response to helping make the film, I was so afraid of my efforts in baseball that no one saw it again." Liu Bojun held the microphone's hand, as if trembling slightly with emotion.

"I hate my young self, " Liu Baijun confessed, thinking that after writing a book and filming a play, he could say good-bye to the past, but did not expect to finish filming, but accidentally pulled the past as a "psychic girl" himself closer. In the heart of a variety of voices constantly tug-of-war at the moment, Liu Baijun said that only sports can take her out of the vortex of the tip of the horn, to find a way to get along with themselves.

"Sports are the times when I feel hard and weak when I'm completely with myself; in the moment of exercise, I accept my imperfect self and the psychic girl I used to hate." That's why she practices taekwondo and why she wants to be a professional baseball referee at all costs.

Tearing off the label will hurt, like changing drugs, it will hurt - but those pains will make me stronger and grow.

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

Wang Weigang, founder of Yilou: Knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, is to support you to move forward the three key

Before becoming a photographer, Wang Weigang studied geography, studied painting, considered being a teacher, worked as a graphic designer, and even founded the 9flor Building Symbiosis Space in order to solve the living problems of the expatriate community. He learned a lot and did a lot of things.

Just this year, he dropped his symbiotic space role at the co-founded 9flor building, left the core decision-making team and opened his own photography studio. "I'm Wang Weigang, a photographer, " he decided to introduce himself temporarily.

As for why did you start photography? Wang Weigang smiled and chatted about his old age, saying, "When he was 23 years old, he came into contact with photography, originally to have a common interest with his favorite sister," and there was laughter from the stage. Looking back, even if there doesn't seem to be any context to follow, Wang Weigang's determination to do anything seems to have nothing to do with "likes".

But the institute's experience in taking over design cases also made him realize that anything he liked would always have a day to compromise with reality. "It's like I'm designing with my own beauty, my understanding of color, or I'm not satisfied with the owner, " however, when faced with the need to bow down and compromise the status quo, how to turn around or continue to adhere to it?

Knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, the three are the key to support themselves to continue to be happy to move forward.

Wang Weigang, co-founder of Yilou

Wang Weigang believes that if it doesn't matter if one doesn't know what to do in the future, people can accumulate "knowledge" and "experience" in school and society, and "passion" is the process of letting oneself take the initiative to try and error, finding out what they don't want and what they want.

Give2Asia Family Charity Manager Zhang Yanren: Accept yourself and play to your strengths

Zhang, an introvert who was suspected of being uncreative and unable to speak in the workplace, had to negotiate with white men at a table in the conference room because of her work (in the U.S. sports industry); she wrote books that became Amazon bestsellers and had to speak in front of hundreds of people; and then went to work for a nonprofit, and Zhang was forced to take to the stage to lecture and raise money, which she confessed was not something in her comfort zone.

But why is she willing to break through the comfort zone again and again and take on things she's not good at with her scalp? All because of a book called The Power of Silence, which lets her know:

No matter what your personality is, accept yourself and play to your strengths.

Zhang Yanren, Charitable Manager, Give2Asia Family, USA

Since then, she has tapn into the advantages of introverts and translated them into the abilities she can use at work, such as not forcing herself to be the one who "makes everyone laugh" in the crowd, and the one who "asks smart questions."

"At the end of the day, everyone gets their energy in a different way, introverts are not good at self-marketing, and they can't do the same thing as extroverts, but we can still do it in some way."

Zhang Yanren mentioned that introverts are not good at gorgeous and confident words, but can prepare concrete evidence, can be honest and smooth dialogue, the same to convince the other side of the purpose;

"When I was working in the United States, I met a supervisor who would most "use me," " Zhang shared, never telling her to be optimistic and outgoing, as others did, and the supervisor said, "If you look great, why do I want you to be someone else?"

This sentence, for Yan Ren far-reaching impact, but also let her understand that nothing is the so-called "best look", you look like the "best look".

Why force yourself to be someone else? Do the best of yourself, quiet water deep flow.

Zhang Yanren, Charitable Manager, Give2Asia Family, USA

Serial entrepreneur Mr. 6: When the child's mom and I swap roles, I start to thank you for everything

Mr. 6 there was a glorious entrepreneurial era, but it was not until after his divorce that he really knew that he was a failed man under the appearance of success.

"Marriage to me is these two pictures, " Mr. 6 While talking, showing off the film. The first is the image of a cluster of flowers, and soon he will cast the film to jump down, there is a second: fog forest.

There was a burst of laughter from the stage, and Mr. 6 confessed that he had not come out of the foggy forest of marriage until after the divorce, "because I found that we had not forgiven or put down each other." It was the first time in Mr.6's career that he had shared his experience of failure in a speech to more than 300 people, a very anxious process for him.

