Lin Yichen was rumored to be cheating on her husband, abused by her mother-in-law, always gentle she used a humorous and firm tone to dispel rumors, in order to protect her love and love her family, she felt the need to clarify the rumors.

Lin Yichen, formerly known as the "Zero Negative Review Goddess", on Weibo by unknown source po out of the "Lin Yi morning schedule", said Lin Yichen every morning to get up every morning for the mother-in-law to wash her hands for soup, within a week, weibo crazy, many netizens even use "Lin Yi morning time" to time for themselves. In addition, there are rumors that husband Lin in the ultra-young model home, and even asked to eat frogs to improve physical fitness, more easily pregnant.

News came out, causing a large number of netizens to discuss and media retweets, after several days of silence, Lin Yichen on the morning of April 9 in the official microblog with the title "I am not humble, he is not scum" as the title, personally clarify the negative news of the six major misunderstandings. From her words, it can be seen that the performing arts circle practice for nearly 20 years of steady spleen, she is not humble, the words also have the wisdom and atmosphere of light-hearted women.

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In response to the "early morning get up to make breakfast for the mother-in-law to eat", Lin Yichen said: "Our family science girl (mother-in-law) needs the stage to play her creativity, I at best have a ride to help, or when she does not want to make breakfast, pick up my mobile phone to book Taipei's major brunch restaurants." 」

In response to the "husband brings the tender model home", she attached a screenshot with the husband video, humorously countered: "With the mother-in-law to live together is how to bring the tender model home?" The family can barely be called tender mold is only me, really wronged him. 」

Responding to "never farting in front of her husband," she quipped, quoting her husband' comment: "Don't they know you're attacking me with a stinky fart?" How do you considerate me to run outside to put, I was instead said to be a big man? (In the middle of a grievance)

In response to "my mother-in-law asked me to eat raw frogs to improve my health", she attached a photo with the famous milk shop, said: "My favorite is the frog laying eggs (pearl / pink round / boba), absolutely not raw frogs!" 」

While Lin Yichen responded to negative reviews with a thousand words of humor, we can't help wondering how the "Zero Negative Review Goddess", who had been a woman of wisdom and beauty, was rightly labelled "humble daughter-in-law" by netizens and the media after marrying into a wife and entering a family?

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What makes the "zero negative rating goddess" a "falling girl"?

At the beginning of this year, according to the morning interview, the reporter rushed to inquire about the recent situation with her husband who works in the United States, she smiled, patiently replied to the reporter's questions, answer between, there are reasons to relax, there is to assume the family affairs are spread out of the subtle helplessness. When the reporter asked: "How is the situation of children?" She groped her stomach playfully and asked, "What do you say?" With a sigh, this breath just made the reporters make a big deal out of it.

Six years of marriage, about the topic of children, was asked for six years, the news page search, all is "Lin Yichen to do "people" failure", "desperately to be a person 0 progress", "three years did not film to concentrate on pregnancy", "Lin Yichen to seek son road hardships", buddha into marriage, the value of women, only her family and children.

On several occasions, the reporter asked, "Will the man put pressure on him?" Lin Yichen shook his head and said, "The pressure is on me." Lin Yichen's words show that all choices, not female vocation, are her choices.

Such as people love at eight o'clock, this kind of mother-in-law and husband's oppression of women's play code, once it may be really staged, more easily by the masses and the media hyped discussion, all kinds of problems are buried in a trap, set the scene, forced Lin Yi morning into the play, but she did not want to take part in this out.

From the actress before and after the interview record can be seen, before marriage, Lin Yichen's self is Lin Yichen, after marriage, society with a variety of values constraints, to limit the scope of her "self." The weakening of subjectivity, often appears in people's discussion of married women, from the reporter's mouth problems can be found that she seems to have to be Lin Yuchao's wife, the mother of future children, and finally, she is Lin Yichen himself.

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Why is the image of a woman in marriage always unconditionally "weakened"?

In this storm, there are rumors that Lin Yichen married into the door, the wife's life humble, get along with her husband, can not really be their own, and even some people rumors, Lin Yichen married for six years, every day 3 to 6 o'clock in the morning must get up, in addition to making breakfast for the mother-in-law to eat, but also to send the father-in-law out to work.

Exaggerated descriptions are all based on the same logic: weakening the image of women in marriage.

Of course, we can't deny that the mother-in-law still has a real problem to solve in society, but what is discussed here is why Lin Yichen, who has been presenting outstanding ability and intelligent atmosphere image for more than ten years before the fluorescent screen, has suddenly changed his image after entering marriage.

This time Lin Yi morning rumors, almost many years after marriage, the first time such a tough public statement, she wrote: "Everyone she knows knows." I married into is by no means a 'big door', but is definitely a 'good door', good hard-working good people, also need to work hard for a living rather than idle, to me is like a biological daughter love. She said that if she was the only channel in her family to speak to the outside world, and instead of saying a word, she would have to say something.

She is not humble, just like the world, the role of women in the family, not necessarily weak daughter-in-law, marriage of female myths or weakening, are quite abnormal behavior.

Marriage is a choice, when society over-weakens women's autonomy, choice and sense of value in family roles, then anyone can change from a bright "zero negative evaluation goddess" to a "humble daughter-in-law" in marriage. Even so, she doesn't think so herself.

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The "premarital her" that disappeared.

Not only is it easy for everyone to forget "the woman before marriage", but the other half is also easy to forget.

At the beginning of April, the actor Yusheng in his Facebook fan group thanked his wife, support his wife to start a business post, the first mention of "I always thought, accompanied by Yu Sheng adventure, accompanied by children grow up, as long as can stay with the family, is the greatest happiness in her heart, I forgot, she was a shrewd and capable agent, I also forgot, she is also a very thoughtful woman." 」

Post a post out, leading to comments, some netizens believe that Yu Sheng this article at the same time weakened and mythically the role of women in marriage, put themselves in the position of no responsible thanker, rationalize women in the family to pay;

In fact, until this moment, women into marriage, active and passive weakening, very common, we can not know how the charity (Yu Sheng wife, Lei Ma) how to decide at what stage to put themselves in which position, but can be seen, is the life stage of the choice, may contain trade-offs, but not necessarily sacrifice, women keep themselves, is in any case can stick to their character.

As Lin Yichen said at the end of his statement: "Not marrying or not having a baby is a choice, want to form their own family, give birth to the next generation is also a choice, the focus is on their own decisions, rather than subservient to the demands of others, the general trend of society, I understand this, but also can bear all the results of their own choices." 」

A woman's wisdom and strength, will not be because she is a wife and mother, and disappear without a trace, and wronged to seek full. I believe Lin Yichen won't, Neither will Lei's mother.