2020 Women's Fans The fourth edition of the Global Women's Impact Forum, and this year we're "Action! Light up the future of diversity and integration" as the title, inviting from the business community, performing arts circles, creators, entrepreneurial circles, social enterprises and other multi-roles to celebrate. Through direct text, we will take you back to the event site, experience the atmosphere of the venue together, as well as the speaker's wonderful speech content!

What is multiple integration? The 2020 Global Women's Impact Forum invites four senior executives from the company to have a light and focused conversation about how to shape a "multi-integration" corporate culture and how women balance their careers with family roles.

Yu Kailian: What do you think of yourself, will affect what others think of you!

Rose, managing director of Verizon Media International, showed a compelling leadership appeal as soon as he appeared. Dressed in a dark blue suit, she shared her career in a powerful but gentle and charming voice.

Perhaps in terms of results, we will indeed judge her by the "life victory group", but in fact, along the way, the workplace will inevitably encounter difficulties, "at the beginning of the work, really not smooth at all," she laughs: "I read two master's degrees, changed four jobs, is an unappreciated resume." 」

In the first few years of her career, when the company and position made her feel unable to breathe in that environment, "then I decided not to care what people thought of me, listen to her inner voice, Own your career." So a heart-tinged, Open-lien into a record company, and from then on began to fly life.

What you think of yourself will affect what others think of you. If you treat yourself as an audience member, don't expect others to take you seriously.

Yu Kailian

Deng Wei: The only thing a person needs in his life is to be responsible for himself

When Cecilia, Unilever's marketing director, took the stage, there was a sense of self-confidence and moderation, and the bullying of senior managers and the gentle fortitude of being a mother emerged from her hands and feet. She modestly shared: "Being a leader is lucky because it helps create more dollars in the work environment. 」

In the face of family and the workplace, Deng believes that it has never been a choice, she said: "I can plan my own things, so I can do what I want." It's important to listen to your inner voice, and even if it sounds challenging to juggle family and work, "Isn't that what you want?" If so, take action.

"The only thing a person needs in his life is to be accountable to himself. She shares that the first step is to break through by identifying with yourself, loving your abilities, believing that you can change yourself and change the world.

"Brandy is the strongest backing for moms, in addition to constantly developing new products to make it easier for mothers to clean their clothes, but also combined with the media and social enterprises to help mothers voice their dreams,"

Deng expects Taiwanese women to find a balance between motherhood and self-practice even within the social framework.

Chen Jiaxuan: We hope that everyone can find their most beautiful side

Zodenis General Manager Chen Jiaxuan to "throw the ground sound" footsteps to climb the steps, so that every participant in the scene by her powerful footsteps to the shock.

"Actually, today is my daughter's sports meeting and the opening of our Zodenis Kaohsiung Medical Beauty, but I chose to come here today to participate in the Global Women's Impact Forum to witness this moment of diversity and integration." At the beginning of chen Jiaxuan's speech, he confided in himself the importance he attached to the event.

For her, Ms. Chen says, the so-called multi-integration is to face everyone with the most positive ability and spirit, and the "positive energy" of a brave breakthrough is like Zodenis's corporate mission. This year, for example, even in the face of a decline in the number of visitors to the epidemic, they are still grasping the blanks and looking at problems and challenges in a positive manner.

"We have conducted guest education training for more than 30 physicians and completed 200 "Beautiful Coaches" professional and diverse learning courses, including dermatology, physiology and more. In the past, beauticians seemed to equate with non-professionals who couldn't read, but Zodenis wanted to reverse that image, Chen said.

"Our "beautiful coach" has been professionally trained, hope to help every guest who comes to the shop, when walking out of the door of Zodenis, can identify with themselves, see themselves, give themselves the most confident beauty! 」

Luo Yijun: I am starting my own era!

