Change jobs, change jobs, but always find yourself falling into the same hell, this time, do you want to try, with us to effectively dismantle your state, to live a more worthy of your ideal life? Become "believe in yourself, have confidence in the situation, can bring positive inspiration and influence to others" version of you!

In March, women fans were invited by Apple to host a limited number of Womany Original "Energy Recovery Workshops", with women fans founder Zhang Weixuan serving as a lecturer at Apple Watch. Workshop participants include Mrs. Science, Lin Heli, Zeng Yu 玹, Wang Lia, Lu Jiayi and others, after the workshop, several of them will participate in the workshop harvest, feel the help, and then share and give back to us.

A 1.5-hour workshop, if it really helps our on-site partners, we also wonder if we can share this workshop exercise with more people, especially women-obsessed readers and users.

Photo | the Apple Watch event

What is energy? Have you ever been aware of your energy?

At the beginning of the workshop, Yan Xuan broke the question with a question: What is energy? Some people answer "maybe heat", some people answer "life power", each answer is very good, said Yu Xuan, today we are talking about human energy. Human energy comes from "the feelings of one's interaction with the environment".

Why should we learn about "energy recovery"? Taiwanese are among the most stressed in the global market, according to foreign survey data. The external high-pressure environment can not change for a moment and a half, but how to pick up and restore energy in a high-pressure environment is the key to whether a person can be happy and live an ideal life, but also the ability that we can practice and learn.

In the face of low energy, our hearts are lost

She first shared in good faith the extremely low energy state she had caused by her fear when she was invited to speak at APAC in 2018. Should have been invited to represent Taiwan, but proud and confident, but at the beginning of the night of the invitation, leaving the company every day to go home tears. "I'm afraid I'm not good enough, I feel like I'm not doing well enough, and I'm afraid I'm losing my face to the Taiwanese. 」

In the process, she gradually guided herself through four methods, and finally received warm applause in APAC's speech, and prominent leaders from different regions of the Asia-Pacific region expressed their admiration for Taiwan and yearning for women fans.

Through this story, the intention of women fans to design this workshop is to let all students know one thing: hell is not an external environment, hell is always the inner confusion, anxiety and fear. The external environment is ideal, if we do not use effective methods to guide ourselves, we will always feel that we live in pain, but also vulnerable to the external environment, their own emotions and violent ups and downs.

Photo | the Apple Watch event

Have you really tried to tear down your own hell?

In this workshop, she refines her "four methodographies" that come out of low energy: WTH rouge, emotional chart, AED lighthouse first aid, SAFE practice.

These four methodoology, with a clear and able to table structured approach, disassemble the low-energy hell, life dilemma. Women fans design four methodology of the actual study list, in the concept of guidance and students in practice, leading each person gradually draw "how to get out of their own maze" the most appropriate path.

It's not just "knowing", workshops teach you specific "practices". Through the structural design, clarify the status quo, clean up the thinking, take you to find the right way to practice, guide you to the ideal front.

Once you see that you are actually capable of taking yourself out of trouble, you will eventually be able to thank you from the bottom of your heart for all the adversity and be more confident in yourself. With more challenges to come, you can trust yourself to lead your way.

After this workshop, you'll know that all the pain and less than expected, you'll be able to help yourself, and you'll know better how to focus on "who you are, what you want, what's best for you, and how you're going to get there."

Photo | the Apple Watch event

Finally, are you fit for this workshop?

First a quick test, the following status, is it the stage of life you are facing?

  1. Energy ups and downs, it is difficult to maintain their own energy stability for a long time
  2. Can't live in the now, always catch up with the past unfinished things
  3. Always unconsciously complain about work and life
  4. Negative states cannot be effectively addressed
  5. Unable to restore energy or confidence and enter a vicious circle

If any of the above is something you've been doing recently, this lesson is tailored for you. After this 3-hour practical course, you will be able to become an energy-stabilized person and have the following lives:

  • Energy stability, even in the face of challenges, can do for their own energy rebound
  • Comfortable living in the now, prepare for the future in advance
  • From 10 complaints per day to 10 words of thanks per day
  • Be able to fully understand and accept your own negative state
  • Continuous awareness and energy return, accumulating small steps to succeed in the positive cycle
  • Have faith in yourself, have confidence in the situation, can give others positive inspiration and influence

Whether you encounter good or adversity, it is important to have your own state of mind. If you have a good heart, you're all smooth.

Zhang Weixuan