Winter so far, gradually feel the cold breath, every year the winter solstice, as if to remind us: dear, the new year is coming, the New Year is near, this year, you are all right?

Perhaps this four seasons, there are still some let you forget the disappointment; perhaps this four seasons, finally have your eyes to pursue; perhaps this four seasons, you put down the long-delayed relationship; perhaps this four seasons, you pick up the lost friendship. No matter how well your seasons go, after the winter solstice, there is a real winter, and expect us to travel with hope.

The winter solstice has always been a festival for Chinese people to get together and eat soup. It was the shortest day of the year, and it was arguably the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere, when the climate clearly began to cool. It's a great pleasure to eat a bowl of warm-snoring soup in this cold season.

But do you know how the winter solstice can affect our lives?

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In the eyes of the ancients, the winter solstice was the most important day of the year, and we began with the traditional festival: "The winter solstice is a yang." Yin at this time to reach the apex began to turn from sheng to weak, so the other side is the yang began to germinate, it is the so-called yin and yang conversion moment.

"Hanshu" records: "Winter solstice, the long road, so congratulations." This means that after the winter solstice the day will begin to grow, the yang gradually reply, is the beginning of a natural cycle, it is worth celebrating the time;

In ancient winter solstice as a national holiday, we should have a good rest and recuperation, in line with the season to live.

The importance of yang is that it is the body's strong nature, according to the world to achieve yin and yang adjustment balance, physiological natural energy hundred times the spirit, disease does not invade. Man and nature into one, according to the sequence of the law cycle to do the corresponding, everything is linked to affect our physical state. Therefore, from the beginning of the winter solstice to prepare for the health of the coming year, stick to the sun, so that it slowly grow and develop.

This cold season can be through food supplements to mobilize energy, the so-called "winter solstice to make up, spring tiger", you can eat some warm food, such as when returned, complete, lamb and so on. Lamb flat warm, suitable for cold hands and feet, body cold women, help to promote blood circulation against cold winter and add strength, but when cold to avoid food. Winter solstice in addition to eating soup round, you can also come to the radish mutton soup to replenish the body.

Chinese medicine doctors suggest that at this time can use the body cavity to do maintenance, more pressure palm in the labor palace cave and the forearm palm side of the inner cavity. The labor palace cave belongs to the heart bag, has a strong heart, the god, the stable effect; Anytime and anywhere often press these two channels, you can make up the brain, emotional stability, so that their body strong, often happy Oh!

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Health is not synonymous with the elderly, nor is it a complex trouble, in fact, as long as the laws of nature "spring, summer, autumn harvest, winter collection", to maintain a virtuous circle, in winter for the spring of the following year to prepare, energy accumulation, can be full of a full year.

womany's sweet tips:

  1. Usually the method of grasping the point, the length of a middle finger section represents one inch, and the horizontal length of four fingers together represents three inches. The spot where you touch a lump or soreness or swelling is usually a point of acuity.
  2. The winter solstice is the moment when the yang begins to develop, and can be made to the bottom for the health of the coming year through food supplements and caves!