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank, began his short speech by asking the audience: "This is the age of the Force Awakens, and we can see a lot of female representatives in every corner." But does this mean that the issue of gender equality does not exist? 」

In fact, she believes, whether on campus, in society or in the workplace, there are many hidden gender issues, in the face of these hidden problems, Luo Yijun encouraged every woman to believe in their own ability, "we need to first break the stereotype that marriage and children and career life can not coexist, in the face of family, our careers absolutely need to adjust, but if we first get married and have children, parenting at home in the mind, there is a good chance that we will not lose." 」

Regardless of the obligations and pressures placed on women by society and the family, each of us has always had the right to choose, she said: "The decision to raise a child needs to be considered in a comprehensive way, and you need to know what is the best choice for the family, not for the individual to make a choice." The sacrifice that is taken for granted does not exist, and whether it is the sacrifice of the father or mother, it can damage the balance of the family.

"In the face of inequality, bravely fight for, all equality, are fought for!" As a female senior manager, Luo Yijun has always believed that no matter how difficult the road is, you can more actively fight for what you think, she believes that the most direct way to break through the situation is to remove all the labels, "look at everyone around, need to "delabelize". 'We also have to respect all the men involved in the scene, because changing that situation is not done by women alone, ' Mr. Locke said.

Use your power to make a difference to society. Inequality exists, but you and I can fight for yourself, for the people around you.

Luo Yijun

Kailian X Deng Wei X Luo Yijun: recognize the facts, reverse the mentality, get up to bring about change!

"As a decision maker, how can we create a diverse and integrated corporate culture?" The representative in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Qiu Wai-hui, CEO of Anchor Taiwan, was the first to raise questions as the moderator of this Panel.

According to Yu Kailian, micro-discrimination is ubiquitous in the workplace, and as a woman with decision-making power, she must change the corporate culture from the top down and make the workplace more diverse and inclusive in order to be closer to the customer and to make employees more engaged. Locke believes that in her eyes all employees are equal, respect each employee has the independence of self-expression. Deng said that they are committed to creating a friendly working environment, child-rearing leave, maternity leave are better than the Law, in addition to gender, but also respect each employee's family and career status.

On the other hand, Luo Yijun also said that every woman must firmly believe that "we can do anything that men can do." She mentioned that everyone at Wangdao Bank is equal, not because you are a girl, you are a boy, you are a disabled person, what kind of special identity do you have, the so-called multi-integration is not deliberately created, "We do not have a special guarantee of female quota, the ratio of male to female executives is close to 1:1, " Luo Yijun confidently said, Wang Dao Bank's essence is altruistic, in the achievement of others at the same time, we can be successful.

"In fact, as a woman, there are more or less unequal treatment of the moment, especially in the financial industry is particularly patriarchal, and the environment is relatively conservative, " Luo Yijun called on women, please ignore their gender at any time, even if you need to work harder than men to achieve the same achievements, the way to break through the status quo is to use their own ability to attack the world, "I was younger will be more outraged, but now I think the more important thing is: recognize the facts, we have to change the mentality, to bring about change." Self-complaining is useless, and it takes time and effort to act in order to bring about real change.

"It's true that there are still a lot of unfairness in the workplace, and "micro-discrimination" is often inadvertently reflected," she said, asking respondents if they had experienced micro-discrimination in their lives, including women's speech being less valued and women naturally being considered lower-ranked roles. 」

Speaking about her previous visit to Tokyo, the mayor of Tokyo, who was ignored by the moderators and was a woman, stood up and asked the host to let her express her opinion, saying, "As female leaders, or in any role, we can make some differences in our work environment, and if you are a woman in the management class, you should stand up." 」

Speaking of the conflict between career development and family roles, Deng Wei shared his own views: "We have to identify ourselves as a woman, but also agree that they want to achieve what, not because of being a mother, married, because the external constraints and expectations are too late to take the next step, perhaps the world than we think is progress, the world is ready, what do you hesitate?" 」

The so-called multi-integration, is not limited to the workplace environment, it in every corner of life deep roots, from ideology, family, workplace to society, everyone can play a pivotal role in promoting social progress on the road, today's cross-industry talks, should prove that "on the road to equality, no one is an outsider."