"In order to keep the brain awake and the activity of body cells, it's enough to add only sugar in the morning."So what is the real need of the sugar?Let's keep going!

Breakfast is the English Breakfast meaning that the word "break (stop), fast (break)".Unless you eat a late supper, the body will be in an empty stomach from dinner until the morning.No matter how hard life is, there is nothing to eat during sleep.In other words, when sleeping, even if the time is very short, it is also in the state of diseating.
people who have experienced a break in
must know that after a few days of snack food, the first meal must begin with a very thin gruel, and then the ordinary porridge, then porridge, and then gradually increase the amount of eating.

A complex diet leads to vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, feeling of discomfort, and even bowel pain, which is a result of the gastrointestinal failure to adapt to the gastrointestinal tract when eating in a resting state.

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Again, breakfast is like the first meal after a small meal, and there is no need for people to eat.Even if there is an appetite, people who suffer from hypertrophic symptoms such as high cholesterol blood disorder, diabetes, fatty liver, and gout do not need to be more well-eaten.(Extended reading: A new diet for nutritious breakfast, making it healthy and healthy!)

However, modern medical experts or nutritional specials argue that "breakfast is an energy source of activity for one day, and in the morning it is the activity of the united body to provide adequate nourishment for the brain, so it must be eaten."Is that the right thing to say?

In conclusion, in order to keep the brain awake and systemic activity, it would be enough in the morning to replenus the sugar.

This is due to the energy source of all cells of the brain, muscle, and body, almost 100 % of the sugar, and although there are hypoglycemic symptoms due to the lack of sugar, there is no low protein symptom or low fat symptom due to lack of protein.

Therefore, I can eat my example of a "basic meal".The two carrots and one apple are squeezed into fresh juice, containing enough sugar, vitamins, minerals, and proper water.Moreover, even if the stomach is digested, it will not be a burden on the gastrointestinal stomach that has just been waking up from the "micro-cut-off state" of sleep.

carrot.Apple juice is good for the body

carrot's name is Daucus Carrota, where the daucus is the meaning of "warmth" in Greek.In the Yin Yang theory of traditional Chinese medicine, red and hard roots and carrots are also classified as food that can make the body warm.

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And, because it is rich in sugar, it can also supply sugar, vitamins, or minerals in the morning to the brain and body of the body, which is not fully reawakened from the state of sleep. It satisfies the heat and power of activating the activity of the day.

apple pumila Mill is native to the Middle East, the Caucasus, and the Arab folkway. The apple is a prescription for the disease, and the UK has the same adage that Apple, a doctor, far away from me.

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Apart from a lot of vitamins (A, B, C), apple contains a lot of sugar, enzyme, acid (malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid), sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and so on.The malic acid can be treated and purified in vivo, and it has the effect of removing phlegm and diminishing inflammation for the fever symptom, bronchitis or cold.

In addition, the potassium and malic acid contained in the apple can be used for activating the gastrointestinal tract and effectively preventing constipation.In addition, it is recognized that it can produce effects on liver disease, kidney disease, rheumatism, gout, humidity, obesity, heart disease and other diseases.The

can thus be seen as healthy, carrots.The apple juice is simply an impeccable drink.It's just that the carrots that can warm the body effect and the apple made of apples in the north are "juice", full of water, so a few people feel cold, antistomach or cold shoulder pain, headaches, and so on.

If this is the case, it may be helpful to reduce the consumption of juice.It is recommended that the ginger black tea added to the brown sugar or honey is added.This not only ingest enough sugar, but also because the ginger black tea leaves the body temperature rising, eliminating the special sense of fatigue, promoting urination, and purifying blood.

doesn't have a carrot in the morning.The apple juice, or people who drink fruit juice, will feel cold and cold, and drink only one ~ 2 cups of ginger black tea.(Sibling: Beauty is beautiful, starting with juice drinking!)