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On the day of the interview, a new piece < Tomorrow will remember falling in love with me on 3), as a producer, Li Lieh, and the actors in the show, have been playing around in the show.Despite the depth of the interview at the time, the previous circular still had a long talk show, but Li Yey's face was still smiling, and he was not a bit of a weary." Sorry, let's get you to cover this evening."The air is warm at the scene," he said.

Play with me

to make life full of surprises

The first time I see Li Lieh, just like the first time I saw her name: a graceful and persevering face, extremely beautiful.The gentle smile of Li Lie, however, is a gentle smile in the eye of the eye, which makes you forget that she used to be a Taiwan , an actress who is a popular singer, only wants to find out the true story behind the woman.

was an actress who had no interest in performing at the age of 18. He became a member of the mainland's performing arts. He left her for business in mainland China, but was returned to business at the age of 35.In the last 50 years, she relied on an accurate market instinct for actors to gamble on a wave of national films that had been successful in investing in the "lone boy".This is a series of ups and ups and a stable life. We really cannot imagine.What kind of idea was Li Lieh spent all his time with him?

"I think it's" greedy."I am very happy to be old and I can't always be a repeat of my life.

Lee smiling, as if it were a normal answer for her.In life, for Li Lieh, it's like a playground with novelty and new challenges. " I decide whether I want to open a new journey. It's fun; the end of every stage of life is also because I'm starting to feel like it's not fun anymore.This dared to dare to take on the character, and Li Lieh made more than once a whirlwind of his own career.

As one of the male protagony, Ren Xianqi describes Li and says that she has a strong curiosity, just as she has a little girl in her heart.In fact, it doesn't mean that Li Lieh doesn't think about life seriously, but instead helps her to tide over all the difficulties she has.As long as it feels that the process is interesting, even if it is hard to tire again, Li Lieh can continue to move forward for the final good results." Do you understand?It's like playing a game, and when you lock it up, you get your foot in your foot, but even then, you're still going to have to break it if you don't want to eat.As a result, this is like a life in which the game is a game, and in fact, it is actually a step forward for Li Lieh.

Life is not always the same view, but a different journey, each of which has its own experiences and memories."

Just like the" strong " word in a given name gives people a good impression that Li Lie does not drag water at every stage of the process.After this period of life was broken, the treasure was acquired, followed by the next trip.This kind of man's life is also reflected in the new work of Li Lieh's new work, < Tomorrow, Love me.

From resonating to find your direction

< Tomorrow remember falling in love with me > , is a moving romantic comedy.And for Li Lieh, this film, besides love, describes more of the choices that can be said in life, and the choice that has to be hidden.Just as Lee describes his life as a series of stages, all the characters in the film are going through the beginning and the end of two lives." In fact, this movie doesn't have an attitude, and it doesn't tell you what is the right choice.The film's ENDING is not the end, but the characters in the film are about to begin to make a new story."The whole picture of freedom in the movie is a reason why Li Lieh's faith in life has become a reason for Lee's film production."

Many people wonder why Li Lieh chose a love story that was so different from the previous warm-blooded themes of the heat.Li Lie smiled and emphasized, because her most dislike of her was to repeat, and she couldn't help but find new challenges for herself.In the past, she used to make her own youth who had overheated and blood, and didn't even cry for the tears of the athletes. This time she wanted to make a story about the great wave of stability in a smooth and stable life." Because it's small, it's about love, so it's a mass of people, and all of you can find a piece of empathy, and you have to find your attitude.

Li Yilie makes a movie with a serious attitude that allows a person to promise to perform

Productions are the "attitude" to make the movie

Love me tomorrow in love with me > , also proves that there is a surprisingly good chemical effect between actors.In addition to Li Lieh's special election angle, all of this has to do with the way she makes movies.Before the film was shot, the Li Lie and Theater Group prepared a Work Shop to be an actor and guide the actors into the characters' lives.Li Lieh carefully describes the rehearthand process, and is like sharing a secret treasure she has studied for so long." Paiping doesn't mean a script, it doesn't require every play to be as precise as in the script, but rather to help the actors construct the past, present and future, cultivate, and other roles, and let the actors burst out more than the script.Fan Xiaoxuan, who was almost unable to enter the role, was able to catch the heroine in the way she was almost unable to enter the role.

Apart from Li Liee's unique and detailed style of rehearsings, the actors can successfully explain the most realistic emotions of the characters, and her attentive to the scene of the scene, which makes one of the protagony characters even more merciful.Ren Yin-chi recalls with excitement: "My character was an optometrist. At that time, I was not only able to put an empty room in a mirror, but even put my name's name card on the table, my phototometrist's license, and even my people walked around and asked me to help."Such exquisite configuration is an indispensable element for Li Lieh to make a film.When talking about this persistence, Li Lieh's eyes became very strong.

"Maybe you'll say," Do you look so thin and you can't see it!But the role depends on it.Just as women wear expensive jewels, the feelings of their hearts become graceful; men take the real guns and force them out of their own way.

For Li Lieh, an actor can convince the audience that the most important thing is to convince oneself first.

Fear not to contribute, just afraid not to do it

After so many films, Lee constantly challenges her new director, and so every piece of work is a brand-new adventure for her.Recalling all the films and directors made so far, Li Lieh admits that there are indeed different angles to groping and grind.But for her, the most important thing is to continue working with the various new Taiwan leaders in the hope of passing on the past experience to the younger generation of young people." It's a kind of experience sharing.Let them be more understanding of how the film circles in Taiwan now have a better way of doing it, and give them the experience of making and performing their own performances.When it comes to this, Lee's voice is suddenly filled with enthusiasm and hope, "Taiwan's film path has always been very narrow, and we hope that by sharing it, the future generations can better walk away and widen this road."

Listen to the enthusiasm of Li Lieh for the Taiwanese film, which does not remind us of the light Li An of the United States, which won the best director Oscar this year.When we asked about her, did she want to lead the Taiwan film to a new direction?Li Lie immediately smiled and shyly:

"For the direction, I have never been too ambitious."I dare not say how much I can contribute to the Taiwan film industry. I only hope that we can continue to hold hands and walk all the way and embark on a broader road. I am already very satisfied with this.

Look at Li Lie, who has been through many storms, still have a beautiful and strong smile, and we are also very happy with what kind of imagination she has in her future."I hope that I can continue to work hard for what I want to do, but I can be happy, but I can also be very calm."When I heard the answer, we asked Li Lieh's calm, whether he wanted to put aside the "box office guarantee" of such a big name.Li Lie responded with the feeling of being happy and relaxed. " At our age, we should also be able to calm down."It's hard to do it," he says. " It's a very hard time.

< Tomorrow, the director Chen Jun-lin, who loves me > , has previously been at the Berlin Film Festival because of the "Taipei Film Festival", and Lee also believes that the Taiwanese film has the ability to move to the world.In the future, Li Lieh doesn't have a certain number of films, but she is sure of her attitude toward the future, as said,

want to know a

of things in life, but when you've really done it, you don't find things like that.""

has a beautiful appearance and the most resolute heart.And we know that letting her walk through this splendid life is the spirit of her dream and the courage to do it.

If you want too much, you don't want to do it, just go and do it!

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