Women fans continue to recruit, invite you to write together. Write down your care, your concern, if the contribution is published, there will be a substantial reward, wonderful content welcome to contribute to the ourvoice@womany.net

In 2020, women fans will evolve, starting creative reward programs, creating a reward system with substantial contributions from readers to women's fan creators, and supporting women fans to develop themselves better with writing and opening up more meta-life possibilities.

This time, we would like to invite you to write down your care, your story, your actions, and to convey your views and gentleness to more people. Let every pen, have become the driving force of social progress. Invite you to see together the creative spirit of women fans, the content direction of the piece being drafted.

What is the spirit of women's creation?

As a writing platform convinced of diversity and integration, we invite diverse experiences to emerge and promote better knowledge transfer and exchange, and the spirit of the reader's creation is:

  • With the understanding side: from the same point of view, invite you to write the real story of growth, can be self-practice, workplace development, intimacy, with the same therapy, coupled with the solution exercise.
  • Action point of view: take care of diversity and integration, knowledge-based, independent thinking, take the reader to do the view movement, it is important to write a solution to the road of action.
  • People-oriented: events are dead, and people are alive, always with people as the core, long-term reporting and writing life, to warm care and AIDS to feed the community.

Preferred type of manuscript

Based on the three-stop positioning of women fans, we will prioritize the following three targeted content:

Women fans: Build a Chinese-language healing community to help each other become themselves

Invite you to write down how to be better yourself, about self-practice, career development, and intimacy. Share international experiences, life perspectives, local insights, or use knowledge (e.g. psychological perspectives) to analyze textual dramas and provide practical solutions.

Gender power: to allow all gender groups to gain respect, mutual understanding, diversity and integration

Gender is a diverse experience, written on a true basis, and you are welcome to contribute your gender story, caring and current affairs perspectives, and provide action exercises. Let gender awareness open the reader's interpretation of the world, but also increase your understanding of their own and love.

Go home: Leave a lamp, you are home

Talk about the appearance of various families, talk about how to build their own homes, talk about the family composition of the multi-imagination. Welcome from their own experience, bring out the family's multi-depth and breadth, chat about the family's difficult problems, communication and solution, together to create a sense of belonging.

If you're ready

The submission process

  • Notes on clicking on contributions (please click here) to fill in the contributor information after careful reading before we can provide contribution fees.
  • Send the manuscript to ourvoice@womany.net, write the title of the letter to the reader's creation, I am the one to find you in the vast letter
    • Attach your script to the clip file, which is either Microsoft Word or Google Document. (Welcome to attach multiple articles at the same time)
  • If the manuscript is accepted, we will reply within one week, if not received within one week, it means that the manuscript is not accepted.
  • If accepted, we will notify you by letter and request you to attach basic information to the letter, and you will receive a single bonus NTD 500 the following month.

A thoughtful reminder

  1. If the manuscript has been posted to another website or has been posted by another website, please indicate in the letter the name of the other website that has been contributed or published.
  2. In principle, readers only accept articles that are first published in women's fans.

How to be a female fan creator

Women's obsessive grading signing system: If the reader's manuscript is accepted more than three times, the first week after the publication of the article cumulative viewership of 5,000 pv, after editing the monthly strategic needs of the judgment, appropriate to work together, we will invite you to become a new creator.

If you have "Self Media Impact Data" also welcome to provide us with reference. (Includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Podcasts, etc.)

Learn more about the "My Thought Creation Growth Program"

From contributing to becoming a creator of my own, we enhance the creator's growth curve through exclusive service. In women's fan creation, you will get:

  • Gain insight: If you're invited to be a new creator of women's fans, you'll get an exclusive Creator Insight Dashboard to learn about your reading and community performance on Women's Fans. In addition, there is weekly editor-end insight sharing, hot current events, community discussions, writing topics and more.
  • Expand your influence: Every article is sure to have Facebook exposure, and on the day the content goes live, you'll get a women's fan group Facebook (510K plus Like) one, and within 35 days, a woman fan group Facebook (510K plus) the second.
  • Join the Creators Community: Online, you'll join the private community of women fans, FB authors, and we communicate and help each other deepen their agenda. You'll also join Slack: Womany Creator Land, where you collaborate directly with editors and producers.
  • Offline gatherings and event invitations: We host offline creator salons, as well as occasional parties or auditions, trials and other activities, inviting creators to participate.
  • Each article has a bonus fee: Once you become a creator, we offer more cash rewards based on how well the article is viewed and how well the community performs, ranging from NTD 600-4,300 per article.

Women fans to create a stage, willing to let countless creators glow, is free and real Amazing,is full and full of Xu Weifang, please let us witness your glowing moment together. This way, invite you to go along!