Women fans of the 4th Global Women's Impact Forum, the theme is "Action! Light up the future of diversity and integration, "would you be curious about how designers would design it?" This article collects reader's questions and shares with you the heart-tinging ideas of every design in the venue!

Hello everyone, we are women's fans of the designer Yingying and home.

2020 GWIS (hereinafter referred to as GWIS) came to the fourth, this time we not only talk about women's power, but also talk about multi-integration. And this year's theme is "Action! Light up the future of multi-integration," to be able to light up themselves and others, but also to encourage people to act. Therefore, we want to convey two messages through vision: first, to light up ourselves, to illuminate the warmth of the world;

In this activity, Yingying is mainly responsible for the main visual design and as a producer, while Jialun is responsible for the planning of the venue design. The following will share the behind-the-scenes story of the design in the way readers QA asks and responds.

Q1: This time the main vision constantly appears yellow dot, large-word elements, can explain why this is done?

In the sense of warmth, I use different types, size of circles, large and scattered is light, small and focused is you. The little yellow dot at the bottom right that rushes up from the light source is what you expect to be after participating in GWIS. In addition, many directional symbols are added to the main vision, constantly suggesting that you:

"Hey, go be what you want to be, go in the right direction, be who you really are. "

In terms of power, I use words to present, because words are the carrier of sound, can show a variety of sound lines, whether whispering or howling.

And this text's voice expression, I give it the word "throwing sound" four words to describe, is the start of the gun, is the horn before the march, in order to render the "action" of the force, encourage you to speak out to yourself the promise of change.

Q2:2021 Pantone color is very similar to the main color chosen for 2020 GWIS, curious why there is such a coincidence?

Invision: Pantone announced its 2021 Annual Color of the Year five days after GWIS ended, with illuminating brilliant yellow selected and the yellow used by the event's main visuals very close. And Pantone officials say this:

The 2020 pneumonia outbreak has completely changed the way everyone around the world lives, and the mood and state of unrest seem to be the picture of the year

So Pantone chose the bright yellow and the ultimate gray to convey the dark end of the light to see the good meaning of the dawn again, this is the second time in 22 years Pantone will be two colors as representative colors, so that stability and hope complement each other, looking forward to a better future in 2021. (Source:Shopping Design).

Seeing this news, let us be surprised and happy, because not only color coincidence, even the motivation behind the choice is very similar. This is important and a special recognition for the design team.

Q3: Many participants expressed their love for the venue design, such as "Dark Corridor" and "Exhibition Scent", and wondered what kind of process it was when they first thought about it.

Invision: Offline activity design has always been one of my favorite areas of design, because compared to the digital environment, in physical activities, designers are more able to capture the real interaction between people and objects. Therefore, the experience design of the venue has always been my design partner and I are very concerned about the center of gravity this time.

We think of the six-hour event as a journey, in which you will be given the details of the journey and the ups and downs of your mind. Of course, these experiences are not limited to vision, but also take into account the sense of smell, physical interaction and other aspects.

Dark/light up the corridor

As soon as you get to the entrance, you'll see a dark corridor full of posters that are frustrating to hear all year. But walking, you will gradually find that the front seems to be more and more bright.

The event began when I saw the words on the last poster and walked through the corridor, when the venue was bright and sunny. Although you haven't told everyone what's going to happen, through light control, you start to look forward to what's going to happen next.

When you leave the field, you will leave in reverse from the same corridor. We believe that after the event, we all have a lot to gain, whether it's the speaker's golden sentence, or the power gained purely from the participation of 350 people, so behind those dark sentences, we put words that light up the heart, "I can, bravely take the first step" and "I will be my best companion." In addition to echoing the emotions of the break-up, it is also a reminder that "the end of the event is not the end, but the beginning of action".

The Dark Corridor is an area that we put our heart and soul into and is loved by many participants. Next, let the designer responsible for the main venue design, Jialun, introduce you to other areas :)

Overall venue design

Jialun: As you see the dark corridor planning, we plan the venue design, all links are user experience as the core to think, from the entry indicators, elevator buttons, and even the venue's posting design, are to feel to do thinking, look forward to the whole event from entry to departure, emotions can be converted, confusion and the pain of life left in the venue, take away more life experience exchange, speaker and audience support, self-confidence and courage.

Site design thinking and experience process.

Visual planning in the venue, in order to avoid the same visual elements and appearance repeated, resulting in the audience feeling tired, the design in the venue in the presentation elements, and the main vision to maintain the same concept, but in addition to lighting, but also added rolling, forward and amplified imagery, still promised to bring the audience emotional transformation.

The visual design of the entry reporting area echoes the main vision.

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Interactive Lennon Wall

The interaction of the event, in addition to the speaker and the audience, we also think about the interaction between the venue and the audience, even to the audience and the audience, through different touch points, points in time of interaction content to make the experience and feeling more comprehensive, for this reason, we from the event web design, first to the audience to collect life stories, and transplanted into the venue, the use of circular label stickers, so that listeners can interact with the story on the wall, such as the effect of likes, and even can use the convenience of our message, The convenience of the message is also specially used in yellow to echo the main vision.

Interactive Lennon Wall.

The interactive process of Lennon Wall.

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Fluorescent rods and answers

At the time of the entry, we designed a question-and-answer session where the speaker and the audience were connected at the beginning of the event, using a short question, 'What would you light up the world with?' , and to collect the answers from the speaker, and make the answer card and match the opponent ring, the event will announce which speaker proposed the content of the answer card, let the audience know which speaker's answer is the hero see slightly the same!

Deepen your links to each other to impress your event. The call-in bracelet also chooses to use fluorescent sticks for the audience to choose from, echoing the lighting of the event theme.

The main vision extends to the answer card.

The answer selection and its corresponding bracelet.

Column bread cover

There are six pillars in the venue, the visual area is very large, but also become the design team and the audience to communicate the focus. We raised the golden sentence of life from the speaker, and arranged Chen located on the column surface, through the large area of the column, the image of the top of the earth to enlarge the effect of the copy, to give the audience a supported hint, so that the design of the cladding column also has the function of enhancing the experience.

Column bread cover and its gold sentence copy.

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Fragrance planning

In addition to visually presenting the overall design consistency, the olfactory part of the design team also made a plan, will be Lady shop's new light perfume into the venue, through fragrance spray to add a pleasant aroma to the venue, we chose lavender, bergamot and cedar ingredients, can make people feel relaxed, comfortable, hope that the visual and taste of each other, so that the audience in the event can put down tension or uncomfortable, let the mood release and change, can take away from the venue.

Fragrance spray and its corresponding copy bookmarks.

In addition to light perfumes, we also arranged a surprise session at the event, where We gave The Womany Shop's fragrance candles to everyone present, allowing the lighting candles to echo the event's spindle, "Light Yourself Up, Light Up the World", and to allow women's fans to accompany them from the venue to their homes, with the audience spending more time together.

In this event, the women's fan design team deepens the practicality, function, story of visual design, and with the script thinking with its smell, imagine the audience in the venue experience process and emotional changes, each design focus, hope that the audience after the day's activities, can leave with a different mood.

If the audience with doubts about life, life pain points to the scene, after receiving visual, experience design and event content speech, can be lit up by this day, more confident, better become their own, is the design team hope to provide to the audience.