Relationship Diary: There is no ideal love in the world, only their own intimate relationship. The only person who turned around that day was your pride, and you remained where you were. There is a relationship between Zhao Shuwei and Guo Qinqin. Not necessarily every love must have an ending, just to have time to say, thank you, I love you, we will have a period later.

There's drama in it.

You know what I don't say, it's all the most important things that have been experienced. It's all worth it

No more noise or It's really grown up. Don't tell you I miss you

The theme song of the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to"

At the end of five years ago, Zhao Shuwei in the company's tail teeth stage, eyes clear, manners wooden, laughing with his temperament contrast with the rational, but also he as usual naïve silly. The first time on stage to receive the prize, then drew a pair of round-trip tickets, he did not think, straight ball to the girl shouted: "Data group Guo Qinqin, do you want to go with me to Tokyo?" 」

Hey, this is a confession line, the audience can hear, Guo Qinqin how can not understand.

Photo | the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to."

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Once we all thought that love is mutual exploration, love is to draw camp, love to be careful, in the subtle interaction, looking for me may be more special traces;

Zhao Shuwei and Guo Qinqin, their good is extraordinary. Ride through the streets of Taipei together, go to the beach to heal, buy suitcases for travel together, do every day together, exchange love and sorrow, know each other's homes, and sometimes visit each other.

On weekdays, they will take advantage of their lunch breaks together, lining up to buy bad poops and play boring choice games: "Song Hui qiao and Xu Ruyu?" "Emma Stone and Xu Ruyu?" Guo Qinqin asked, Zhao Shuwei replied. All questions for Zhao Shuwei, there are standard answers, all choose Xu Ruyu. After all, Xu Ruyu doesn't matter at all.

"Why don't you ask me, Xu Ruxuan and Guo Qinqin?" Zhao Shuwei always can't help but gently test, and Guo Qinqin always used to put every edge ball, are hard to launch a good ball belt, Out, again and again, the watershed of friendship, divided clearly. Very handsome, very powerless.

The difficulty of the love of friendship lies in the complete qualitative change after the break, leaving irretrievable room, and the difficulty of the love of friendship lies in how I find proof that you may love me in great uncertainty.

Zhao Shuwei accompanied Guo Qinqin to find a house, she complained that the new home is too far away from the salt chicken vendors, Zhao Shuwei smiled and replied: "Riding a motorcycle is not far away", Guo Qinqin said: "I will not ride a motorcycle", Zhao Shuwei again caught the opportunity, gently dropped the ball: "It doesn't matter, I take you." 」

Hey, this is a confession line, self-evident, why Guo Qinqin, you always do not understand?

Photo | the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to."

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Single love is one thing, retreating in ambiguity is another. Guo Qinqin always thought that it was Zhao Shuwei's ambiguity that prevented each other from moving forward, but in fact, despite being thousands of miles away, it was her insurmountable inferiority complex.

"Can we leave a day later?" A few days before he left for Tokyo, Zhao Shuwei proposed to change his original plan because of a phone call from his predecessor, and Guo Qinqin looked at his look, in addition to his usual childishness, there is familiar indecision. "Is it right again?" Guo Qinqin replaced the accusation with a question and shook his head to keep Zhao Shuwei out of the house.

Her sense of inferiority was nothing but tears. Crying make-up, burned curls, will never be Xu Ruxuan. She buried her head in the quilt, complained about the unfairness of the world, I just want to be white, just want to grow to 160 centimetres, just want to burn the same curls as Xu Ruyu, why so many "just", but always out of date.

"Why do other people's dreams are self-expectation, my dream is to think too much?" - Guo Qinqin

Friendship love is so vague, low self-esteem deepened suspicion, in the end, their love, in each other's reservations disappeared traces, looking back, have not seen each other's figure - growth learned lessons, the original so-called love, is a collection of regret.

If the sentence "Guo Qinqin or Xu Ruxuan" had been well taken, she would have known that, in fact, she never needed to be anyone, it was worth being loved. The best thing about love is always you.

Photo | the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to."

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The journey of two people It's time to finish alone Loneliness is my and your slow farewell

Crying tired or wanting your cheerfulness My smile It's about thinking of you

The theme song of the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to"

The love I didn't talk about embraced two meanings. One is the unexpected that has not yet happened, and the other is the eternal regret that is too late to grasp. Love a person, is not ridiculous, ridiculous is always too self-righteous in love, always before others say export, it is decided right and wrong, always in others are about to approach, and then go forward.

Zhao Shuwei said, "I had already thought about it, the next day I went to Tokyo" was too late to send the message, and since then there has been no news, he and her past and future, stopped in that car accident. Zhao Shuwei's time, also forever stopped on the way to the airport.

There is always such a person in life, you and his timeline no longer move forward, you think of his appearance has not changed, and he met the weather is still the same, and he said to you: "Want to buy salted chicken, I can take you." Still like the next day, the calendar is in sight.

And you're not together after all, so the feelings and truths in your memories can't be defined, there's no way to put an EX prefix on this powerful noun, and you can't find a place to place each other.

In love, every self-righteous inattentiveness, every untruthful heart, in the end, will be turned into too late to recover the caught off guard.

Death is a form, and parting is the real end. Like every love without a disease, accompanied by loneliness, accompanied by disappointment, accompanied by unfinal once and later. Even so, however, it's love.

In the face of loss in the relationship, some people in the condensed time and air floating sunk for a long time, just want to wait for that sentence, dear, I love you. Oh no, it's dear, I loved you once.

Photo | the movie "The Love I Didn't Talk to."

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I did not talk about that love, there is the possibility of existence, there is also the possibility of absence, there is also because there is so, there are assumptions, there is not true, all the time in the revision of the sketch of the story, did not happen, so there is no need to eliminate.

The poet Lin Wanyu's love affair I didn't talk about

"Guo Qinqin, I really, would have thought about it. The "original" in the line of words, is a deep confidant, is tightly loose, is slowly far away, is I love you, but I can't be with you.

Don't ask for the afterlife, just ask for it, do it again.

Back that day, I want to say good-bye, tell you well. I'm sorry, I love you, thank you.