If so, what method would you like to use to "light up the world"? In the second half of the 4th Global Women's Impact Forum 2020, soul writer Grapefruit Sweete talks to three speakers as moderators, asking them how to balance the ideals of life with the multiple roles they have. What qualities does another companion need? The speaker replied, "Find the perfect teammate in life to fight each other's fires!"

At the beginning of the conversation, the host, who is also a long-time resident creator of women's fans, said: "We often only see the most painful things, but in fact, after those, people will become very strong, " grapefruit sweet with this opening to echo the talker's life experience. She turned to ask the other three speakers on the stage, what did she think was the most difficult and difficult thing in life?

We often only see the most painful things, but after that, people become strong.

Soul writer grapefruit sweet

Old shoes save the life of Cola: put down the burden of the perfect mother, to apologize to the child is the most important learning

"Although the process of managing old shoes is difficult, in fact, there is no difficulty in bringing children, " laughs Rachel, founder of Old Shoes Saving, which has attracted Taiwanese to Kenya for more than 2 million second-hand shoes over the past six years to help Africans stay away from sand flea disease.

In the face of motherhood, Rachel believes that the hardest thing is not to become a mother, but to put down as a mother, parallel dialogue with children, "I have been learning things are: how to apologize to the child," for Rake, good mother is not just to control life, establish rules and discipline children, good mother will bow to the child when necessary to apologize, so that perfection is no longer a burden.

Like many working women, when work overlaps with maternal roles, it is easier to bring emotions to children, so learning how to put down your body and communicate in parallel is an important thing to show vulnerability in front of children, but it is a demonstration.

How to strike a balance between being a "parent" and being "yourself"?

Referring to the collision of mother's role and work status, Zhang Yanren also very emotional mention: "After becoming a mother, more know that their ability has limits, do not need to be afraid to say it, they have tried, even if the failure, the results do not seem to be the most important."

She talks about her parenting experience, arguing that all mothers also have the right to do their part, and in the face of a role shift between work and family, she says that the other partner will be your strong comrade-in-arms, and that they should be able to balance each other at different times.

Compared with the mother, the father is often the child's growth stage absentee corner, after the divorce Ofa Liu Weilin, only have the opportunity to put down their careers, to start a full-time father's career. Referring to how to keep his life and work in the process of babysitting, he quoted Yu Kailian as saying in his morning speech at GWIS: "I think children are like plants, not watering every day."

Parents around the world, for a long time, Mr. 6 did not let go of the child's care, but over time it seems too urgent to look at people, but will cause pressure on each other, so encourage parents to let go at the right time, only to give help if necessary.

"I agree with that, " Zhang added, "I want the image of a mother, not a mother who does everything for my children, I want my children to know that I have the ability to choose what I like, and I want him to see the way I work, " and she agreed, noting that she had been invited to speak in Africa before and would take the children with them and let them feel involved.

Find the perfect teammate in parenting, and the audience asks: What qualities does the other partner have?

After the conversation, an audience member asked, "Want to know what the characteristics of the speaker's other companion are?" How to check whether family and marriage are on the right path?

In this regard, Rachel shared: "I am very grateful to my husband, not only can help the cause, will not feel that the family thing is a wife's business, each other can support," while Mr. 6 believes that "complementary" is a very good state, to continue to communicate and understand each other, the family is also a place of practice of multi-integration.

Couples get along with the division of labor, has always been one of the pain points of the modern family, the mutual assistance and cooperation of parents is the basis of family harmony, "some people say that marriage is like dancing two people, one person in, one person back, I think this is too good imagination." In my opinion, marriage is more like fighting fires with each other, " Zhang said with a smile. "When two people want to have multiple fires, discuss the battle plan, fill each other's seats, and put out the flames separately. "

Light ourselves up, light up the world, we can all have their own way!

At the end of the conversation, the host asked the three speakers: What method do you want to use to "light up the world"?

Mr. 6 When you hear his "dark story" humorously, you will feel that the world is bright! There was laughter throughout the room, and Zhang responded:

There's not much we can do, it's about choosing what we want to do most and then pouring all the power into it, and that's what we want to do.

Zhang Yanren, Charitable Manager, Give2Asia Family, USA

Rake replied, "Do it first!" People often do nothing because they think about what to do. It's also true that The Reker and her husband, who started Old Shoes Save Lives and raised four children, are fearless.

After listening to the reply of The real nature of Rake, the host grapefruit sweet smile for everyone to conclude: "It is true that sometimes light up the world, need a little courage to storm;

Sometimes the person who lights up the world really needs to rush first;

Soul writer grapefruit sweet

The end of the conversation, there are a lot of moving in the field spread, but also through the audience's feedback and reflection, we discuss the topic to take further afield, these brewing in the heart of the harvest and emotions, perhaps one day can bring you enough strength, push you to start sharing their own life story