STREAM STREAM STREAM STREAM STREAM STREAM STREAM STREAM ref=read " target="_blank"> Women memoany kind of sparks can you shine?
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as Highlight Women's memoany and STREAM, admire each other's insistence on each other, and this month's STREAM eccentrically loves you, as long as you're a fan of womany and follow the instructions below, you can get a cup “ womany-specific rainbow booze ”, as well as" champagne glasses of champagne " “ a specific period of time ”

womany own rainbow transfer by STREAM

[About womany's special vinbeverages]

grape juice and wine with unique aroma, mixed green apple fragrant wine, cranberry juice, and so on, symbolizing the feminine's softness and the self-confidence that it gives out, thus harmonizing the drink with the unique womany.

Left: Right. Flair Show; Right: Jazz

STREAM Restaurant & Lounge
: 12 # 10F (ATT 4 FUN
: (02) 7737-8858

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