In the face of cherished people's things, even hard, will bring happiness. If you can, as the play's daughter Xiaokong said, we must see when we can see, can touch the real touch, every happy moment, are firmly remembered.

"I don't think about who I work for. 」

"yes, it's my problem, it's that I didn't go to the National University and put a heavy financial burden on my family. 」

Has such a conversation scene ever appeared in your life? Whether it is a long time did not go home to you, or every day with the family to live with you, perhaps there will be some moments, feel that parents are difficult to communicate, there is always inexplicable persistence. Japanese drama "My daughter can't get a boyfriend!! It's a story like this.

In the play, as a writer's mother Mizuho (KanNo Mizuho) was a red-hot love novelist, because the family and work burned, daughter Xiaokong (Played by Meibo Bin) will naturally become the mother's proud assistant. Mother and daughter relationship is therefore closer, to say that the two are just mother and daughter may be too weak, they are dependent on each other's partners, best friends and sisters without talking.

However, even if the feelings are closer, there will be times of mutual understanding and conflict.

Pictured| "My daughter can't get a boyfriend!! The play

(Same scene: If I have a new refrigerator| our bond with the native family, just in the mother's sentence: Do you want to come back for dinner?

How do you know if you're good for me and don't say an exit?

In the play, the family's financial situation began to decline, because mother can no longer write as popular as when she was young. She persuaded her mother to sell the house, but she insisted on not moving. To this end, xiao empty feel discouraged, but also because of this and mother quarreled.

Have you ever wondered: always feel more thoughtful than your parents think, why are they not compromising?

Like the play's small empty, under a breath to throw away the door, and the neighbor uncle chatted to know that the mother most concerned about, is not where to live, the house is not high, she just wants to let her daughter can always see the opposite building, like the mark. Because that is my daughter when she was a child, most like and most able to calm the mood of the pattern.

What about you? You have been in the quarrel after a period of time, only to find that the original parents considered different from themselves, even more than their own, because they consider the children, and those parts, perhaps even our own ignored, forgotten, but they always remember.

However, the care hidden in the bottom of my heart, not directly speaking, is difficult to let the other side perceive. If every beauty, because of silently hidden in the bottom of my heart, resulting in unnecessary conflicts, disputes and misunderstandings, it must be a kind of mind-consuming. Whether you're a parent or a child, next time you can try to speak your mind directly, even if it takes courage and practice.

Thank you for keeping me working hard

"Mom, it's hard to write, isn't it?" Have you been reluctant to write for me? 」

With the development of the plot, the mother in order to maintain the cost of living, continue to work hard to write, at any time in a hurry to cut the manuscript. To this end, the daughter Xiaokong worried and guilty to ask the mother.

"Of course it's hard to write, but I'm really grateful to you, because with you, I'll keep writing." Is there such a number one person in your life that you are willing to persevere and work hard for him?

In fact, what you want is not only self-satisfaction, but also happiness for another person. Love is so wonderful, when you struggle for someone other than yourself, it seems that hard work has a deeper meaning.

The same is true in the play, when the mother said to her daughter, for another person to work hard, is a kind of happiness, we understand, writing for the mother, has long been not only the same work or an achievement, but also the way to protect the daughter. In the dream room decorated with clouds as a background, filled with two people to each other's consideration, care and love, such as the tide of gentle flow through each audience's chest.

If you're working for someone, tell him, because he may be working for you, too. When you know each other about that kind of love and connection, your heart may be more solid, whether it's your family, your other half, or your friends.

Pictured| "My daughter can't get a boyfriend!! The play

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If you walk in the thorns, I will accompany you around

"In front of my mother, there was a three-year-old girl who was walking forward, and my mother was worried about whether the girl would fall, whether she was a mother or a few years old. This is especially true if life is the path of thorns. Mom also wants to continue to guard the child, but also want to continue to guard the child for a period of time. 」

At the end of the film, mother and daughter once again lying in the cloud pattern around the room, small empty asked mother, if today you will walk into a thorn bush, you turn around, who do you want to see most? Mother just said, I see is you, than to be guarded, I want to guard you, a little longer.

Reading this article, when was the last time you spoke to your family? Do you occasionally play the "I'm good for you, why don't you know" play code? In fact, to become adults, we have less and less time, whether it is to their own time, or with parents, family time. As Xiaokong said in the play, if the person she likes things can not last forever, then she must see when she can see, can touch when she can touch.

The next time we clash, maybe we can all try this exercise:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Think differently: Try to think, they may also think a lot for me, but do not know how to communicate and express.
  3. Thank you: Say your thanks to them, understand their concerns, and restart communication.