Women fans of the reader's golden sentence, invite readers to provide warm whispers, to those in life's small low tide, bring some light. Everyone can pull each other.

"Knowing that you've worked hard and done a lot of great things, it's easy to blame yourself for anything that's not as good as you expected." 」

"I didn't make any big mistakes, but I was always at war, afraid that others would see through my shortcomings. 」

When we talk about "success" and "mistakes" at work, in the workplace, in school, or in the course of life, intuitively, the two are opposite situations and should have different emotions, different feelings, or different ways of dealing with them.

However, many people are easily covered by the same self-doubt when faced with success or mistakes. The fake mentality of "I don't deserve to be praised" and "my shortcomings will soon be recognized" (also known as the counterfeiter syndrome) tends to make people back down and doubt their abilities.

Looking back at the nature of the "counterfeiter syndrome", we believe that all uneasiness always comes from your own demands, and your demands on yourself are the most direct form of who you are.

Pictured| film "The Devil In Prada"

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Do you also have a "fake syndrome"? Sometimes excuses are the most useful way to get away from self-blame

A lot of times you need an excuse to get yourself through. Persuade yourself to stop self-indulgent self-blame, only then have the strength to leave the place and move towards the future.

We do not encourage the circumvention of responsibility, find reasons to forgive ourselves, but through a certain degree of self-explanation, let oneself speed out of the cage of self-blame.

Self-blame and inferiority are two double-edged, well-used can be a help to push you forward, but once drowning, is a storm of self-confidence. Avoiding the damage caused by wind and rain, balancing their own state, is a necessary learning in life.

If, like us, it's always hard to catch compliments from others, and you're always fond of repeating images of mistakes and failures, you can listen to the following ten gentle words from a female-obsessed reader.

  1. You can.
  2. You are braver than you think.
  3. You've done a good job, come on.
  4. Just keep your own pace.
  5. Please think about something more worthwhile.
  6. It doesn't matter, try it first, do it again!
  7. You're more capable than you think, so rest assured, you're doing the right thing.
  8. Impertension is everyday. You can't choose to hear from all directions every day, but you can choose to have positive energy every day.
  9. If you blame yourself for your mistakes, or feel that you are not good enough, it means that you are growing up at the moment. Please cheer for yourself.
  10. Take it slow, it's faster.

Always remember a picture of the film "The Devil in Prada" actress Xiao'an (Ann Hathaway), stepping on flat shoes, wearing an oversized high-necked sweater, carrying a large bag of objects, bumping through the bustling streets of New York, his figure in the tide of the car looks so small.

Small enough, all her struggling emotions in the car array look good and inconspicuous, I think that is all in the work and life, hard work, our microcosm.

"I don't believe I'm any better than those girls, I believe I can do better than anyone else, I can be amazing, I can be the kind of person you never expected me to be." The movie "The Devil in Prada"

Pictured| film "The Devil In Prada"

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We believe so, believe in you, and without anyone's expectations, you can be whoever you want to be.