Meet a person, decide to live with him for a lifetime, and then raise a life together to grow up, perhaps, this is already the most beautiful form of life.

Last week, Jenn Im, a well-known American internet user, posted on her channel, "We've got kids!" (We're pregnant!) the film, caused a wide range of echoes, in just three days has been viewed more than a million times.

If you also keep an eye on beauty, fashion or lifestyle, you should know about Jenn Im. She started running the channel at the age of 18, filming outfits and make-up, which immediately attracted a large audience. At the same time, because of her Korean-American identity, she also chatted a lot about race, family, school and other issues, creating channel-style diversity. Most of the time, Jenn is more of a good friend, living a serious life on the channel, sharing every moment with the audience.

Her husband, Benn, has been playing a supporting and accompanying role, working as a powerful assistant on Jenn's Youtube channel and clothing branding business. The life presented by the two men in the film is simple, close, and insincere love, so every communication to the audience is emotional peace of mind.

Meet you, life has changed

In the film announcing her pregnancy, Jenn tells of his transition from the age of twenty to thirty. Before meeting Bann, she said, she never thought she could be a mother because it was too heavy and too hard.

However, after meeting Bann, she found that someone can live a good life together, and even, can accompany life to grow up together.

There are always many episodes in life. At the age of twenty-seven, Jenn was diagnosed with polycysticovariansyndrome (PCOS) and was instantly replaced by "can't have children?" In this regard, she thought, those thirty years old to face it again. If I can't have children, I'm satisfied with my life now.

By the age of thirty, like many people, Jenn's life began to change. Unlike the twenty-year-old bump, her life slowed down, and she and Bann decided not to use contraception and give it all to fate. However, seemingly to live a balanced, textured, and stable career development of her, in the face of pregnancy, has been insurmountable fear.

Because pregnancy is full of unknowns, because being a mother is too heavy, "I always convince myself that this role does not belong to me, I will not be a good mother." 」

"You're going to be a great mom, and I'm going to be there for you forever." 」

However, after the pregnancy test, she, in front of the camera holding the pregnancy baton, while crying, while asking myself, if I use the best efforts, but the child still do not love me, how to do?

In the face of pregnancy, everyone's state of mind will be very different, but in addition to joy, but also often accompanied by uneasiness, fear that they are not ready, fear of life is too heavy, fear of the child's future relationship with themselves. Jenn says she knows that many women worry about infertility, but pregnancy is a huge change in her life and takes a little more time to digest.

Fortunately, Bann immediately told Jenn that everything would be all right, that she would be a good mother, and that she would always be with her and give Jenn a big hug. Pregnancy will not be a woman's thing, is two people face together, and then good hand in hand, good support.

In fact, for pregnant women, the feeling of uneasiness comes not only from the unknown of parenting, but also uncertainty about how the other half will react.

So when Jenn feels well caught, the mood stabilizes.

Photo |Jenn Im YouTube channel

"I don't even see you, I already love you." At the end of the film, with her gentle, slightly hoarse voice, Jenn gently speaks to the new life that is coming. May imitate anxiety, but at the same time, pregnancy is also a precious page in life, in that October, with another life all the time, closely dependent.

Meet a person, decide to live with him for a lifetime, and then raise a life together to grow up, perhaps, this is already the most beautiful form of life.

It is also believed that Jenn and Bann will continue to record every precious moment of their parenthood with countless beautiful images in the future.