A year after the divorce, the two sides' lack of understanding of each other gradually put down, "Because I did one thing, the child's mother and I role, I quit my job, moved out of the original home, and two children to start a new life," in order to supplement the father's credits, Mr. 6 began to learn to do housework, cooking, father-daughter mother.

"When I entered the kitchen, I saw the shadow of the child's mother in the kitchen, and my heart began to be filled with gratitude, " he said, noting that on his way to becoming a full-time father, he still neglected to show love for the child because of the many "male shyness" that did not know where to come from, and at this point he would write down his love and encouragement for the child and stick it at the bedside. Over time, it has also become a small love interest between yourself and the child.

Mr. 6 Share that, as a man, he is not aware of many problems until after the divorce.

"Diversity is very difficult to implement in society and harder in families, but I think I will continue to use gratitude to resolve differences, to be a friendly parent, to give my children double the love, I will seize this opportunity, will not let everyone down." At this point in the speech, Mr. 6 seems to be saying to himself, as if to the child, better as to the audience.

Diversity is difficult in society, harder in the family, I think I will continue to use gratitude to resolve differences, to be a friendly parent, so that children get double the love.

Hero Daddy Founder Mr. 6 Liu Weilin

Old Shoes Life Saving Founder Rake: If you dare to do what others dare not do, it may change the world

Rachel came to Taiwan from Canada at the age of 20 to study Chinese and help in church, where she met her current husband: a young man who had not graduated from high school and had no social or economic status at the time - but he knew who he was.

After the marriage, one time Lei Cola's parents traveled from Canada through Africa to Taiwan, shared a photo of an African child's foot was injured by sand fleas to Rekera, the old shoes to save his life.

The idea is actually very simple, Mr. Recole and Mr. hope to send shoes to African children, they send through Facebook, the number of shoes donated.

Starting with shoe donations in 2014, and six years later, the Couple have started other relief programs, including the Living Water Program, the Xing School Program, the Chicken Farming Program, and so on, and have so far sent 2 million pairs of shoes to help people in Africa. In six years, Rachel and her husband, also from a newlywed couple, became parents of four children.

For six years, she has been saving lives by starting old shoes, and in the face of questions from friends and family around her, she believes in her mission because she knows:

If I had been listening to what others were saying, nothing would have started now. If you do what no one else dares to do today, you may change the world.

Old Shoes Life Saving Association co-founder Recole

Writer Zhang Hitchhi: You don't lose your whole life just because you lose your physical autonomy

"If you get robbed of money, will you be silent or shout?" Is the condemned person the innocent one who was robbed of us, or the villain who robbed us of money to hurt us?

Zhang Hitsi, a survivor of sexual assault, mentions that 150,000 people in Taiwan are robbed of their physical autonomy each year, but only 5% are willing to speak out because secondary injuries are the reason survivors are reluctant to speak out and self-doubt in the face of questions and recriminations from others.

She wrote 8,000 words of real experience to women fans this year, clearly explaining how she was injured and recovered, hoping that by putting the label back on her, others who were also on the road to recovery would know:

You don't lose your whole life just by losing your physical autonomy.

Lecturer/writer Zhang Hitchhi

(Extended reading: Zhang Hitchhi post| I was sexually assaulted that day (above): I wanted to open the door and run away, only to find that I had to let him do the evil)

The main reason why Zhang Hits wanted to tell the story was that "these things never happen to one person. "

She appeals to the companions of survivors of sexual assault, not to rush to tell her what is right, that they need unconditional support and empathy, and that someone understands that her true will is the most important thing, no matter what the world says.

"Believe me, all the things you want to say, all the voices you want to swear about, the survivors of sexual assault have thought about themselves, " zhang said, adding that the "acceptance" of the companion is the most important and best thing for all survivors of sexual assault to live with fear that you can't touch.

Zhang Xiqi looked at each pair of eyes present tenderly and said, "If you have experienced it, please believe that you are not alone in the world." These things are never easy, they're not as easy to get through as it is to get robbed of money.

"We have to be patient because we don't know how long it will take to get out, but if one day we get better, we have to remember that there are people who are not getting better, there are people on the road, and there are people who may be hurt."

"Everyone must find an exit." This is the warmest hug Zhang Xici wants to convey to every injured person.

Six short words, six kinds of life. The life story shared by the storytellers ends here.

The audience either held their breath, or responded warmly, or listened quietly to the fact that everyone must have seen their reflections and their yearnings in different stories.

This article concentrates the essence of the speech, does it also touch your heart a little?