Interview with Gui Lun magnesium, she started from the film "Legs", talk about how to maintain and realize themselves in the relationship, to deliver themselves to themselves, is the most important trust of life. (Reminder: There is a micro-drama in the inner text)

Interview room, the film propaganda backboard in the back, two headlights playing forward, under the lights, Guilun magnesium quiet beauty like a Buddha statue, smile and so on we come. Sitting handshake, women fans waiting for guilun magnesium interview, has also waited nine years.

Guilun magnesium is produced at the rhythm of almost a year's play, and it appears almost as if the film has only once appeared in front of the audience. Outside the camera, she doesn't look for magnesium lights to pay attention to, live a low-key life, leaving herself to herself.

From "Blue Gate," "Boyfriend Girlfriend," "Day Fireworks" to "Legs," playing women from different social strata, the media asked, have you always had the thought of breaking through yourself? Gui Lun magnesium laughs that in fact is to return to their own, life has its own exploration and progress, she through the film expansion boundaries, "I choose to meet my curiosity of the film." The story should be moving and vital. 」

"Legs" wraps up real-world social issues in the form of comedies, and she hasn't touched the absurd type of comedy, but she wants to try and challenge. "I've always felt that if modern movies want to communicate ideas, they need to be known in the form of the public. Only in this way can the stories you want to say and the stories you want to tell be heard by more people. 」

This time, she wants to talk about how women can keep and practice themselves in intimate relationships.

"Legs" this film, is about the dancer Qian Qiying (Gui Lun magnesium) and her husband Zheng Zihan (Yang Youning), from the encounter love, mutual debt, to Zheng Zihan leg amputation of the story. The film flashback, by Qian Yingying's "chasing legs" action, back to the story of two people. Couples are subject to traditional gender roles, although each for the marriage efforts, but the more crooked, more and more not their own.

When love is completely out of sight, is there still a chance to pull the tide? In the course of laughing and crying, see marriage is absurd love drama, there is never a positive solution, you want the answer, you have to chase yourself, give yourself.

Did you carry up your expectations of yourself before you carried someone else?

Let's start with the heroine's story. I'm curious how Guilun Magnesium sees unlimited tolerance for his partner.

In the film, Qian Yuying's husband Zheng Zihan (Little Zheng) is kind-hearted, he considers himself "for the good of his wife" all kinds of efforts, but ultimately abandoned the board, as betrayed, betrayed himself, but also betrayed the relationship between the two. Qian Qiying gritted his teeth, cleaned up the mess, and never really left. Movie watching, the more visual, the reality that many people have had similar experiences. I ask, what do you think of such a relationship? Why can't the moneymen leave the relationship that has collapsed?

Guilun magnesium thought, the tone of gentle and the same a lot. From parenthood to this generation, she says, influenced by traditional frameworks and social expectations, "as a wife or mother, I feel that marriage cannot be easily ended, and that is the hidden stumbling block and dependence of life." If this lead easily scattered, easy to do not know what lies ahead to follow the direction, but at a loss. 」

Leaving a marriage that has collapsed, often seen as a failure of women in Chinese society, is not enough due diligence to hold the family, is not enough for the overall situation, the overall situation is a one-man responsibility system, until the self and marriage collapse in front of the eyes. Few people ask, before carrying others, do you carry yourself first? When the relationship is completely out of sight, can you tell yourself that you can and should be your own dependence, your own guide.

Qian Yuying dare not look forward, dare not think what her path alone can look like. "She has been looking back at her past understanding of Xiao Zheng, she is convinced that Xiao Zheng's goodwill and naiveity has not disappeared, she carry these, gritted teeth, feel that life can also face together, until impossible." But by that time, it was completely too late. 」

In the groping forward, people do not always know themselves

The husband left, Qian Qiying began to frantically pursue the husband was amputated that leg, said to take the leg back to the husband's body, everyone asked, why not this leg can not, she inexplicable so. Chasing her legs has become almost one of her most persistent and indomitable things, and this energy is used too unusually. Qian Yuying's pursuit of legs, what is the pursuit? Is it a husband, a love, a real end, or yourself?

Guilun magnesium carefully listen to this problem, think about it, said that people in the process of action, in fact, there is no way to think so clearly.

"At the time, she was just obsessed with Mr. Hope going to another world in a complete state. But she couldn't find her leg and stopped to think: Why did the two get to where they are now? Did I do more and do less in this process? Whether there is something wrong with the important order of life, together, causes these results. Those thoughts came about later. 」

Guilun magnesium said a rich philosophical words, "We are in life, in fact, it is difficult to have a very clean state to face themselves." It is a lesson to look objectively at the events or emotions faced by a third person from an ad quarter of an angle. 」

A lot of times set off on the road, only to see what they want to pursue. Guilun magnesium self-report is not a person who spends a lot of time self-analysis. "It's all a process of groping and understanding. Dissecting myself is not so important to me. I've just been honest about all my options, because then I really like every choice I make, meet like-wanted teams, get a lot of energy out of it, and tell myself how great it is to be myself. 」

Be honest with yourself with all your choices, because in this way, really like every choice, but also can tell yourself how great it is to be yourself.

Guilun magnesium

Only the legs went up, the husband in another world can dance and fly, that moment, the sense of responsibility of the money to really put down, but also from the gravity of social expectations to leave, walk back to the heart. Only by not living up to each other can we love freely.

