Take stock of 15 warm quotes from women's readers, the world is big, memories are noisy, the future is out of reach, lovers are still missing. But even so, don't forget that we all have each other and ourselves all the time.

The left ear is the closest position to the heart, so talk to the left ear. - Left Ear

When a person is far away from you, the love words do not have time to catch, they fall to the ground. It's like losing those years, you think forever, you think the heart.

Only you know best that need and want are two different things, you need to be loved, and you want someone to love you. Honey, you can still hold "want" in the palm of your hand, you can still expect to meet the world's only soul mate among millions of people, but you still have to learn, give back "need" to yourself, you need to be loved, you need to know how to love yourself.

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These 15 warm words, please speak to yourself first

The left ear is the closest position to the heart, but happy and sad balance, only you know best, so don't wait for someone to whisper in your ear, love words to say to yourself. These fifteen warm words from the female fan reader, to you, to the unique me and you.

  1. I love you is your thing, I do not love you is my thing, turn my thing into your thing, is a beautiful thing.
  2. Together when good together, do not love also handsome turn away.
  3. Believe in your instincts, cherish your feelings, I want to have a love affair with yourself.
  4. I love myself first, there is a way to love you.
  5. There is only one sexual orientation in the world, called the direction of the heart.
  6. In fact, there are a lot of happiness in life, but you feel that you do not deserve to enjoy.
  7. Even though love hurts, I think I'll love it again no matter how many times.
  8. Don't care what everyone likes, be brave and like what you like.
  9. I know how to love myself more than I love him.
  10. Love on the brave, do not love on the smart.
  11. I love you, just because you are you.
  12. You're different, just define it yourself.
  13. Your gentleness, give it to yourself first.
  14. The law of attraction only appeals to people of the same frequency, and if you give a sense of lack of love, you attract those who spoil it, because you don't love yourself first.
  15. Walking on the cold dynamo trail blowing the wind, the sun, is everything to teach you to understand the meaning of heaven. Although a person, now you know that you will always be loved, as you bravely love this world.

It doesn't matter, silly to grow up

Remember what you should remember, forget what you should forget, change what you can change, accept what you can't change. - Left Ear

It's people who can't walk out, and you're sad about memories.

When sad can cry, cry don't forget to pick up accidentally dropped heart, put it away, quietly recuperating injuries.

Waiting for memories into the wind, waiting for you to walk through the department stores with him, eat hot fried, walk through the riverbank, stopped at the station, can be indifferent to go the next way, indicating that the courage of the past has become your style.

When you're all right, don't forget to look back at your past self and smile and say, "How are you, I'm fine." 」

Honey, everything will be all right.