2020 Women's Fans The fourth edition of the Global Women's Impact Forum, and this year we're "Action! Light up the future of diversity and integration" as the title, inviting from the business community, performing arts circles, creators, entrepreneurial circles, social enterprises and other multi-roles to celebrate. In addition to the wonderful speech itself, the women's fan team also prepared for the participants a rich experience, from reporting, access to interactive gadgets, live decoration to Lennon wall, the topic will be integrated into the forum site, the topic invisibly, after the meeting, we hope that through the scene direct attack, lead you back to the powerful moment, remember the original feeling, we can move forward together.

In December 2020, when temperatures cooled, it was not easy, and the 4th Global Women's Impact Summit was held as scheduled at a time when the global epidemic was getting worse.

This year, women's fans invited 11 speakers to share, including: Verizon Media International Managing Director Yu Kailian, Unilever Taiwan Marketing Director Deng Weijun, Wang Dao Bank Chairman Luo Yijun, Zodenis General Manager Chen Jiaxuan, U.S. Million Network Content Creator Alyne Tamir, Taiwan Women's Sports Association President Liu Baijun, Co-Founder of the Symbiosis Space Wang Weigang,瀞 U.S. Hero Dad Company founder Mr. 6 Liu Weilin, the co-founder of the Old Shoes Life Saving Association, Raikkonen Kara, the text creator Zhang Xici and others.

They start from personal experience, show the diversity of life, with the reader from all directions to think, perhaps the road ahead is still long, but we look forward to becoming a guide to the direction of ocean-going vessels, with a steady and gentle beam of light, to inform everyone sailing in the dark, the long way, we are all there.

Prelude: From the news desk to the live line swing, full of you and me story

From the report to the stage to the venue, on the way through the women's fans carefully designed maze corridor, the corridor is a piece of black slogan, written a sentence of doubt about themselves, but through the black corridor, oncoming is no big and bright venue, this year's main vision to "white" and "yellow" as the main base, to create "light yourself" and "light up the world" image.

At the back of the seating area, there is a "Lennon Wall" concept of the exhibition area, full of readers and the "Global Women's Impact Forum" ambassador's personal experience, 2020's brightest and darkest hour, through the text gathered on a wall, read a sense of light and gloom.

The text on the black base represents despair, while the text on the yellow base is inspiring and inspiring, and many readers stop in front of the story wall for a long time, silent for a while, mostly picking up a side of the red sticker - on behalf of you also have a story to share, posted to the black board, you can see the story brought about by the resonance and common sense, so powerful. On the wall of the story is a black board with the most red stickers, with the story written about the struggles of transgender women.

Create a focus female horse show: every body shape is your best look

"Do you like yourself?" Is the purpose of creating focus performances, they are quite women's life-oriented, including fragile, strong, difficult, and full of strength of the performance and full of emotion for the event to open.

The dance music fell, the dancers dressed in colorful costumes, showing full of strength and beauty of the body, full of expression language to let the audience hold their breath, the performance finally, the dancers back to the symbol of the label's coat, showing everyone's most primitive but beautiful appearance, ten minutes of perfect interpretation of the women encountered by the gender dilemma.

GEmma Wu Yingjie: Whatever you like, pursue it bravely!

In addition to performing in the dance troupe, GEmma Wu Yingjie, who released her new album GX this year, was also invited to serve as a female ambassador.

Wu Yingjie, who debuted in 2005, sought to present a new look by waving off the labels and images of the ghosts of the "black sister" in the past. Fifteen years on, she, whose status spans actors, presenters and singers, believes that "doing well is the best choice she can make for herself", and the process of oscoursing past images is not easy, but it also brings more possibilities for her.

Just as the album philosophy wants to "create the next era of your own," wu Yingjie, an ambassador, says, "No matter what gender, whatever you like, just take that brave step and you want it." To encourage the audience, do not ignore their desire to pursue things.

Women fans co-founder Zhang Weixuan: a person can not walk far, not long, a group of people to walk deep

Short talk stage, women fans co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan, on stage on the dynamic and everyone to say hello, eyes full of enthusiasm and hope, she mentioned the spirit of the event: "I hope every step of the action can be thrown sound." 」

It's hard to say it's easy to say and how hard it is to do it. Women's fans with strong resistance and gentle embrace of faith, to create a "global women's influence forum" stage, along the way, is the result of many people carrying the burden of moving forward. In the face of doubt, Yu Xuan can not help but ask himself: "Why on earth should we start a woman fan?" 」

"When I started my business at 26, no one would question my seriousness; when I went to meet investors, no investor used gender as a criterion for judging me, but when I shared these journeys with you, my friend's first comment was: People are good." Our fearlessness is to stop these things from happening all the time. 」

She is convinced that, no matter how many frustrations and criticisms she faces, women's fans, as influential media communities and platforms for communicating with diverse opinions, are still a channel for many people to speak out, where everyone can be fearless in what they want to do, without fear of being tied up by labels, and brave enough to be themselves in any state.

Not so long ago, a schoolgirl, determined not to raise children full-time, returned to the workplace, unfortunately died of cancer.

"She was one of the first friends to get married, and as she was about to have her second child, the supervisor asked, "Do you really want to work?" She wants to do well in the workplace and to be a good mother. Along the way, parenting and career conflict, after the birth of her third child, she did not even know if she could return to the workplace. This series of stories, including the departure of my sister-in-law, makes Yu Xuan more aware of the value of women's fans.

"A person can't walk far, can't walk long, a group of people can walk deep. He opened his hands and invited all present to work together to create an era of fearlessness.

One of the best forum experiences: listen, reflect, and share

This year's Global Women's Impact Forum has also prepared a special gift bag for live audiences, including Zodenis Dragon Bloody Bath Milk, Zodenis SPA Zero Experience Pass, Curves Course Experience Voucher, Titian Polar Snow Algal Cream Moisturizing Biofibre Mask, Brandy 4X Enzyme Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Fine Nano Sterilization, Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate, and Lighting Activity Booklets. From gift bags and on-site curatorial tours to a diverse lineup of speakers, the details set the breadth and depth of women's attention to issues and hopefully provide the best event experience for participants.

The 2020 Global Women's Impact Forum, with the speaker, brand, audience and women's fan team to create a spirit of co-prosperity, look forward to through one real speech after another, guide readers to think, in life and the workplace can follow the pace of the front-runner, find a standing position and the direction of continuous efforts.

Multi-integration should no longer be a slogan, the next content we will give answers, inviting readers from the brand side, business owners, entrepreneurs, families and individuals and other different perspectives, to open up a "multi-integration" society of new thinking.