For the first time, learn the national standard and re-understand the relationship through body dancing

The male and female characters in the play is the national standard dance competition often win the army, in order to this play, Guilun magnesium for the first time to learn the national standard dance, in a very short time, practice the teacher frame. National standard dance is the important core of the whole play, double dance partner, dance to exchange love and desire, I asked Guilun magnesium, whether she understood the relationship between husband and wife in the film from the dance?

Guilun magnesium winked and said it was a good question. "Interestingly, the national standard dance is the next plate must be very tight dance, the lower body does not fit is no way to dance. Just like the two people in the film, at first it was expected, when the boys gradually legs, can not dance, the lower body separated, the bed relationship is also a problem. Qian Yuying always held this hand, put on a stand, hoping to drive this dance and the relationship between the two. 」

But the national standard dance is not a person to dance on the good-looking, love is not. She tried in vain to turn the dance around. At the end of the dance, all that was left was Qian Yuying's hands that he didn't want to let go of.

In the play, Yang Youning jumps the national standard, there is a paragraph of self-description, "man stands up to the earth, think of the axis", metaphorically Xiao Zheng's own husband's role of the promise. But when so many options came to his attention, he was dizzy and made mistakes. Qian Yuying saw her husband's excessive naivey, time and time again to fade the identity of a lover, change to pretend to be a mother, go down to rescue, sacrifice their own.

Playing the role, Gui said he and the character is not without common ground, but there are fundamental differences. "The similarity is the ability to see the advantages of a partner. For me, one of the most important things about love is to appreciate each other's strengths. Qian Yuying is also, she saw, feel that the relationship is still possible, but did not really communicate, let the relationship forward. 」

Love is the ability to constantly see each other's strengths.

Guilun magnesium

Guilun magnesium will spend more time to communicate, sit down to have a good chat, "If I am money, I want to understand, each other's life direction is not different?" I'll talk about all our options. But it is a pity that Qian Yuying seems to put communication behind him. With more communication, things are not what they are now. 」

She went on to say that equal communication is most important in relationships: "Don't be afraid to express, even though communication may fail or be poor, but you don't say at all that the physical and mental condition will begin to deteriorate, and this deformation will cause the relationship to break down." You are no longer the other person like you, there are excessive distortion, too much depression, behavior is therefore good behavior. The other side does not know your emotions, strange, more and more unlike the original love of each other. 」

Some people are afraid of communication, is afraid of losing, afraid of fighting and expression, the other side will no longer love. Gui Lun magnesium said even so don't be afraid, "you must let the other side know clearly what you think, the other side may close the door, do not understand, but the less to express, the relationship between the two people will have greater pressure." It is important to communicate rationally and put yourself in a comfortable balance. 」

She told me, "The best thing about a person is that you like yourself too." 」

The outbreak taught me to be brave enough to express love in the current

This year's outbreak has also made guilun magnesium more emotional about "expression". "After the outbreak, people were at a distance, and a lot of things became extravagant. The outbreak reminds us that we can do the right thing in the present, and cherish the relationship between people. We can choose more carefully when we treat each other's words. When expressing love, no longer obscure, shy, or backward conservative. 」

When it comes to expressing emotions, she is more relaxed and smiles, "I am especially grateful to myself, and I have always been very direct in expressing gratitude and love without disturbing or disturbing others." When I meet an old friend who has been gone for a long time, I must be hugging each other tightly. If I really love you, thank you, I will express directly. That's a great thing. 」

Communication also has to be direct, "it is based on your belief that the two sides are equal, no one is higher than who, a lot of questions opened up, we will not have misunderstandings, gaps and regrets." 」

Towards the end of the time, the staff quietly hinted that there was still a minute, and I asked the last question: "If you could say a word to Qian, what would you like to say?" 」

Guilun magnesium smiled again, saying that the problem is so difficult. She looked up, "I think I will bless her, I hope she can find the most simple yearning for the dream." She's going to be a comfortable, lovely woman who likes herself, and that's the real beginning of her journey. 」

Guilun magnesium interview gold sentence

Don't be afraid to communicate, give each other space to grow. A person's best-looking, but also the most likeable, is that you also like yourself.

Guilun magnesium

Life is hard to have a clean state to face yourself. How to look objectively at the events or emotions faced by a third person from a third person's ad quarter of an angle is a lesson.

Guilun magnesium

The outbreak reminds us to make appropriate expressions in the present, to cherish relationships, and to choose words carefully. When expressing love, don't be vaguely shy and conservative.

Guilun magnesium

Love, it is important to keep seeing each other's strengths.

Guilun magnesium

Be honest with yourself about all your choices, because in this way, I really like every choice, but also can tell myself how great it is to be myself.

Guilun magnesium

| after the interview|

Guilun magnesium because of attention to retain themselves, in all interactions, can feel her pure nature and comfortable, very for the internal and external staff to imagine. Halfway through the interview, magnesium light hit hot, she took off her coat, even said a few times embarrassed, five seconds pause, for her seems not to take for granted, but also asked, how you feel, whether it will be hot, natural care for others.

In the interview the day before, listen to the publicity partner said that earlier that day there is a trip to catch up, people are still discussing how to be good, she wore a long dress high heels, has taken the lead in lifting the heavy hem, high heels on the thy hand, help partners to fight for a little more time.

Always see the team, deeply understand that a film is the power of all people, to act to express the value of each person's job, but also show an actor's pattern and large device.

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