On 9 April, Prince Philip, who died at his residence at Windsor Castle at the age of 99, and his wife of 72 years, Queen Elizabeth II, announced to the world through an official statement from Buckingham Palace: "It is with great sadness that I announce that my beloved husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, has left us peacefully at Windsor Castle. 」

Behind this, is a deep attachment, is the parting of this world, is a lifetime of love, is a marriage of a lifetime.

The 26-year-old married Prince Philip of Denmark and Elizabeth, 21, in 1947, after eight years of dating.

We can't imagine the only love in this life, but Elizabeth, then 13 years old, understood that the man had a strong eagle-hook nose, deep mule, wearing a military uniform to straighten her chest, that was the first look of her love, that year only 18-year-old Philip, destined to be her life, accompanied by a lifetime, the only love.

Years of war forced its separation, the period can only correspondence, money deep, only rely on telegram or paper, miss brushing across the Mediterranean Sea, is said to be the unique epic love of that era, is true to the cry of life, hope you are safe, hope you win the war, hope you return early, look at you in the military meet, when the gun roared, with each other's photos, still do not forget deep miss.

So separated for up to five years. Two years after the end of World War II, Prince Philip ended his duties in the Mediterranean, and the royal family announced the couple's marriage.

On November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth, dressed in a white dress, held her lover's arm and smiled and greeted the nation.

On that day, the two of them looked at each other in the grandstand of Westminster and made a vow to marry for life. After the end of the war, the royal wedding, the whole country rejoiced, Philip gave up the Greek and Danish royal titles and succession to the throne, naturalized as a British citizen, five years later, Queen Elizabeth II came to power, from then on beyond the light of a son, he would like to be the queen behind the man, see lovers to support the hearts of the people.

Prince Philip's theory of marriage, nothing else, is tolerance

In the 19th century, when gender was not yet diverse and male dignity was not easily challenged, Prince Philip, as the Queen's husband, was bound to face severe challenges.

In a public interview, he said, "I'm probably the only man in The Whole of Britain who can't let future generations inherit their surnames," even though it's an unconscionable tradition for the vast majority of women, and back in the 19th century, When Prince Philip, as a royal companion, did lay down himself to a considerable extent.

In 1997, on the anniversary of their golden wedding, Prince Philip shared the secret of a multi-year marriage, laughing and saying, What's the secret?

"I think tolerance is an element of a happy marriage. Especially long-term relationship management, adversity is inevitable, he said, it is important to respect and love pity, with a tolerant heart, comb the occasional hair, take off each other's corners, in order not to hurt the embrace.

It's never easy to fall in love for 80 years, such a long time, Philip talks about marriage, says it's all about respect, it's intriguing to think about. If the two feelings to a long time, love is not only gentle, but also complain about each other, Chaimi oil salt, need endless tolerance.

Standing at the highest point of her country, between her country and her family, Elizabeth said, "He has been my strength for many years." Marriage is not only love, but also the trivia of life, there are unnecessary quarrels, there is complexity of human nature, as well as forgiveness and disappointment, years of marriage, relying on each other as a forward force.

A good partner, a dear friend of a lover, is a partner of life, as Elizabeth said in her 1997 public address: "For so many years, he has been a strength for me and my whole family, and a pillar that cannot or cannot be lacked." 」

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been together for nearly three quarters of a century, walking hand in hand, still elegant, looking at each other's eyes, sometimes warm, the world prays for a beautiful marriage, but so on.

True fairy tale, showing another possibility of love

Everyone expects that love looks beautiful. Marriage from love, go to the back, but you can see that the marriage is wrapped in reality, wrapped in justice. If there is a necessary loyalty in marriage, the opposite is not necessarily a betrayal.

Prince Philip's humor atmosphere, although his humor is offensive, even lack of racial awareness, even the media can not resist, and thus was labeled "straight Prince" seal. But there is no erasure, and over the past 70 years he has made as many as 22,219 public appearances to build bridges.

Over the years, Prince Philip represented the royal family as spiritual leader, participating in ceremonies, floating officials, is the longest-serving royal partner in British history. In this regard, reflected as the Queen's husband, gentleman and the gentle side.

Over the years, Prince Philip has been rumored to be having an affair. He is blond, tall and handsome, tall and tall, wearing a suit, there is still a military uniform style, such a person, charm has long been over the mountains, no one can match.

In 1992, Prince Philip personally responded to rumors of anecdotes, saying, as always, "Have you thought about it?" For the past 40 years, I've been going anywhere, unable to get rid of the guards, so why are I free to do these things? Marriage loyalty, you in two people together to give the country commitment, loyalty to each other's choices, loyalty to each other to give free space, loyalty in the premise of loyalty to their own, to give each other endless tolerance.

I know Prince Philip doesn't like to be praised, but he has always been the one who guided me and gave me strength.

Queen Elizabeth II of England

The daily, public schedule of the royal family can be put in front of the public. After 70 years, year after year, he as always showed the softness of the English gentleman, Elizabeth came up from the stairs, saw him holding his wife's hand forward, carefully helping, for fear that she had a flash, he looked at her eyes, there is still a vein, is said to be accompanied by a lifetime, all in the twilight.

Whose marriage, only pure and flawless. A true fairy tale that shows another possibility of loyalty to love.

I've known each other for 82 years and thank you for your dedication to love in this life

Prince Philip, 95, announced his retirement in 2017 after missing major events such as the Queen's official birthday parade and the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

In her later years, separation was a matter of infinite imagination, but back in 2002, Queen Elizabeth said in a public speech that no one could erase the selfless contribution that Prince Philip had made to her over the past 50 years, with her hands in her hands and her elegant English accent, saying: "He has been here for so many years, making more contributions to his family and his country than we know." 」

It was Queen Elizabeth II's usual style, and as Prince Philip said in his public speech, for him, marriage was the most important thing. "Toleration", a woman on this virtue, must be no stranger, but Philip a steel man, in the name of the Queen's married husband, to do enough tolerance and humility, this, he is bound to be very, very hard.

Even so, he credits his wife, who shared the 50th anniversary of their marriage, "I think the lesson we've learned in marriage is that tolerance is an essential quality in any happy marriage, and the Queen has done a particularly good job of that." 」

Marriage is a long-distance running, need to constantly adjust each other's pace, rhythm is good or bad, when fast and slow, there is no run-in and get along, completely innate. Between different individuals, there must be incomprehensible things, and so is royal marriage. After more than 70 years of marriage, the two old decided to separate and spend time, there must be a reason, but that is not necessarily love.

Love looks a lot, not only sticky way of getting along is love, mature love, many times may be mutual respect, may each other be free.

At the end of his life, 99-year-old Prince Philip, on April 9, 2021, ushered in the sunset of his life.

Looking back on the couple's life, nearly a century, witnessing how many things changed and the stars moved, and said goodbye to his wife, in the middle of a momentary sleep, I do not know whether the Prince evoked, in 1939, the Royal Naval Academy of Britannia, he first met Elizabeth, the two met, at a glance, doomed to 82 years of immortal century of love.