"What do you think leadership is?" Zeng Baoyi, who is also a writer, host and other multiple identities, is exclusive to women's fans to share her personal experience with readers

The 2021 Women's Fan "Multi-Leadership" survey of thousands of people surveyed women and genders, difficulties encountered in leadership, and integrated into FAQs, inviting celebrity predecessors to answer, give their experiences and solutions.

In this article, we invite Zeng Baoyi, who is also a writer, host and other multiple identities, to share her real experience and methods exclusively for female fans through four questions and four answers!

Q1: Please say a word about what do you think leadership is? Or describe yourself in one sentence as a leader.

I think leadership is about getting people on the team in the right position to do the right thing.

Q2: For leadership, please share a story about "from what you thought you couldn't do to overcoming your demons."

In 2018, for example, I went abroad with the Tencent team in Beijing and the GM team in the UK to make a documentary called "Before Tomorrow".

My role on this team is mastermind and host, but in fact, when the two jobs overlap, sometimes I confuse myself with the work of hosting or planning.

Another big point is that the whole job interview is done in English, so I'm not confident in myself and I don't communicate well with the director, which can be a drag on the whole team. But then, in the process, I came to understand one thing, in fact, as long as "I stand in the right place" just fine.


Then, as a planner, I have to understand where I want to take this team, or the whole theme, to?

In fact, as long as I stand on my own side, then I feel that I can solve the problem of conflict.

Q3: Please share a small exercise that will exercise leadership.

Listening is a good exercise.

Listening allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different people on your team so that you can do what you want to do.

Q4: Leadership development, what is the positive impact on life outside the career?

Putting others in the right position, and putting yourself in the right position, is one and two sides.

Being able to lead others well means that they can be harmonious in "relationships" and "relationships with themselves".