Work as an integral part of life, how to maintain the momentum of continuous growth without eroding the enthusiasm for life and life, is a common issue of every workplace worker.

With regard to workplace leadership, we can talk about it in stages. "Self-leadership" can be an important topic for workers at this stage when you are new to the workplace, developing your own ways of doing things, and finding places that can bring value to your organization.

Second, when you enter the industry for many years, gradually from the manager to become a manager, you need the "leadership skills" not only to face themselves, more importantly, in the improvement of their own internal affairs, lead the team toward a common distance.

Leadership methods are ever-changing, but they also go the same way, and the most important thing is the way you look at people and things.

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This time, women are hooked on the voice community platform Clubhouse to chat about how to develop workplace leadership under the title "Be the one you want to work with."

Here's a talk from Audrey, editor-in-chief of Women's Fans, Vivi, founder and president of Little Red Hat, and Disney, chief operating director of the School of Business Thinking, at Clubhouse.

When leading a team, how do you build a tacit understanding of teamwork?

Little Red Riding Hood Founder and Chairman Lin Wei:

I think it is very important to take stock of the "character" of the team partner.

You can each speak their own "mine", the usual style of speech, because even if there is a deep understanding of each other, may still be discussing things in the present moment, it is not clear whether you are right or to people, so understanding their respective ways of communication, is an important part of the team.

In addition, the development of new working tools is a good example of building team understanding. After the introduction of the tool, there will still be non-applicable situations, so we regularly build consensus, ask partners about the status of work, see if there are communication barriers, through regular review, can eliminate a lot of unnecessary time costs.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

I believe that the workplace is the dynamic balance between "people" and "things", the success or failure of things depends on people's state and motivation, can be successful team to do anything easy to succeed.

The premise of team tacit understanding is the establishment of a "trust relationship". My hands-on experience tells me that there is no consensus between goals and objectives is the most important thing. Consensus contains pragmatic numbers and spiritual goals, both of which need to be discussed.

In addition to establishing effective and achievable goals and objectives, I will look at the processes and methods by which the team does things, whether they understand each other and agree, and understand the success or failure of the current situation through the experience of the review, the more the team partners understand the situation, the more they can assist us in achieving our future goals, and how to work with others.

What do you need to pay attention to most when leading a team?

Little Red Riding Hood Founder and Chairman Lin Wei:

I have always believed in the so-called "golden circle theory", which is divided into three classes from the inside out: why, how, and what.

When we are not a non-profit organization, many times not understood by family members and partners, is a very often lost confidence in the job, so it is important to regularly let the team understand, rethink why to do this thing, and unite everyone's "why" and ideas have nothing in common.

In addition, there are differences between leadership and management. The so-called leadership is a bit like high-speed rail, so that each carriage has power, will move in the same direction, while "management" is like a train, only the first carriage has power, with the back of the carriage forward.

Leaders can make sure that every high-speed train has a why, but these whys overlap, so everyone can keep their values and move where we want them. That's why I care when I'm leading the team.

With the goals and objectives to move forward together, we have the opportunity to let partners in the process of moving forward without losing enthusiasm, but also to allow innovative talent to continue to appear.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

When I lead the team myself, I also value a factor related to "why".

That is: people in the work has not obtained a sense of value, sense of meaning and sense of achievement.

Together, these three things are the eternal motivation of work, which is why many people ask me why I've been in women for so long. Because I have felt it myself, I would prefer my partner to feel these three things over and over again.

When women are obsessed with work, we divide the goals into two very carefully: one is the spiritual goal, the other is the digital goal, the psychological memory is that I as a worker can bring the value of this matter, and I can achieve the company's substantial benefits. Both of these things make contributions relevant to you, which is one of the most important sources of value and meaning.

Director of Operations, School of Business Thinking Disney:

I'd like to mention the theory of a wheel. Before we were active, we had a habit of checking the wheels, starting to slow down, and seeing if there was any room for adjustment when the team was working well. Because things are too smooth, partners tend to be careless.

And when the team is not smooth, we are used to establishing a cooperative tacit understanding and communication mechanism, so that everyone in need of help, must find someone to solve the problem. When things don't go well, we change the frequency of strategy meetings, and when necessary, we have three strategy meetings a day, which occur early, medium and late.

So I suggest that when the team isn't going well enough, you can use some mechanisms to quickly find ways to adjust, and when the team is running smoothly, you should slow down as a leader to help you see if the details aren't working.

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Understanding each other's communication styles is an important part of team running.

Little Red Riding Hood founder and chairman Lin Wei

The workplace is the dynamic balance between "people" and "things", the success or failure of things depends on the state and motivation of people, can be successful team to do anything is easy to succeed.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey

"Leadership" is like a high-speed railway, with each carriage having power and moving in the same direction, while "management" is like a train, with the first carriage moving forward with the back.

Little Red Riding Hood founder and chairman Lin Wei