The 78th Golden Globe Awards will be held on February 28, 2021 U.S. time. What are some of the evocative classic lines in these award-winning films?

Let a person in a changing environment, let him and count or far or near the characters wrong, let him have relations with the whole world: this is the meaning of the film.

Director Andrei Takovsky

Life is too realistic, so the drama of us, often in the inside feel difficult to feel, see can not see. That's the greatest magic of a movie.

The 78th Golden Globe Awards (78th Golden Globe Awards) were held on February 28, 2021 U.S. time, and despite the impact of the new corona pneumonia outbreak, the award ceremony was held for the first time across the U.S. East (Los Angeles) and West (New York) lines. The hosts of the ceremony, Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler, hosted the ceremony, respectively, while the winners spoke via video. Without the red carpet and the Walk of Fame, this year's Golden Globes are still star-studded and undiminished.

Film and life are inseparable, at some point, we have been a certain line, an actor passed the eyes, pounds or gentle soundtrack, deeply moved, steady to undertake. Looking back at the 2020-2021 show, we've compiled five 78th Golden Globe-winning dramas, "Classic Lines," with you reminiscing about the moment the movie collided with your soul.

Best Animated Film, Best Original Soundtrack: "Soul Turn"

Photo | "Soul Turn."

Let a person forget the trauma of birth, is the universe's first gift.

The movie "Soul Turn"

Sparks are the passion of living, not the purpose of living.

The movie "Soul Turn"

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Best Screenplay: The Chicago Seven: The Trial of the World

Photo | "Chicago Seven: The Trial of the World."

If we can't bleed, let the blood flow all over the city!

The Chicago Seven: The Trial of the World

Can you give me some time? I have never been judged for my thoughts.

The Chicago Seven: The Trial of the World

Best Miniseries or TV Movie, Actress: "The Back Wing Abandoned"

Photo | a picture of the rear wing abandoned soldiers

Wherever they are, the strongest are those who are not afraid of being alone.

"Back wing abandonment"

Do as you feel, only a strong woman can stand on her own two-way stand.

"Back wing abandonment"

It's because you're strong that you want to thank someone who knows you're vulnerable.

"Back wing abandonment"

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Best Drama, Best Television Actress, Supporting Actress, Actor: The Crown

Photo | "The Crown."

I aspire to be the soul of freedom, and some people don't like the idea, but that's what I look like.

The Crown

The biggest disease in the world today is that people feel un loved.

The Crown

There are three of us in this marriage, so it's a little crowded.

The Crown

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Best Director, Best Drama: Nomad Life

Photo | "Nomad Life."

There is no so-called goodbye, these people on the road, one day we will meet again, your husband is also, you will meet him again one day.

Nomad Life

I am a houseless person, but not a houseless person.

Nomad Life

The 78th Golden Globe Awards are over, with moviegoers gathering across screens and distances. Not together is a very contradictory concept, just like the distance between each step of the film and the audience, is also "not together together".

The plot presents the process of the characters' displacement, meets the moviegoers through the screen, and brings room for reflection to our life. This mutual understanding, there are filmmakers for the world's cry, the dialectics of love, the concern for racial human rights, the introspection of issues, and the world we love, deeply repent and accept.

The outbreak prevented the physical activity from running, and the film could not prevent the film from approaching us in different ways. To all the filmmakers, in a very difficult year, still create such a rich story for the world.