Often before the end of the week, you feel physically and mentally exhausted; often on Sunday nights, exhausted, do not want to face the next day's attendance? Day after day, if we are on the verge of energy depletion, how can we love ourselves, love our work, pay good attention to each and everyone we love? Find the energy need method, this time, please try to join us, through the expert method, to get back the dominant power of life!

Not so long ago, women fans opened a "Energy Recovery" room on the Clubhouse Sound Community, inviting Facebook Singapore product designers Friday, iCook love to cook Principal PM Karen, women's fan creator Grapefruit Sweet, Women's Fans co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan, Women's Fans editor-in-chief Audrey, Women's Fans Product Manager Merci to join in and talk about how they spend time with each other and understand how they see time and energy and share how to understand yourself.

A 1-hour sharing, full of golden sentences and methods. In addition to sharing how to relax, stabilize mood and energy, speakers also share how to create a new starting point for themselves, how to reduce pre-work anxiety, how to look at work, how to take care of themselves, and how to look forward to tomorrow.

Q: Are you an anxious person? How do you reduce your anxiety?

Facebook Singapore Product Designer Friday :

Anxiety usually occurs in two situations, one is before the holiday, the holiday gives a lot of expectations, the result is at the end of the holiday did not really live up to their expectations;

The way I respond is related to energy, and I'm pretty much aware of my energy levels and what activities can raise or decrease my energy levels.

Facebook Singapore product designer Friday

For example, I know that going shopping in a department store and comparing prices can make me feel tired, especially when I finally don't buy anything, and I need to spend more time recovering my energy. Therefore, I will try to avoid similar activities before the end of the holidays.

Before the end of the holidays, I tend to engage in activities that restore energy. For example, reading, having a meaningful connection with a friend, or having a good conversation can give me a moment of peace. So I'll choose to do these energy-boosting activities before the end of the vacation to ease my energy loss.

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iCook Loves Cooking Principal PM Karen:

If you have enough rest during your vacation, you can slow down anxiety.

To put it another way, anxiety is that your body and mind are in a state of stress and need to be prepared, and I think it is actually a good thing, and more importantly, it should be in an anxious situation, can still show the level it deserves. I feel anxious for me, but it's a help that helps me get to work.

In the face of false anxiety, I usually do: pretend that today is not the end of a long holiday, but an ordinary day, so that they are ready for tomorrow to face the meeting, work mood, to overcome the feeling of loss before the holiday.

Women's Fan Creator Grapefruit Sweet:

Although freelance workers do not seem to have the so-called holiday, non-holiday points, but in fact, we are the last thing we need is the kind of chaos, because there is usually no work and non-working days, so we need to use energy management skills.

The method of energy sorting suggests that everyone use the "counting" technique.

The first item in the inventory is the "entity's work list", because when you accumulate a long vacation, you worry about receiving a pile of letters, or too much work to complete, not knowing whether tomorrow's work is going well, and whether the meeting is properly prepared.

When we organize the energy of the mind, if we let the uncertain things distract us, the fear will amplify, so I suggest writing down the worries and turning them into a figurial list. You just look at the paper and the list, you will know these things I have thought about, prepared, the heart will not be so panicked.

Another method of "counting" is also my favorite, which is to take stock of this year's work list, because if you just write down according to the event, there may still be a feeling of "working for others", if you can add "personal goals" to the list. For example, "By the end of this year, I can be a one-sided business/marketing".

When we list goals, you'll find that all of the work above is done for the following two or three individual goals, and that such a list will close the goals and turn them into a positive energy.

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Women's Fan Co-Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan:

My favorite time is Monday, and while many workers will feel like "Blue Monday", I especially like the feeling at first, as if all the things that have happened in the past, the mistakes I've made, the failures have come to a very complete end.

So every Monday I'm very excited to give myself a new purpose, to write it down, to be conscious, to set myself a switch is a very happy thing.

Every Monday, I feel like I'm "turning a new page in my notebook" and I can set myself a new way of working.

One of my favorite rituals is to do something I can't do on a day or a week, when I need it, and the new "will do one thing" is very interesting to me, to satisfy my curiosity, to satisfy my passion, and this time I will be full of energy.

Share a quote from Wilde: "Serious life is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist, that's all." So when I do something I can't do, I feel like I'm serious about living my life and I'm very full of energy.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

Two or three years before work, after a long vacation, there is a surge of anxiety and discomfort. I'm a person who likes to ask, "What's behind this emotion?", and I find that the real feeling behind the so-called "start-up anxiety" is that time is fast and things happen that I can't control.

So I invented a way myself: before I started, I decided I wanted to start.

This process allows me to grasp the occurrence of things in advance, I actually quite believe that one thing is "determined by themselves", will definitely be happier than "decided". Because understand their own needs, for their own design of a want to start participating in the time, is the mental adjustment.

In summary, it is a good exploration to realize that your own anxiety about starting work is in "anxiety what" would be.

5 steps to reduce the depression of starting work

  1. Be aware of your energy level and find ways to drain and replenish it.

  2. Think of anxiety as the state of "body" and "heart" in preparing for this and making good use of it.

  3. Write down your worries and turn them into a figurial list. Stabilize your mind.

  4. Love Monday, draw a full stop to what happened in the past, what you've made, what you've failed, and start over.

  5. Try to realize that your anxiety about starting work is "because of what"? After clarifying the reasons behind your feelings, propose a solution for yourself.

