Interview with taiwan female calendar designer next article, talk about touching the designer's various design details. Taiwan women's calendar is not only the power of transmission and guardian, but also a kind of inheritance relay, and this era, of course, we have their own struggle to go.

Taiwan women's calendar is a custom calendar, whether it is time, character, story, gender, in fact, do not need to be framed. In the previous share, we talked about the design story of the cover and inner page of the Taiwan women's calendar, how to develop from concept to surface, and between concrete and abstract, to preserve the space of imagination.

Then we chatted, the process of designing the table calendar, touched the designer's various details. We thought, perhaps, it is precisely because there have been these women in the struggle of the year, for us to broaden the road, not easy to become easy, so we can in this space-time, feel a little easy and comfortable.

The Taiwan women's calendar not only conveys a kind of guardian power, but also a kind of inheritance relay, and this era, of course, we have our own struggle to go.

Q4: There are 12 inner page designs in the Taiwan women's calendar, which page do you touch the most, and why?

"The Taiwan Women's Calendar, with design, tells the story of the Taiwan Women again. - Taiwan female calendar designer Xu Jialun

Xu Jialun: I would like to talk about the page of Mayor Xu Shixian, Xu Shixian Mayor's selected gold sentence is "齁, if you do not dare to go, then I go well." This golden sentence, with Xu Shixian in the 1950s and 1960s to promote things, including to become the first elected female mayor, is to open a Road to Kangzhuang, I think she opened an unprecedented road for later generations.

(Pictured is Xu Daoning's inner page surface design)

Through the design, I want to convey the image of "open door", "road" and "direction towards light", with lines, using a straight line gradual layer, close to the center, open the yellow light, toward the road of light. In fact, every inside page has touched me, I feel while designing, while re-talking the story of taiwan women, the common feeling is very strong, and their connection is a little deeper.

In Ying's design, I like Cai Rui-moon's one very much, and I think it conveys the message that "although the body is trapped in a cage, it can't stop the mind". With a rigid straight line, contrasting white sprang curves, there is a sense of space, white is like a soul broken frame, I very much appreciate.

Liu Ying impulse: The one who touches me the most is Chen Jin. Chen Jin this one, is all my responsible design, the only version passed.

(Pictured is Chen Jin's page surface design)

I knew Chen Jin in the history textbook of high school, and my impression of her was that she went to Japan to exhibit, and the winning works were completely different from others. When I designed the surface, I felt like "Chen Jin came towards me" and the closer she got, the closer I got to him.

In jialun's design, my favorite is Xu Daoning, which is an unexpected design. Did not use rigid or established impression to do the design, I in that surface, feel the infinite story, at a glance, give me a hope and will association, fully reflects the spirit of Taiwan women.

Q5: After this design, for Taiwan, women's issues, are there any new discoveries and obtained?

"It is because of them that it is easy to make things difficult that we can live comfortably and easily in this world. Liu Ying Http, designer of the Taiwan women's calendar

Liu Ying doesn't mean that when I first read these stories, I actually felt paradoxically that these are not difficult for us now. On the contrary, it is not easy to realize that in that era and background. It is because of them that it is easy to make things difficult that we can live comfortably and easily in this world.

The other is that every woman has an identity, and they are not limited to that status. Also let me think, a person's professional, can take him to many places, he does not need to be limited to professional imagination. (I'd also like to know to what extent someone will help me make a calendar in the future.) )

Xu Jialun: Because they opened their own way, so also encouraged future people to follow their own path. In fact, I started talking about this case from the team, and now I'm on the plane, and I'm thinking -- is there anything I should do to cool things down for future life?

Is there anything we should drive that way? From the process of making this product, I got inspired and reflected on it.

Q6: Which part of all the communication in the current Taiwan women's calendar do you like best? Why?

"It's really a history!" 」

Xu Jialun: The breakthrough of the Taiwan women's calendar lies in its view of the mobility of time, I think it is really a history. Starting with Women's Day in March, it's a very special attempt to show time customization. I would also like.

Liu Ying call: I like a text book is, this is a re-experience of the time calendar. Through time, challenge our established ideas - for example, why do we have to live like this all day long? How must time be used? In fact, to tell you the truth, there is no certain.

Give yourself a little courage through this calendar. Even zoom in, but also, why do women have to be what? I don't really need it.

As for time, I also think that we are now very often bound by time, rather than enjoying time, so time customization. It's going to be a good start from March.

Q7: What would you say if you could recommend the Taiwan Women's Calendar with friends around you? What power do you expect your readers to feel when they use the calendar?

"I hope you will use the Taiwan women's calendar and feel the power of protection. - Taiwan female calendar designer Xu Jialun

"I hope you will look back on your life from the story of the woman in Taiwan. Liu Ying Http, designer of the Taiwan women's calendar

Xu Jialun: I would recommend my friend to say - in the process of doing this calendar, I also have progress and growth. I don't just use my academic training, professional experience to complete it, I am in the process, but also by the new stimulation and nourishment, and even can be said to be painsle out.

This theme, from images and topics, from text to abstract patterns, is very much in need of thought and skill. Whether it's thinking or technique, overall typography and integrity, I feel my technology is moving forward.

I hope you hang up the women's calendar, feel the power is - the power of protection. These 12 women, in fact, are like the patron saints of Taiwan's gender path and issues over the past hundred years. Whether in the flood of time, or in the family space, hope that the Taiwan women's calendar can give you a sense of protection.

Liu Ying ing: I would say it's a fun calendar. Hanging in the room, not sudden, even if not often use it, is also a good decoration, can show your faith and personality traits.

I hope that the people I use can be nourished from the story of the woman in Taiwan. Like ancient KOLs, when there are successes and difficulties in their lives, it is not an inspirational story like "They succeed I want", but an understanding that we can take care of each other when we are both good and bad.

From their stories, look back on their own lives, and therefore willing, also go forward to their own path.