How to create a "multi-integration" friendly workplace?

2020 The 4th Global Women's Impact Forum, women's fans invited Yu Kailian, Deng Wei, Luo Yijun, and the audience to share how they can balance their careers with their family identities, exert influence in their professional fields, and create a diverse and integrated work environment.

On December 05, 2020, women's fans hosted the 4th Global Women's Impact Forum Global Women Summit Impact (GWIS) with the theme "Action! Light up the future of multi-integration." GWIS is in its fourth year, and we're moving from femininity to pluralism, looking forward to making everyone live without fear.

In the first half, women's fans invited senior female managers from the company, including: Verizon Media International Managing Director Yu Kailian, Unilever Marketing Director Deng Wei, Wang Dao Bank Chairman Luo Yijun three people to participate in the dialogue, they will be multi-integration of corporate culture, women's stereotypes and gender role transformation, in-depth dialogue.

"As a decision maker, how can we create a diverse and integrated corporate culture?" The representative in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Qiu Wai-hui, CEO of Anchor Taiwan, was the first to raise questions as the moderator of this Panel.

As a woman with decision-making power, she believes that "micro-discrimination" is ubiquitous in the workplace, and that women must change their corporate culture from the top down to become more diverse and inclusive in order to be closer to their customers and more engaged, and on the other hand, Ms. Luo says that every woman must firmly believe that "we can do whatever men can do." 」

Luo Yijun pointed out that everyone in Wangdao Bank is equal, will not because you are a girl, you are a boy, you are disabled, you have what kind of special identity and different, the so-called multi-integration is not deliberately created, "We do not have a special guarantee of female quota, the ratio of senior executives to nearly 1:1, Luo Yijun confidently said that the essence of Wang Dao Bank is altruistic, in the achievement of others at the same time, we can also complete ourselves."

We must recognize that inequality already exists. If you want to tear off these labels, it depends on our willingness or not to read them.

Luo Yijun, chairman of Wang Dao Bank

As the host Qiu Huaiyu then turned to Unilever's Taiwan marketing director Deng Wei, asked: "Brand film, talking about a lot of mother's appearance, what is the reason for thinking?" 」

Deng explained that Brand's initial appeal was to affirm every kind of mother, "every appearance is worthy of recognition and good treatment, mother is not only washing clothes." 」

Extending from external pluralism to the spirit of multi-integration within the enterprise, Deng recently shared: "The D-I (Diversity and Inclusion, Multi-Integration) is Unilever's DNA, in addition to child-rearing leave, paternity leave provisions better than the law, but also respect each employee's family and career development status." 」

In response to Deng's sharing, Luo Yijun also mentioned Wang Dao Bank's corporate culture, "We do not "specialize" anyone, everyone has the same equality." Unlike other financial industries, we do not have a particular code of dress and respect the independence of every employee. 」

New thinking after the outbreak: make multi-integration more effective in enterprises

"The outbreak allows us to see another face of everyone, " Yu Kailian for COVID-19 after the business operation of positive insights, this year because of the outbreak, many enterprises implement the Remote work system, so there is a better opportunity to see through video conferencing the private face of employees, "which allows us to respect other people's other roles in life," at the same time, because such a system of remote work began to be implemented in the corporate culture, but also for those women who have died for their families, More options.

"Because not everyone needs to go to the office, work from home, work relatively flexible hours, and give women more choices, " says Kailian.

Speaking about gender role differences, Ms Locke said: "In fact, as a woman, there are more or less times when women are treated unequally, especially in the financial sector, where son preference is particularly important and the environment is relatively conservative," she said, calling on women to ignore their gender at any time, even if you need to work harder than men to achieve the same thing, and the way to break through is to use your abilities to break into the world.

"When I was young, I was more outraged, but now I think the more important thing is: to recognize the facts, we have to turn around the mentality, in order to bring about change!" Luo Yijun stressed that self-complaining is useless and that time and effort must be devoted to action in order to bring about real change.

"It's true that there are still a lot of unfairness in the workplace, and "micro-discrimination" is often inadvertently reflected," she said, asking respondents if they had experienced micro-discrimination in their lives, including women's speech being less valued and women naturally being considered lower-ranked roles. 」

Many people say "it's not fair" and this may be an unhelpful emotional response. I can change to say: he didn't see my strength completely.

Verizon Media International Managing Director Kailian Yu

Why do girls need strength, because we need to change these cultures, as female leaders, or in any role, we can make some changes to our work environment, if you are a woman in the management class, then you should stand up. 」

Speaking of the conflict between career development and family roles, Deng Wei shared his own views: "We have to identify ourselves as a woman, but also agree that they want to achieve what, not because of being a mother, married, because the external constraints and expectations are too late to take the next step, perhaps the world than we think is progress, the world is ready, what do you hesitate?" 」

In a difficult situation to identify with themselves, believe in themselves, change themselves, is the first step to break through.

Unilever's marketing director, Deng Wei

The so-called multi-integration, is not limited to the workplace environment, it in every corner of life deep roots, from ideology, family, workplace to society, everyone can play a pivotal role in promoting social progress on the road, today's cross-industry talks, should prove that "on the road to equality, no one is an outsider."