As a professional woman, when she is pregnant, she is often faced with the need to ask for maternity leave.Let's take a look at how the legal provisions protect couples who meet the new life. Don't lose them!

This day, Womanni's sister told her an exciting news-that Womanni was going to be a auntie!

Although her sister was immersed in the joy of pregnancy, the problem of thinking about work couldn't help but worry.Her work sometimes requires overtime, and sometimes she moves to heavy loads, and her sister is worried that she will affect the fetus.In addition, the company announced this month that because of the large volume of business and the tight labor force, it asked people not to ask for leave, and the maternity leave would only be available for four weeks, and would not be paid.In this whole month, the rest of the family's salary was left to support the family, and there was really a bit of a tight end to it.

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After nine months, the easy-to-use elder sister has begun to worry that she will not be able to take leave with her by her time.She doesn't want to have another pair of hands when she's in the delivery room!

Pregnancy is already a very difficult thing. The prospective mother can ask for a transfer to a more relaxed job, and the boss cannot refuse such a request, and it is not possible to reduce your salary.In addition, the Act provides for eight weeks of maternity leave!If you have worked in this company for more than half a year, the salary can be paid as usual during the period of maternity leave, and if you are not satisfied with half a year, you can still have half of the salary.

A child is not just one person. This is an important moment, and the other half of course has the right and the obligation to be there.The Act provides for paternity leave for spouses for three days, and is paid on full pay.The boss must not refuse to ask for paternity leave, nor can he ask employees to ask for leave.Therefore, no matter whether it is maternity leave or paternity leave, it cannot be regarded as absences. The boss cannot therefore discount your full attendance bonus or performance appraisal!

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Legal Provisions

Request reversion during pregnancy to work more easily:

Article 51 of the Labor Standards Law: Women workers (female employees) may apply for a change of application during pregnancy, if they are more easily able to do so, and not to decline their wages.

Maternity leave:

15, paragraph 1, of the Gender Work Equality Act (Article 15), Article 2: The employer shall cease to work and give maternity leave for eight weeks before and after confinement in a woman's employment.The calculation of wages during the period of maternity leave is regulated by the relevant decree.

calculation of leave pay:

Article 50 (2) of the Labour Standards Law: A woman who is employed by a woman who is a woman in childbirth is a person who is employed for six months or more, and is paid for a period of six months or half, and is paid in half.

Paternity leave:

15, paragraph 4, of the Gender Equality Act, which provides that a employer shall give paternity leave for paternity leave in the case of a person giving birth in his or her spouse.The paternity leave period is given.

Promotion employer not to reject:

21 of the Gender Equality Act: When a person is requested to do so under the previous seven articles (art. 14 to 20), the employer may not refuse.In the case of a person who is a person employed as a person, the employer shall not be considered to be absent from attendance and affect his/her attendance bonus, performance appraisal, or other detriment.