In the second half of the 2020 Global Women's Impact Forum, women's fans invited six speakers from different fields, different identities, different experiences, through their real life experiences, to share how to find answers to conflicts and walk out of their own way in the face of setbacks and social labels.

On December 5, 2020, women's fans hosted the 4th Global Women's Impact Forum, featuring 12 wonderful life stories, a one-day intimate dialogue with participating readers, and a one-day interactive exchange with more than 350 participants and speakers to "light themselves up and light up the world" with all of them.

In the second half, women's fans invited six speakers from different fields, identities, genders, and experiences, including Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association, Wang Weigang, co-founder of the Symbiotic Space in Yilou, Zhang Xiqi, the creator of the text, Zhang 瀞ren, charitable manager of the Give2Asia family, and Mr. Liu Weilin, founder of Hero Daddy. 6), old shoes life-saving international Christian Care Association co-founder Ray Cola, and with two women fan creators sea moss bear, grapefruit sweet, together to talk about their real life experience, share in the face of setbacks and social labels, how to find answers in the contradictions, out of their own way.

Zodenis, Brandy and Tony's Chocolonely were there to speak for the women

In addition to the interactive Lennon Wall, this year's Global Women's Impact Forum has a brand presence that fits the concept.

In addition to women's fanship of their own e-commerce brands, Zodenis, Brandy, and Tony's Chocolonely, who fit the ideas of the Global Women's Impact Forum, also interact closely with readers at live booths to share the brand concept with all the audience present.

Zodenis, a beauty spa maintenance research and development group, hopes to break the public's stereotype of beauticians and create a "beautiful coach" trained by a physician by conveying brand concepts and professional products. "Find the most beautiful side of yourself, identify with yourself, see yourself, and give yourself the most confident beauty, " believes Chen Jiaxuan, general manager of Zodenis. 」

Through the unilever's Taiwan marketing director Deng Wei's speech sharing, Brandy on the scene to show the "Mommy Dream Brave GO" program of the true story, can clearly feel Brand's brand proposition: tear off the "Mommy should", "Mommy can't" label and bondage, hope to become a mother God teammate's heart is self-evident.

Tony's Chocolonely, known for his FairTrade chocolates and dedicated to creating "zero slaves," advocates "love chocolate and treat people with your heart" and launches a "fair trade" chocolate brand to stamp out the hard-earned work of hiring large numbers of slaves and child labourers to collect cocoa beans in West Africa.

Six life stories: We are not perfect, but the beauty is incomparable real!

In the second half of the forum, six speakers from different fields shared their life histories.

The first speaker, Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association, shared a different process of accepting herself.

Because of her spiritual physique, she can see things that ordinary people cannot see from an early age, so that she is not born to like herself. But she believes, "If I'm brave, I stand up, I can take care of myself, I can take care of others, and my suffering makes sense." Tearing off a label is like changing a medicine can hurt, but every time you tear it off, make yourself stronger and braver.

Wang Weigang, co-founder of the symbiotic space in Yilou, recognized that "even if you do something you like, one day you will encounter something you don't like." 」

Knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, all three are the key to supporting him to continue to be happy to move forward. In school and society continue to accumulate knowledge and experience, enthusiasm is to allow themselves in the process of constantly taking the initiative to try and error, find out what they do not want and what they want.

Zhang 瀞 Ren, charitable manager of the Give2Asia family, an American nonprofit, is an introvert who has been questioned in the workplace about being uncreative and unable to speak.

However, introverts such as her, in the career has repeatedly broken through their comfort zone, hard scalp to do what they are not good at, she found: "No matter what your personality is, accept your personality, play to your strengths." Don't force yourself to be another person, be the best you can be, still water deep stream.

Mr. 6, the founder of Hero Daddy, had a glorious entrepreneurial era, and behind his seeming success, he mocked himself as a failed man in his marriage.

After the divorce, he always struggled outside in the past, changed his identity, began to cook, personally for the care of children. He shared: "Diversity is difficult in society, it is harder in the family, and I will continue to use gratitude to resolve differences, to be a friendly parent, and to double the love of my children." 」

Recole, co-founder of Old Shoes Life Saving International Christian Care International, came to Taiwan from Canada to start Old Shoes to save lives, facing questions from friends and family around her, but she still believes in her mission because she knows: "If I had been listening to what others had said, nothing would have started now." If you do something that no one else dares to do today, you may change the world. 」

Zhang Xiqi, the creator of Women's Station and founder of Urban Waves, a survivor of sexual assault, points out that 150,000 people in Taiwan are robbed of their physical autonomy each year, but only 5% are willing to speak out. Secondary injuries that are questioned and blamed by others are the reason why survivors are reluctant to speak out and doubt themselves.

She wrote an 8,000-word story about her injuries and recovery to women's fans, hoping that by putting the label back on her body, she would let those who are also on the road to recovery know: "You don't lose your whole life just because you lose your body autonomy once." 」

Zhang 瀞 Ren X Liu Weilin X Recole: Balance Ideals with Multiple Roles

At the beginning of the conversation, which was opened by the longtime resident creator of Women's Fans, Grapefruit Sweet, she said: "We often only see the most painful things, but after those times, people become very strong." to echo the life experience of the talker.

