Mature workers do their best personnel, sensible, in addition to their posts can be responsible, but also stand for the organization and their best point of view to think about work.

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The work itself does have trivial and cumbersome parts, and it is likely that people will gradually wear out their confidence and enthusiasm in the process of putting their efforts into it, but as a professional, in addition to being able to receive instructions and focus on execution, he can also find meaning in the environment.

Work for you and me, should not be just a job, you can have more, you can choose more, you can believe more, and most importantly, career flowers, there is withering and rich.

For a worker, the most important thing is not to maintain a high level of enthusiasm, but to find a place to keep it alive.

This time, women are hooked on the voice community platform Clubhouse to chat about how to develop workplace leadership under the title "Be the one you want to work with."

Here's a talk from Audrey, editor-in-chief of Women's Fans, Vivi, founder and president of Little Red Hat, and Disney, chief operating director of the School of Business Thinking, at Clubhouse.

How to distinguish between immature and mature workers?

Director of Operations, School of Business Thinking Disney:

The most important trait of mature workers is "responsibility". Companies will certainly have a lot of gray areas in their collaboration, and those responsible will raise their hands to fix the gray areas, will put themselves a little smaller, can digest their proposals are not valued, but put the team in the front position.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

This question can be answered in several points.

First, mature workers have the ability to identify problems, at the same time can ask a good question, and after asking questions, have the ability to solve problems.

With more and more challenges, mature workers will have a sense of responsibility, is a "I can do I come, I can't I learn" attitude, in the women's fan team there is a sentence is "guard three meters", simply speaking, to take care of some of the projects that no one thinks are important, but you think you should do. This will make your work very three-dimensional, so that you can begin to understand your work in a spatial way, no longer with the assigned functions and titles to look at things, you can begin to think: where you should be put, in order to maximize value.

Little Red Riding Hood Founder and Chairman Lin Wei:

I answered the question in four parts.

The first is about adventure, a mature worker in the need to take risks when there is a simple dare to rush, the sky is empty part. But you can also take risks and reduce them when you're taking risks.

Second, a mature worker can face the problem truthfully, admit his current situation, and seek help in due course.

The third is to give back, mature workers can timely "give back" and "accept feedback." Be able to advise in the spirit of the matter and make adjustments when other partners raise their own issues.

The fourth is "team-oriented, let the team shine." Nonprofits are usually interviewed as founders or more frequent team partners, but we want every partner involved to be presented on different occasions and not limit their brilliance to one person.

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As a team leader, can you share a successful failure case?

Little Red Riding Hood Founder and Chairman Lin Wei:

I always remember being asked, is there a way for a team to face failure? I answered him: Failure is good, we like failure.

There was a widely reported project before that was the "menstrual friendly environment". At that time, we thought about whether we could establish a friendly space in department stores, coffee shops and other fields, so that the field is more friendly to menstruals. So we went to Zhongshan Store Street to visit the store, but we were driven out and couldn't understand what the concept we wanted to promote was.

In the end, we abandoned our original plan to "improve the decoration and create the space" and instead put a little thing in the coffee shop to present our ideas in a very simple way.

However, the early failure, but let us unexpectedly with the rejection of our business to do preliminary communication, let them know what is menstrual friendly, and then more and more businesses are willing to do more small things to achieve friendly purposes.

Director of Operations, School of Business Thinking Disney:

One time, when I took over a department, I often stepped in to do the work because it worked at a faster pace and was often exposed to pressure lines. At that time, I helped a partner adjust one part of the project, because of the time is urgent, he was asked to compare the content I transferred to modify the delivery, but then a series of errors, resulting in internal communication misunderstanding.

In this matter I learned that due to differences in experience, I have no way to let partners understand the logic behind my work in the first communication, resulting in the follow-up communication costs, is my negligence. As an organizational leader, I shouldn't have stuck things in my hands even when I'm busy, so I'm no longer involved in execution after that.

The fact that leaders are involved in execution too deeply will result in peers not growing, something I learned from this failed experience.

A collection of golden sentences in the workplace

A mature worker can really face the problem, admit his current situation is good or bad, and timely distress.

Little Red Riding Hood founder and chairman Lin Wei

When the responsible person will raise his hand to fix the gray area, he can digest his proposal not to be valued, but to put the team in the front position.

Disney, Chief Operating Director, School of Business Thinking

Sense of value, sense of meaning and sense of achievement are the eternal driving force of work.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey