Interview table female calendar designers, chat about the style of the Taiwan women's calendar inspiration, the original is from the temple deacon card and Aoga bag, the designer said the reason for the bold style, is because the Taiwan women's story, is so strong, we do not have to be afraid to talk.

"Taiwan Women's Calendar, is a unique annual calendar for the growth of women, from March to March every year, time custom! 」

The reason why we want to be a woman's calendar is that we find ourselves in good need. So there are many elements in this calendar that we like very much, including Taiwan women's stories, attitude gold sentences, and monthly exercises, we look forward to, to the monthly degree, accompany you to become their own way.

You may also find that the style of the Taiwan women's calendar is a bit of a slug! In fact, the inspiration for the Taiwan women's calendar is precisely from the Taiwanese elements we are all familiar with - temple deacons, agar bags, plus a little color system, which is from the designer's thinking and inspiration.

The two designers involved in the process of creating the Taiwan women's calendar, Xu Jialun and Liu Ying, asked them to talk about the design concept and starting ideas of the Taiwan women's calendar.

Q1: What kind of calendar is the "Taiwan Women's Calendar" for you?

"The Taiwan Women's Calendar is a time-defined calendar. 」

Xu Jialun: When I heard about this project, I thought it was refreshing. Listen to Audrey chat about the concept of the Taiwan women's calendar, said from the annual female force March, so that the next year in March, I did not think I could do this, but also feel that time can be defined in this way, very interesting.

In fact, this is a story, gender, character, time are customized calendar. The story of taiwan women selected in the first place, all reflects a kind of "not imagined by others" box restrictions of freedom, in the context of the times, although bound and restricted, but also grow up their own, out of their own way, but also for futureers to broaden, the whole road into a Road to Kangzhuang.

Containing the word definition of a woman, it also flips the constraints of the past.

Liu Ying felt: taiwan women's calendar is a piece of faith works, is the concept of women's concept of the physical presentation - open the Taiwan women's calendar, will feel our gender issues, for everyone can do their own persistence and ideals.

Also look forward to through this calendar, flip everyone's negative label for Taiwan women, just like in the past we think Taiwan sister is very tacky, now we are all hot Taiwan girl.

Q2: Talk about the concept of table girl calendar design, first chat from the cover full of attitude

"The Taiwan women's story is so strong that we don't have to be afraid to talk about it. - Taiwan female calendar designer Xu Jialun

Xu Jialun: I think, the monthly selection of women in the Taiwan women's calendar, in fact, is the patron saint of gender, the protection of women's rights and interests and independence, along with Taiwan's history, so I was the first to pull out the concept of want to enlarge, is actually god.

I thought of the temple deacon card from the gods, because of the characteristics of the deacon card, chose the short fat wide word, the text with rounded corners. Also because of the old school of deacon cards, in the color matching, soon decided to use avant-garde fluorescent color matching.

In choosing the color of Taiwan, I thought of the eggplant bag, which I grew up seeing as a big, life around the things that have not disappeared, symbolizing the span of age from the past to the future. I drew the brightness of the aubergine bag and turned it into a fluorescent color to balance the old deacon's old-school. The entire cover design, there are classical / past deacon cards, but also avant-garde / future fluorescent colors, but also through the past and now eggplant bags, used to reflect the Taiwan color and time of the Taiwan women's calendar.

In the process, we considered using a more gentle color system, but later felt that the use of gentle color system is not enough to express the 12 women in the contemporary breakthrough. Their story is so strong that we don't have to be afraid to talk about it.

Q3: Talk about the inner page design and do the inner page design is particularly important points

"I expect everyone to be able to add their own life experience and interpretation when they see the inside page. Liu Yingxuan, designer of the Taiwan women's calendar

The two designers, who designed the five- and seven-page interior designs, both said they valued the presentation of the story most.

Liu Ying TSMC: When doing the inner page design, I first understand the story of taiwan women, and then use refining concepts, to think about design.

When I was designing this page for Tsai Rui-moon, I re-learned about the dancer and felt that she was representing Both Taiwan and pushing for a political breakthrough. So I made a prison image, and with white lines, sketched out the image of dancing in prison, even if the body is bound, her spirit is free. I think it's both Taiwan and politics.

(Pictured is a design drawing of Cai Rui's inner page)

When dealing with the design of This page, it is really challenging. She gave me a very attitude, like a laser light out, so later in order to show this image, I chose a more attitude of black, put on pink. I think if we're going to do the design of the women's calendar, we're going to have to start with the story that women fans do best and zoom in on.

I also pay special attention to the pinch between abstraction and image, and expect everyone to be able to add their own life experience and interpretation when they see the inner page, so as to preserve enough room for imagination.

Xu Jialun: In the whole work, I think the story is really the most important, color, lines, typography are second.

For example, when I was doing this picture of Xu Daoning, because she was a numberist, she might react intuitively and wanted to use geometry. But if only geometric presentation, in fact, I only communicate that she is a mathematician.

(Pictured is Xu Daoning's inner page design drawing)

So later, I chose to use geometric circles to represent reason, with line waves to convey the social atmosphere, symbolizing the opposition waves or social pressure at that time, to bring out Xu Daoning in that kind of sound waves, can still surface, the courage to promote the science education. I think this image is very close to what she's doing.

(The next interview with a female calendar designer: time customization! Interview with Taiwan Women's Calendar Designers: I hope you can use Taiwan Women's Calendar and feel the power of guardianry.