Q: Have you read any books about dealing with emotions lately?

Merci, Women's Fan Product Manager:

I am well aware that it will take more than half a day of personal time (ME TIME) and energy-boosting activities before starting work. Reading, for example, is an activity that boosts my energy. Why read? Because learning something new will make me feel very positive.

A book I recently read, "The Project of Inner Joy," teaches you to adjust your inner state of mind so that you can face external pressures in a state of energy that is always good.

The human body is like hardware, your mind, mind, emotional state is software, but energy is a kind of electricity, if you have a good body and mind, you have no electricity, no energy when it is difficult to operate.

Photo|Photo by Fast and Slow on PIXTA

Facebook Singapore Product Designer Friday :

I was watching "I work, I'm not unhappy" recently. The book he mainly says that many times it is a negative thing to show emotions in the workplace and at work, but in fact "emotions" are the abilities we should master, and if we can learn to embrace emotions at work, it will be very useful for work.

There is a chapter on "Emotions are part of the decision-making equation" and you want to have good decisions and rely on good emotional leadership.

For example, if we can write down a "decision diary" when making a decision, write down what happened, the situation you desire, and then you can understand your current state better, and if you encounter the same event in the future, you can make good decisions with a better understanding of yourself.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

Sometimes our anxiety doesn't necessarily come from ourselves, but from who we are, the emotions of others, how we interact with others, and so on.

I read a book called "The Art of Observation" and his subtitle was "131 Exercises for Developing Imagination in Everyday Life", which I started as my exercise book after I bought it.

It guides you to observe what's going on in your daily life, change the way you look at it, the angle (e.g., in a direction you don't normally look at), and while at first glance the book doesn't seem directly related to emotions or energy, it offers a way to make everyday life fun, fun, and like you.

Q: Are there any rituals and habits that can help you stabilize your energy?

Facebook Singapore Product Designer Friday :

I found myself anxious because I was nervous about the work that was about to begin. But in fact, I am very clear about my work status, in fact, as long as the work is done on schedule, the report or meeting will not have any problems, so all I need is a ready to face the work of the body and mentality.

Therefore, the night before the holiday, all I can do is: take an early bath, turn down the brightness of my room earlier, chat with my family partner earlier, go to bed earlier, this process can be quite a guarantee that I get up tomorrow morning, the state will be good.

Women's Fan Creator Grapefruit Sweet:

I have a way of reading myself.

Because books have frequency, I usually go to classify which books will make my frequency stable, which books will stimulate my motivation, which books will make me happy, each book for me is a spiritual condiment, so I will think, my current state is more suitable for which book to FM. Rather than absorbing knowledge, I organize myself through books that provide an immersive environment.

Introverted traits tend to create anxiety before starting work, mainly because personality traits are afraid of the pressure to come and fall, so books like "Silence is a kind of superpower" are good for reading before starting work. This book tells us that sometimes sensitive, quiet introverts don't have to contend with others, and suggests that we set our goals long, far away, and play to our strengths, so that the book is for me a way of taking care of ourselves.

We can ask ourselves what kind of reason we can't bear to go to bed early, which may mean that this holiday gives you nourishment or rest that you don't normally have, whether I'm reluctant to take care of myself, such as adequate sleep, adequate relationships, freedom that you don't get on weekdays, and so on.

Will it be normal that you always lack to ask yourself a little more: what you want to play, what you want to see, what you want to experience, and so on. This let us reluctant things, whether it is the usual lack of attention, we have no way to give ourselves a little space in the new life to get it back.

Merci, Women's Fan Product Manager:

My own bedtime habit is to get ready for what I'm going to wear the next day. The reason it's important to me is that I know that I'm the one who wants to be ready for everything, that I don't want any surprises, and that I want to be able to store the energy I want to wear the next morning, so you have more energy to put on really important events.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Audrey:

I'll look back on the day before I go to bed, and I'll focus on making sure I'm doing great, and no matter how bad it is, I'm sure I'll find a great place for you and praise myself.

In the evening I will spend more effort to observe what I have done well, the sentence pattern is "despite the "but I still" , praise for myself is not blind, understand your own stage challenges in which you have achieved, but also can grow.

By the next morning, I'll be focusing on feeling that new self, and I'll probably perceive the world in a way that I wouldn't normally look at, to see if there's anything new to come in.

Women's Fan Co-Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan:

I think every night there is a very important moment, is to get along with the very dear people around me, this matter will give me a lot of energy, let me feel that life is very meaningful.

The meaning of a person's life depends on two things: one is that you can do meaningful work, and the other is that you have very loving and lovely people around you.

Women's Fan co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

It's important to spend time with someone you love, and there's no way to have a quality time together that's a very important energy supplement for me. If it's the next day, I like the Thanksgiving diary very much, it sounds simple, but every day to write, you will find: Thanksgiving will need to practice.

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Write a thank-you diary every day, will internalize into the brain's intuitive response, internalization, you will find that no day will make you feel very desperate, uncomfortable, because the vast majority of things are worthy of gratitude.

Stabilize energy before bedtime 5 step off

  1. Take an early bath, lower the light in the room earlier, and go to bed earlier.

  2. Focus on why you are "reluctant" to end today and understand what parts of yourself are often lacking in care.

  3. Get ready for what you're going to wear the next day and reduce the panic the next morning.

  4. Looking back today, focus on recognizing yourself and praising yourself.

  5. Spend time with loved ones and recover energy and share it.