" What reasons do we have not to be crazy about ourselves?'— Chen Implications

' What are your reasons not insane? '" You've seen the son of a ruffian hero, Chen Lin, who has loved to hear about the good girls. They all come from Chen meaning, but seeing her, you know that these girls are just a small part of the iceberg.She has more secrets, she has more secrets to let the world know: Chen's meaning, too, can be crazy.

again reverting to the big screen, this time with her new charm and perfection of the courtesan that refuses to believe in love and tossing love.Chen Zhen, who has never seen it, has to give you a pleasant surprise.Are you ready to go crazy together?


The Implications!The northern sky is under heavy rain, and the appearance of Chen's companions is the energy of the rain that is not yet in place."Hello, are you ready to begin?"She came, and suddenly a panic in the coffee shop, and Chen Yinhan was able to adjust herself to the interview quickly.Her slow, slow personality can be seen from her childhood." When I was young, I felt that I grew up to be a secret book, or an octopus chef." When we ask why is it especially octopus?She said, "I have observed that the most idle work is to cook the octopus, to have sex, to have sex, and to be very close, and I can't bear it."If you don't want to go down slowly, then you bring Chen into the actors' world.

" When I was an actor, I began to learn how to feel.You have to have all the senses open, and you have to feel each moment of change.In the past, the slow-down, the most efficient service in the service industry; until she became an actor, she began to know how to pause at the moment, and not just walk away without turning back." Have you seen Lola run?Life is like that, every second, every change is a choice, and that's the choice that forms your life." Learning to remember every feeling in life opens up the first door of an actor's path for Chen.

Crazy for

"I believe that as long as you look through the script and infiltrate across the landscape, you can act like this."Talking about his own play, Chen admits that he must rely on groping to find his own way of interpretation.In real life, she's an extremely regular girl, "Is it almost compulsive?"Every day, I have to complete a series of routine matters, and I am not doing anything on my whole body."I'm very rational, and I like it in my life, but I can't do it when I move to a show," she said.I like to improvise, the more I get better, the better, the more I like surprises!

The thrill of the character of the surprise has also sparked a different spark when she collaborated with Chou Mei-ling and Chou Mei-ling." Mei Ling has always believed that I also have a hidden characteristic.She believes that I have a different and darker side than ever before."The white frosting of love is another way to hide the meaning of Chen's meaning.""The director and the actors were pleasantly surprised to see a spark of intense fire."Although such a situation can be unbeatable, one may be able to perform its own special characteristics from a more subtle part of the situation."The film was not expected to be brought to me by an unexpected emotional release of emotions," said the film director. "But I was too much involved in Jerry's, but I didn't feel like I was 100 percent emotionally involved."

Is the girl who had done a lot of crazy things when she was a thirty-year-old, who had been hiding it all the time?" People must have a variety of faces, I am not particularly hidden, I even hope to be able to be liberated, and let everyone see more real me.I've always been crazy, I just didn't let everyone see it.In fact, Chen's 30-year birthday does not have a special plan, but only to share his true reality.She even has some delight as an actress who can interpret a variety of life and realize the madness of her own personality." It's not a crime. Why don't you go crazy for yourself?"

Life is too good, and Chen does not stop, and always wants to continue to challenge.

Tired up to

We are curious to see if there is any change in the meaning of the working group from the working group to the big star." When old friends congratulate me on success, I always remember the motto written in the third year of my life: ' I'm tired and successful. '"I am a success," says Chen Yinhan, who didn't have the heart to write down in high school.I also wanted to continue with the challenge, like a stage show that I was in touch with, and I'd like to try and find out more about myself.When you talk about the future, Chen's eyes are all out of the way; the enthusiasm that she has paid to her is to be forgotten even if she is tired.

Chen-Han's gelling of Gu Ling, who has seen her people

is a better actor, not a simple road, but also a gossip in the process, but it has made Chen implacer discover a more complete self." I'm not afraid of people's interpretation of me, and I'm not afraid of commenting.When someone says to me, "This is good for you," or "it's not yours", it's going to make me want to know exactly what he's going to see behind that.As the environment changed and time passed, Chen also discovered that he had become stronger. " I felt that I had become more independent in the past few years. When I had a boyfriend in the past, I was used to adjusting my own life to cooperate with each other. The rules were easy to get confused by my boyfriend's sudden demands.When I was single, I started to enjoy independence and my own time, and it all started to grow.In the process of growing up, Chen was not afraid, but he constantly discovered new self.

Chen's costume is relatively fresh, and she has a lot of rules and rules to show up in order to be able to achieve the elegance of the courtesan.
(movie flare)

"To describe me, it must be a quick one."So I really wanted to challenge a really neat killer!Talking about plans for the future, Chen Yahan's eyes lit up immediately." I also plan to travel a tourist book, but I was spontaneous, thinking about the West, and I often thought that what I wrote in the morning was not what I had written in the evening.As a tourist book, Chen also began to think about his own meaning. She laughed and said, "People always say that travel is a way to change their way of life, but I find it meaningless to travel even if I have to force myself to finish those routine things in my life."Do I really have a compulsive disorder?Looking at her carefully questions about the problems of the agent's galling, Chen's little world in her mind, it's always a surprise to see what surprises are in there.

Chen Yinhan's whitewhiteout is a girl who refuses to believe in love.To illustrate this character, Chen Zhi-ham has a musical instrument, and he is more of a student of the dark inner.
(movie show drama)

and the show's performance in the rain, the unexpected release of emotions, gave the two people a kiss to become the most beautiful scene in the movie.

(movie show drama)

Chan Conculation and straight-eye are hidden in her eyes, and you seem to have hidden secrets in front of her.Her eyes revealed a lot of news, and she looked forward to finding out that she was looking forward to seeing more of the true story of Chen's." In fact, I've always been crazy. You see, when I come to the program, you know, I often get out of control, and I want to say what I want to say."For Chen's consent, he doesn't need a reason and doesn't need the courage."" Madness is not a crime, and there's no reason not to be crazy!"

Chen's charm, not just because she's a good person, but because she knows how to release her own heart. In fact, no matter how the world changes, we can all retain the most authentic self; don't be afraid, remember that you're always going to be crazy about yourself.

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