In the face of life's wrongs, many people choose to ignore and escape, but in fact, a sense of illness is the most important thing to heal themselves, including the face of their own vulnerability and vulnerability.

Starting in 2021, every night, leaving an extra ten minutes for yourself, regularly sorting out your thoughts and rectifying your life, is a necessary step.

In 2020, the world has changed a lot, the new coronary pneumonia swept the world, resulting in the disruption of travel and life regulation mechanisms, people's participation in recreational activities has been reduced, such a depressed atmosphere is like an infinitely rainy day, you can not say what is wrong, but always feel that some parts of their own is being eroded by acid rain.

There are many things to remember in 2020, and more things that I want to do but can't do, and I often feel that the span between years and years is deliberately created with a sense of ritual, so that we can use this time and space, wave goodbye to our old self, and create a new vision.

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Starting in 2021, leave ten more minutes for yourself every night

For many people, not remembering doesn't necessarily mean "over", which is why it's so important to "sort yourself out."

Those who have not yet digested the emotions, and has not yet clarified the mentality will appear in various forms of life, most of them will be stuck in the heart of the persistence, the best way is through self-combing, and then do weightlifting, so that the past become a part of the present.

About from the sophomore (2013) began to develop the habit of writing hand accounts, originally is to record the day to complete the matter, including the time is the examination period, the daily must review the subject content, the next day's examination, as well as the assessment, simulation of the progress of the examination paper range, continued to later, began to get used to through the hand account to organize the mood of the day, including through the text combing through the whole day's trip.

One to remind yourself of what you have done, and the other to tell yourself, "It's all right, don't worry, it's all done, everything else is opportunity and destiny." 」

Over time, the habit lasted seven years, and in addition to helping forgetful me remember the mood of the moment, the hand account also gave himself the power to look back and gaze at the future on many restless nights. The more things in life that can't be at the helm, the easier it is to linger in the vortex and find no exit, and hand accounts are the best way to communicate with yourself.

Understand today's self, you can better make a decision for tomorrow's self, understand whether today is full or wasteful, then you can better decide whether tomorrow is to stay or move forward.

Every night, I'm used to giving myself a little time, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes, or more than an hour. During this time, I'll write down what happened today in a flowing account, and I'll review my mental state throughout the day.

In the face of work, family, friendship and all kinds of relationships, there are always big and small things stuck in the heart, or thorns in the back, writing is to remove the daily thorns, from a one-time blow and injury of the front-end homework, used to talk with themselves, in the premise of not running away from their own good and bad, that is to ensure that decision-making and desire consistent one of the best ways.

In times of confusion, it is yourself, not others, who give you the options and courage

After I started working, it was harder to sort myself out through the "writing hand account" approach because time was tight, so I started recording my mood through Medium, FB, and Instagram, which was more like a period of time to account for myself.

The chaos of life and work cannot be balanced, it will not be a moment, it will exist in your every day, eroding your motivation to face life positively, the futility of work and sudden loss of direction easily affect the self-discipline and sense of direction of life, at this moment to give the export should be your own.

In the face of such a day-to-day, you can try three ways to overcome the problem. The first is the method:

  1. Clarify the cause of your confusion: have a sense of illness and find the cause.
  2. Give yourself a grace period to fix: Give yourself a break in your calendar, which can be a trip, a movie, a vacation, or a chat with someone who's not related.
  3. Write down the options, select, and then put them down: what the premise is, or under what conditions you can let go of yourself.

In the second quarter of last year, for example, I was upset and uncomfortable with my lack of work, so "feeling incompetent" and getting along with him became the biggest problem of the day.

I wrote in my June 2020 account: "Accepting it and defeating it is two different things, accepting does not mean that you can take on the task more easily, it may just be a frank identification of your own shortcomings." 」

I use this sentence to remind myself also take care of their own shortcomings, because the painful state is often a momentary expectations and reality of the results of the change, especially in the career transition, life planning has been met with variables, facing major projects and uncertainties at work, it is easy to work on the mood to bring to life, long-term impact on the normal operation of emotions. Therefore, regularly sorting out ideas and rectifying life, is quite necessary steps.

In the face of life's wrongs, many people choose to ignore and escape, but in fact, a sense of illness is the most important thing to heal themselves, including the face of their own vulnerability and vulnerability.

For example, a while ago I found myself affected by the state of anxiety in my heart, several weeks in a row can not sit on the MRT, MRT closed and noisy space to make the air thin, coupled with the people always push each other in a small space, the MRT car suffocation comes from the "attendance" of the matter itself implicated anxiety.

I wrote about the mood, faced with my own anxiety, and admitted that I wanted to escape and stimulate the physical discomfort. After clarifying their own state, followed by a grace period to give themselves repair, someone needs a week, someone only needs a day, and maybe someone like me, the writing of the present is the repair period.

I usually tell myself: I face it when I'm done, I put it down when I'm faced, and I'll start from scratch tomorrow. So my repair period overlaps completely with the writing state, and each person can provision the repair period according to his or her condition.

After the fix, it's more important to provide your own options. Remember: can give options and accept options are their own, expect others to save is the most inefficient, self-help is often the best way to know themselves, avoid constant ghost wall.

Reread yourself: the little things that look sesame garlic

Don't forget to review it after you write it down.

Rereading yourself is an interesting process, like reacquainting yourself with yourself two, three, five years ago through words, those things that used to weigh on you like a flash flood and tsunami, now seem to have become small but charming senseless annoyances, those teenagers identified as the Sea Oath Mountain League, now it seems to be just young and lovely.

Those who have seen the film, read the sentence, wrote the love language and ink and ink between the remaining tears, all through time and space back to your eyes, only to find: the most understand whether they have grown up, or their own.

A few days ago, after re-watching artist Zeng's YouTube show, she chatted with Xu about how to overcome the current difficulties, Xu Yanning came up with an idea: "Jump out at a difficult time to see, let's say I'm 35 years old, how do I see the 25-year-old's own troubles." 」

In fact, this point of view (never to see now) when I went back to read three or five years ago, but also deeply felt the importance of out of the current thinking, 17 years old wrote "cannot be completely torn heart and lungs" in the eyes of now seems to be able to laugh it off, 18 years old that love without a disease, as if in now it seems to be the most important opportunity for me and my current partner.

Those travel traces, tickets, movie ticket roots, air tickets, shoots, collect the epitome of the years in time, leaving a slightly weathered and faded color printing, ink and handwriting, become part of you.

We often have all kinds of conversations with others, talk about life around, talk about life emotions, talk about the present and the future, but always ignore the dialogue with themselves, forget to look back on their own growth.

The space for dialogue with themselves is the need to deliberately operate, leaving aside the time of dazed, life has too much information transmitted to our eyes through various media, compressed our time and space to calm down and self-dialogue, in the face of long-lost friends, classmates and relatives, we often say: "for a long time, you are really much worse than before, become mature a lot." But we rarely look back at ourselves.

Writing and reading years also better understand how we grew up, but why do we have to record how we grew up?

On this issue, I would like to send this passage to you who are reading:

In your current temperament, hide the books you've read, the paths you've walked, and the people you love.

North African Discs (Casablanca, 1942)

Try the daily ritual, three steps, starting tonight, to fix the tangle you've had in your life and want to clarify:

Step one, leave 10 to 20 minutes a day to yourself, do not touch the mobile phone, do not turn on the computer, belong to their own hand account time.
Step 2, try to overcome the problem through three methods: clarify the confusion, set a grace period for repair, let go of yourself.
Step three, write the hand account, try to tell yourself: finished to face, face put down, tomorrow is a new beginning.