Recole went on to share that while the process of running old shoes is difficult, in fact, the process of bringing a child is the most difficult.

"The thing I've been learning is how to apologize to my kids, " says Recole, adding that when work overlaps with motherhood roles, it's easier to bring emotions to children, and learning how to put down your body and communicate in parallel is important.

Referring to the collision between the role of mother and the state of work, Zhang 瀞 ren has a feeling that: "To become a mother, more aware of their ability to have limits, do not need to be afraid to say, their own efforts, even if the failure, the result is not the most important." Speaking of her own parenting experience, she believes that all mothers have the right to do what they can. Faced with the shift in roles between work and family, she says, the other half is your powerful comrade-in-arms, who can balance each other at different times.

"To quote Rose this morning, I think children are like plants and don't have to water them every day, " says Mr. 6, who used to want to take care of his children, only to find that this can put pressure on each other and encourage parents to let go and help them if necessary.

"I agree with that, " Zhang added瀞, "I want the image of a mother, not a mother who gives everything for my child, I want my child to know that I have a choice and that I want him to see what I do at work," agrees Recole, referring to the fact that she had been invited to speak in Africa and had taken her children with me.

At the end of the conversation, the audience asked, "What are the characteristics of the other half of the speaker?" How do I see if family and marriage are on the right path? 」

Recole shared: "I am very grateful to my husband, not only to help the cause, will not feel that the family thing is a wife's business, each other can support." Mr. 6, on the other hand, believes that "complementarity" is a very good state of continuous communication and understanding of each other, so that the family is also a place of practice for diversity and integration.

"It's nice to say marriage is like dancing. I think, marriage is more like each other to fight fires, Zhang 瀞 ren smiled and said that two people to fire in many places, to discuss a good battle plan, complement each other, respectively, to extinguish the flame. 」

Wang Weigang X Zhang Xiqi X Liu Baijun: Breaking through the label and expectation of society

As soon as the host, Hai ting Xiong, took the stage, he showed a strong personality charm, he shared the morning out of the conversation with his father, "This morning, the father asked me: "Why participate in all the occasions of women, " I suddenly said speechless, " the voice of laughter. He went on: "Actually, I have a lot of labels on me, and I believe a lot of people are, but it's more important how we coexist with them so that we don't have that much pain when we're with them." 」

Talking about the challenges along the way, Liu shared the story of how he couldn't be a baseball referee in the past because of her gender: "The turning point in my life was when I went to Yankee Stadium to be an interpreter and the other person told me that if you wanted to be a baseball referee, you were going to be the most professional one," and she encouraged the audience with her own experience.

Zhang Xiqi shared that she will not give up the quality of frustration, although because of trust in others and suffer, but she also because of the courage to believe, meet more and better people. "I met my then-partner in 2014 knowing that I shouldn't blame myself, that I knew what secondary harm was," and that she met many soul-damaged girls because of her courageous belief in society and talking openly about trauma.

The moss bear then asked, "There will certainly be many different voices in everyone's heart, and how do you deal with them when they are competing against each other?" 」

Speaking about the struggle for self-disclosure, Zhang said: "I understand that the story is told and the negative voices are definitely there, but the reason is to let other people who are afraid to speak out see that even after these things, they can get better and better and deserve to be loved and loved." When he fell into a low ebb, or was unable to face the public opinion that followed, Zhang Xiqi chose to put himself into other identities, to run activities, to write other types of articles, at this time the slash, become another adjustment in life.

Finally, the three presenters start with their own life stories and share their lighting with the participants. Wang Weigang, co-founder of Yilou, shared: "Give you two words: Shutter." Encourage people to deliberately stop on familiar roads, observe things around them, pay attention to beautiful scenes and dark corners, know why they go this way, also know their reasons for sticking to. 」

Light yourself up and light up the world: go at your own pace, just do it

At the end of the event, Audrey, editor-in-chief of Women's Fans, invited the audience to share today's engagement with the words "I like / I wish / I commit", projecting countless readers' feedback on the big screen: "Coming here is the best charge of the whole year", "I love the story of the trough, let me know I'm not alone", some people mentioned "Thank you for sharing the speaker, let yourself be full of energy", and some people were deeply comforted and inspired, determined to make changes for themselves from this moment on.

Continuing the tradition of women fans in the past, Audrey invited the audience to take to the stage to share their stories and feelings, and the reader quickly raised his hand and came to the stage. At first, their eyes anxiously revealed the family's experiences and troubles, but more than 300 eyes on the scene looked at them, as if to give them enough to carry the burden of power.

After the meeting, the reader's life will continue, and perhaps the difficulties will not be solved, but we can gain some strength because of other people's stories. And these forces, so that we slowly forward, perhaps not very soon, "at their own pace, on it!" Women's fan co-founder Yu Xuan shouts to everyone. At the end of the event, give you the final surprise gift: Women fans IT's TIME to light candles.

Because there are everyone to walk together, the dark road becomes less so terrible, because there are everyone to walk together, the light of candles can illuminate the road ahead, because there are everyone to walk together, women fans nine years to be fearless, through many wind and rain and reality stormy response, perhaps we are not strong enough, perhaps a person's candlelight is still weak, but a group of people, can go very deep, far away, very fearless.