This is not the first time that a woman fan has met with singer Zheng Yinon, but it is the first time that a woman fan has had an in-depth and solid dialogue with writer Zheng Yinon.

The first book, Dry Club: A 3D Monster Transformer, is about others, and the second, Lonely Petri dish, is about yourself. How lucky we are to see her changeable appearance on the cusp of the times, and how lucky we are to look back deeply at ourselves with her in the wind and snow of the years.

At first sight, it rained in Taipei for the third week.

Always feel that the wet air outside mixed with the smell of lazy winter, street road rain stop, is very suitable for meeting the days of Yi Nong.

We didn't shake hands, but there was a good gaze. Inon gave me the first impression that she was so human, acting and style are cleverly blended with the quiet arc of the air, she is very meticulous and noisy, but she has been listening.

Interview Zheng Yinon, as Director Lu Jianxiang in the book "Lonely Petri dish" foreword said: like lying on a Japanese tatami, she can take on any shape of you: is lazy, is reserved, is self-sufficient, is a wolf, all in her not flamboyant and self-indulgent hands and feet, get a comfortable space.

Because she did not greet you with particular enthusiasm, but can draw a good, comfortable distance between you and her. The space is open and the mood is clearer.

Any creation is to create a "space" with yourself, with others, with the world

Space is an important concept.

Inon mentioned that the so-called writing, is to first pull themselves away from themselves, "I" and "self" pulled a distance, with a more macro perspective to count the little bits of life, and that distance she called "space."

"I love space, and I feel like writing is like creating space, extending it outwards, slowly building it into a room where everyone can come in, " Says Inon, laughing, spreading out his own upbringing and microscopic state of being with others, with the world, and with myself, and many times there is a feeling of "oh, really lonely".

"I wouldn't call loneliness the "subject" of my life, because it's not all negative. Before she wrote Lonely Petri dish, she mentioned, she didn't realize that loneliness was such a big part of every life experience that when you saw it was there, you couldn't ignore it anymore.

And the process of writing, finalizing, secting, and naming "Lonely Petri dish" is like rediscovering the anchor of self-identification, she must be quiet, throw herself back into the lonely moments of the past, recall the great sound of serenity, and talk to herself as a child.

Looking back on the trajectory of Yi Nong's creation in recent years, it is obvious that the lonely space is still expanding, but that kind of expansion will not make you feel anxious and uneasy, but consciously open their own distance from themselves, themselves and others, in the white space to extend the imagination of the world, learning to face the inevitability of loneliness more comfortably, will converge the creation of nutrients.

Sometimes, in the face of life, embrace life, deal with emotions, do not need to be too close, breathing can be more comfortable.

I wouldn't say loneliness is the "subject" of my life, because it's not all negative.

Zheng Yinon

Conflict of roles in life is the norm, and the key is to know who you are

In his thirteen years, he has formed orchestras, released three albums, written scripts, acted, and now writes books. All kinds of identities overlap in Zheng Yinon's body, layer by layer to build a more three-dimensional her.

"I've always wanted to do all kinds of things because I can't choose between them, " as big as the course of life, as small as the trivia of life, for Yi Nong, the trade-off seems to be quite difficult.

Songs, words, songs and various forms of creation to her feelings are not the same, many things have become "Zheng Yinon" part of the whole personality, she said: "I can not play music, and I also like to write books, because the text does not have the limits of music, so that I can have more room to swing." 」

There is no trade-off, the characters must be tied to each other, such as acting and singing are also performance, but on stage you have to maximize yourself;

From singers and actors talking about the ambiguity between writers and public figures.

Becoming an author, in many times have to pull out more "private self" to face the reader, but "private self" rendering and packaging perfect artist image is very conflicted, for which Yinon is also very honest to face the dilemma: "When I am a writer as self-conscious, I may talk to you about very private ideas, those ideas are not necessarily so beautiful, but the relationship between it and my text is important, then I want to go to the end?" 」

The occasional conflict between characters in life is the norm. More importantly, we have to know when and where we should stand.

Transforming identity on the basis of the same creation, Iton's thinking is not a choice, but a collection. Only in this way can every creative state be treated well and the soul placed.

Yinon is not obsessed with identity at all, for her the most accurate definition is "undefinable" Zheng Yinon.

Find yourself, don't panic. Let time go with you

When "Dry Club: 3D Monster Transformers" was published in2017, Inon also pondered: Why did the first text work, written by someone else, not the self?

"At that time, I knew very clearly that I was not ready, there were doubts not solved, it is not clear what I look like, " Yi Nong shared, life will sometimes present to be organized, have to spend a little time and spirit, sweep the court, let the sun shine in.

"Until one day, suddenly there is a good answer so far, just in the right time there is the right chance, so I thought, it is better to write this answer, see what will become it." Thus, there was the publication of Lonely Petri dish.

Talking about the difference between this writing and other creations in the past, she fell into thought, and then slowly collated the words, carefully replied: "I think when writing songs, write their own fragments, and those fragments may be more focused." 」

Like included in "To Uranus" in the head of the gent touch, is to say that they and people when thinking, describing two people's hearts are gently touching each other, slowly, slowly, feel a huge gentle cover;

Thus, macro Zheng Yinon, delicate Zheng Yinon, fragile Zheng Yinon, fragments are generally scattered in the song.

"But "Lonely Petri dish" is more like bringing all kinds of me together, " says Inon, the song's core is actually through music, melody and composition of the concept you want to talk about into a work of art, leading everyone out of reality, which she is particularly good at, but the text is very realistic.

From "I don't want to write myself" to "I'm going to start writing myself," Mr. Inon says it doesn't feel like "well, I'm determined to write" but rather a long, time-followed, will-driven process of gradually recognizing yourself.

As for what way to start to know themselves, Inon replied with a smile, in fact, from admitting that he is a very troublesome person.

"I didn't realize I was in trouble, so it was uncomfortable to be bored with myself every day, but when I realized I couldn't settle down, I started laughing and saying, "Haha, I'm in trouble" and looking at myself from afar. 」

Inon admits that there will be such a shift, it does not seem to have encountered any huge turnaround, to give readers who are looking for their own advice, she will say, know yourself, let time take you away.

To know yourself, you have to start by admitting that you're in trouble.

Zheng Yinon

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