Workplace or family, must it be a choice question? When we use the "two choices one" framework of their own at the same time, but also underestimate their own ability and strength!

The 2020 Global Women's Impact Forum invites high-end managers from companies to have a light and focused conversation about how to shape a "diverse and inclusive" corporate culture and how women can strike a balance between career and family roles.

Yu Kailian: What do you think of yourself, will affect what others think of you!

Rose, managing director of Verizon Media International, showed a compelling leadership appeal as soon as he appeared. Dressed in a dark blue suit, she shared her career in a powerful but gentle and charming voice.

Perhaps in terms of results, we will indeed judge her by the "life victory group", but in fact, along the way, the workplace will inevitably encounter difficulties, "at the beginning of the work, really not smooth at all," she laughs: "I read two master's degrees, changed four jobs, is an unappreciated resume." 」

In the first few years of her career, when the company and position made her feel unable to breathe in that environment, "then I decided not to care what people thought of me, listen to her inner voice, Own your career." So a heart-tinged, Open-lien into a record company, and from then on began to fly life.

"Our life is not a simple choice, " Yu Kailian shared, a rich life is definitely not God put on the silver plate to give you gifts, have to rely on their own hands to fight.

Even now seems to be a very successful female leader, Yu Kailian has gone through a stage of self-doubt, "you have to talk to your heart, some work only you can do, no one can replace you," from the small details can see how you see yourself, Yu Kailian stressed the spirit of make your voice heard, and called on the women present, a meeting, you should not sit in the corner as an audience, because how you see yourself, naturally affect how others treat you.

"If you think of yourself as an audience member, your voice doesn't matter at all, and don't blame others for not taking you seriously." When a person is ready, the next step happens naturally, she stresses.

No one cares more about your career than you do, pick up your voice and put career own hands!

Verizon Media International Managing Director Kailian Yu

There are many people curious, such as her career success of female leaders, how to balance the role of the family, in fact, in the face of her son, Yu Kailian has always been reluctant, but also must give up the mood, she said: "Every time I see my son alone to eat their own dinner, my heart is very guilty." Like many professional women, Kailian often has such a glued mentality.

Whenever this happens, women tend to think they have to make a choice, and the vast majority of people think that work and family difficult to balance is an unsolvable problem, but Yu Kailian believes that such a situation can be alleviated through a multi-integration workplace environment, "first, we must change the enterprise, so that women's life cycle more complete Every child can find their most unique way out, " said Kailian, there is love, is the key.

「Chose All not Or! The belief that she can be a better leader, she says.

"Break down negative and self-righteous ideas, take a little more risks, ask more questions, and even if you get shot, you can improve a little bit." 」

Life is not a choice, we can have a rich life, provided that we must take the time to understand ourselves.

Verizon Media International Managing Director Kailian Yu

Luo Yijun: I am starting my own era!

At the beginning of Wang Dao Bank's short speech, Luo Yijun threw a question to the audience: "This is the era of the Force Awakens, we can see a lot of female representatives in every corner." Does this mean, however, that the issue of gender equality does not exist? 」

In fact, she believes, whether on campus, in society or in the workplace, there are many hidden gender issues, in the face of these hidden problems, Luo Yijun encouraged every woman to believe in their own ability, "we need to first break the stereotype that marriage and children and career life can not coexist, in the face of family, our careers absolutely need to adjust, but if we first get married and have children, parenting at home in the mind, there is a good chance that we will not lose." 」

Regardless of the obligations and pressures that society and the family place on women, each of us has always had the right to choose, she said: "The decision to raise children, we need to consider it all, you need to know what is the best choice for the family, not for the individual to make a choice." The sacrifice that is taken for granted does not exist, and whether it is the sacrifice of the father or mother, it can damage the balance of the family.

When women face parenting, we need to find the best decision for the family, not let the individual make the choice.

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

Speaking of "delabelization", Luo Yijun smiled and said that he also carried the second generation, succession label. At first very resistant, but over time she found that some labels since they can not be torn off, it is better to face bravely, as long as they know why they struggle, do not have to fear the shackles of stereotypes. Putting aside the "second generation" label, no matter what the outside world says, she can loudly declare, "I'm starting my own era." 」

"In the face of inequality, bravely fight for, all equality, are fought for!" As a female senior manager, Luo Yijun has always believed that no matter how difficult the road is, you can more actively fight for what you think, she believes that the most direct way to break through the situation is to remove all the labels, "look at everyone around, need to "delabelize". 'We also have to respect all the men involved in the scene, because changing that situation is not done by women alone, ' Mr. Locke said.

In the face of inequality, brave to fight for, all equality, are won!

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

"Use your power to make a difference to society." Inequality exists, but you and I can fight for yourself, for the people around you. 」