When you are in the city, what do you see every day when you lift up your head?

It seems that every single piece of sky is a pillar of a building that is not so extensive, but also because of the ribbed view of the sky, allowing the German artist Lamadieu Thomas to have a space to imagine and create.

If Giant exists in the world

In the eyes of the artist, photography is not just a photograph, but a much better canvas. The French astronomer, Laurent Lauder, uses a variety of human actions to make a series of photographs, as the brush strokes of the pictures and the vivid gestures of the . This time, the German artist, Lamadieu Thomas, who takes the account of the general public, combines the urban landscape with an imaginative illustrations of illustrations, making the city look interesting and interesting.

Cave Adventure of Neck Birds

A Private throne of the sexy woman

Weird aunt's secret base

mischief's prank

rock rooster and shy girl

Imagination is a more creative imagination in the world!

Smiling graffiti and photography

> > Cute white daydream painting, which dream do you want to dream today?

> > Full of fatherhood!"DAVE ENGLEDOW" clumsy "Photographer"

> > This "loan" is awesome!Photo of travel

Roots Art

Picture Source: Lamadieu Thomas' Roots