2020 4th Global Women's Impact Forum, women fans invited Liu Baijun, Wang Weigang, Zhang Xici, and the participants to share how they embrace the low point of life, break through the social label and expectations, out of their own way.

Women fans of the 4th Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS)talk about living without fear, from tearing up labels, redefining themselves, and breaking through the framework of society. GWIS is in its fourth year and looks forward to building an ideal future of diversity and integration with more people through action.

In the second half of 2020 GWIS, women fans invited Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association, Wang Weigang, co-founder of the Symbiosis Space in Yilou, and Zhang Hitsi, a text worker, to share the labels and expectations of the face of society, how to break out and live out the real self.

On stage, the talk-host and well-known writer Hai Tess bear showed great personality, sharing a conversation he had with his father when he went out that morning, "This morning, my father asked me, "Why should I take part in an occasion where it's all women, " and I was speechless.

There was laughter, and he went on, "Actually, I have a lot of labels on me, and I believe a lot of people are, but it's more important how we co-exist with these labels so that we don't have that much pain with them."

Liu Bojun: Believe in yourself first!

Between Liu Baijun's speech and manners, always with a humorous style, make the whole scene laugh. However, she seems lively and cheerful, in the face of life has also been caught in confusion.

With a psychic talent, let Liu Baijun in the growth process constantly question themselves, whether to believe in what they see the "world", or force themselves to meet the expectations of mainstream society? How to interact with this society has always been a big life issue for her, "I told myself, don't drive yourself crazy!" Seeing how I really feel is the way I maintain my health.

Originally thought that "psychic" is the most difficult thing in life to overcome, did not expect to enter the sports circle, there is more difficult to cross the dilemma waiting for her. "It's the most painful thing when women are ignored and excluded."

From the scene of a discriminatory game to the thought of being a baseball referee being blocked all the way to the difficult challenge of life, Liu sincerely shared: "The turning point in my life was when I went to Yankee Stadium to be an interpreter and they saw me being treated unfairly on the court." They told me that if you're going to be a baseball referee, you're going to be the most professional. That conversation became the starting point for her choice to change herself.

Liu Baijun encouraged the audience with his own experience: First of all, you have to believe in yourself before you have a chance to "become", if you can not even imagine the opportunity to their own, then it is likely that you will never go to that place.

Now she divides her life into three pieces: baseball, social welfare, and religion. She smiled and said, "There will always be times in life when I'm in a different place if I'm in a different area." There is no easy way to find a balance in life. Her spill infected everyone at the scene.

Bumpy is also good, can be a story of people.

Liu Baijun, president of the Taiwan Women's Sports Association

Wang Weigang: Pay attention to the beautiful scene around, know their reasons for persisting!

Wang Weigang, co-founder of the Symbiosis Space in Yilou, has another well-known name, "Where's the Law". "Every time I'm asked about the challenges of starting a business, I don't really want to answer that question, " he laughs bitterly of the entrepreneurial conversation. Starting a business, he says, is like a person's growth, and it's impossible to go down well on the road of life, "but when you look back, it feels like it's okay."

Every low tide encountered by entrepreneurship is still close to its own principles - "knowledge", "experience", "enthusiasm", whether in a balanced state.

The most common situation he encountered was when, after a long period of work, he found that his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm were out of proportion: "I found myself starting to die, with the knowledge of five years ago, with new colleagues, repeating the same thing every year, and I realized that it didn't seem to work."

Mr Wang admits that fearing that he would not progress in the repetitive work process in five years' time and be eliminated by the society was one of the biggest reasons he left the executive team.

This year, after leaving his first-hand team, Wang Weigang began to engage in knowledge and fields that he had never been exposed to before, and his new goal in life began with opening his own studio and becoming a photographer. "This will give me more new inspiration and imagination for my career."

There will be input, holding such a belief in Wang Weigang, encouraged the audience at the scene: "Give you two words: "Shutter." Partly because I love photography, I encourage people to stop on the familiar road, observe the surroundings, pay attention to the beautiful scenes and dark corners, know why they go this way, and know why they insist.

Zhang Hitsi: Don't give up on yourself because of setbacks!

Zhang Hitchhito, a text worker, was a survivor of sexual assault when she first took to the stage to tell her story to 300 people on stage, even after six years, the pain was so profound that she couldn't help but shed tears on stage.

Such a woman, is full of courage and full of light, even if suffering from the past torture, but do not forget to speak. for themselves, and for the countless survivors of sexual assault who are still fearful of light.

Years ago, when she tried to talk to people close to her about her sexual assault and mood, she was reviewed by the other side, making her think it was "all her own fault".

It wasn't until she met her then-partner in 2014 that she "knew she shouldn't blame herself anymore and knew what secondary harm was." She says she doesn't choose to give up her good habits because of setbacks - "trusting others" - and that while she's been violated by trusting others, she does meet more and better people because she's brave enough to believe.

Zhang Hitchhik wrote 8,000 words of real experience to women fans this year, clearly explaining how she was injured and recovered, and zhang Xiqi talked about her struggles before the revelations, saying, "I understand that when the story is told, there must be negative voices." She is also afraid of the cruelty and ruthlessness of reality, and of being said to be "consuming her own experience of sexual assault".

Zhang Hitchhi's way of facing the dark world is to shine through "brave face of fear".

Fear always comes from the world's incomprehension of the truth, from fear of our own bravery being eroded by malice, but when we are convinced that we can make a little change and ideal through confession, and understand that we should not carry the fault of others on our shoulders, perhaps we can all go further. The world can go one step further.

Fortunately, in the face of fear, Zhang Hitsi has the unconditional support of her family, friends and partners, giving her enough love and security to stand in front of the stage and speak her story out loud.

"Why should I put the label back on me?" She asked herself and answered, choosing to talk openly about the trauma, and met many soul-injured girls, who she found no longer believed that life could be happy after being stripped of their physical autonomy, and that their wounds were not properly addressed.

I want to speak out about the injury experience, so that other people who dare not speak out to see that even after these things, it is possible to get better and better, to be loved and loved.

Lecturer/writer Zhang Hitchhi

And dealing with his low tide and pain, Zhang Hitsi found a way to calm his emotions.

"Whenever I fall into a low ebb, or have no strength to face the ensuing public opinion, I will allow myself to put myself into other identities, " she said, going to events, to write other types of articles, at this time the slope, become another kind of adjustment to life must not face difficulties.

After listening to the above three speakers to share, may wish to see if they, whether the label does not belong to their own and social expectations.

We see from Liu Baijun that in the face of the social framework we can tear off the label and believe in ourselves, in Wang Weigang's entrepreneurial story, learn not to forget the original intention, remember the reasons for their departure, and Hitchhito chooses to coexist with his own label, let us know that we can treat others more gently. They let us learn that in the face of the low point of life, you can choose to accept themselves, out of their own way.