Tina, Google's general manager for Taiwan, shared how to be a good worker and a good life traveler with glowing students on stage at the "Gender Hacker Code for Gender, Code Growth for(CFG) " hosted by women fans

On April 18, 2021, Women's Fans 2021 CFG "Code for Gender, Code for Growth Sex Hacker Pine" kicked off in a breezy spring day, with Google Taiwan General Manager Tina Lin, Google Software Engineering Manager Joy Hsu, and icook co-founder and technology director Richard Lee also responding to the launch as a Panell lecturer.

CFG is part of the Women's Growing Up Learning Series, and this year CFG partnered with Google Strategies to host a "six-month" series of courses, community gatherings, and hackers. With innovation and technology as the way, multi-integration, "not only D-I, to build a D-L (Diversity and Leadership)," the full participation of students, but also to obtain a certificate of completion, with Google and Womany partners to communicate. Series of activities, set a limit of 100 people, registration open for three days is full, students have arrived early on the day in line.

This is an era of accelerated learning and growth, and women fans and Google hope to support new people, transseposers, women and partners of all genders in a rapidly changing world, creating ways to have a strong community and grow and learn together quickly.

Xuan Xuan: CfG's original intention is to actively create the integration of the future we want

Starting in 2021, as the sponsor of the CFG, he re-introduces the history and motivation of cfG to the participants at the event.

"Solving gender issues in a technological way is a big motivation for me to start a business and it's very important to speak up for myself. CFG is a 2016 women's fan initiative, and Womany is the first company in Asia to launch a technology-to-gender initiative, and in 2019 it was shortlisted for the UN's Geneva Program,'s "The World's Best Citizen Event" and this year google is working with us to launch CFG.

Back in 2016, the first winner of the gender hack, Song, hugged her and said it was the first time she felt she was good. "She talks on stage about the possibility of gender-based violence in a word, but at school, everyone says, because you're a girl, you have the resources, you get the opportunity, and so on, " he said.

"To start this event today, we want to create a learning environment where everyone can learn better, and we can use the next six months to start doing things, and we can prove it through our work."

According to statistics, nearly 65% of workers are dissatisfied with their current jobs, in addition to feeling confused about the status of their careers, hesitating about life choices, but also contain gender-assigned role burden, career planning uncertainty behind a lot of self-social problems intertwined.

In order to understand the motivation of the participants and the difficulties encountered in the stage of life, prior to this event, we conducted an in-depth survey of each applicant,

  • "Want to expand social networks and learn from each other in different fields"
  • "Want to change jobs and learn about Google's efforts on diversity issues through activities"
  • And look forward to through this course and exchange, the accumulation of hard and soft power and other three expectations, is the reason for many people to participate.

Whether it is growth and upgrading at this stage or finding a more competitive path for the future, the most important thing is to "prepare ahead of time", Mr Xuan said. "Work is the combination of things and people, how people want to play a systematic thinking ability in many things, and that's what we need to be ready for in the next decade."

'Historical experience is important, but we have to focus on the moment because it's one of the original ideas for women to host Code for Gender when we can create the future together, ' mr.

Keynote | Speaker Tina Lin, General Manager of Google Taiwan: Master the growth momentum of talent over the next decade

Wearing a white suit and jeans and long hair shawl, Tina, Google's general manager for Taiwan, took to the stage with a professional and confident look, as well as the confidence to enjoy the stage. She greeted the crowd with a smile and told her story.

"When I was a student, I didn't even know I was going to Google, " she laughed, laughing, and the future was hard to predict, and she had never thought that she would jump into the technology industry and move all the way to the top of the industry and take today's position.

But even if the future is unpredictable, everyone's growth trajectory is still tracked, says Tina, who says goals are closely tied to your destination, and you have to understand why you're doing it before you work.

"I often tell my colleagues that work is still about finding a way to live, for example, I want to be able to do a job that sees the world from Taiwan and lets the world see Taiwan, " she says, noting that the focus is on self-actuality, which is not just about success, but about whether you understand your needs better day by day.

Self-actuality is that you understand your needs better day by day.

Tina, Google's general manager in Taiwan

"It doesn't happen at the moment, it doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist."

"I think growth is more important than success, success is not forever, but talent cultivation is lifelong learning." Tina mentions that being a growing worker is an important process to help your career develop.

In fact, there are quite a few workers in the workplace, easy to be kidnapped by their own experience and the current task, can not see the outside has been shocked, "for example, more men than women in the technology industry, in my normal working environment, I never think of myself as a girl, but there will still be some time, forced to realize their gender," Tina said, the focus of the moment does not mean that the problem does not exist. Of course, the problem is not limited to gender diversity.

Growth is more important than success, success is not forever, but talent cultivation is lifelong learning.

Tina, Google's general manager in Taiwan

"You'll find that the workplace today is full of people from four generations, working in one workplace, with completely different values and beliefs, but working together in the same workplace and embodying a spirit of diversity and inclusion," she shared. Diversity and integration, not only inclusive, but also include generational differences and other facets.

"The sword is my favorite idiom, I think a lot of people, including me, are very often the Chu people in the story, only know that they are on the boat, but forget that they are also on a river." 'In addition to being sensitive to multiple issues in the workplace, as a workplace worker, you also have to be aware of the atmosphere,' she said.

In the science and technology industry, the water flow of carving a boat for swords, a large part of the evolution of technology. "Emerging industries" are changing, there are already quite a number of emerging technologies to assist the company's operation and profitability, when the application is generated, on behalf of technology has been turned into solutions gradually landing, and can quickly grasp new ideas, new trends of talent, in order to stand out in such a large environment.

"Diversity is also reflected in your perception of the "international view"

Taiwan's future talent development is closely related to its population.

"Over the next decade, the reduction of labor force, the decrease in consumption power and the increase in long-term expenditure will certainly have a considerable impact on Taiwan's industry and market," according to the latest population figures from the Ministry of the Interior for the first quarter of 2021, showing that Taiwan's population will officially enter negative growth this year, that is, in the future, Taiwan will be less likely to rely on the demographic dividend to obtain talent and market, in the next decade, looking for needles in a haystack, the quality of talent has become very important.

Tina noted that the global outbreak in 2020 will also have a significant impact on the industry, "global outbreak relations, changes in the consumer experience, consumer and enterprise use of digital to achieve the consumption process has become the norm, coupled with the technology giants for the security awareness of the next opportunities and challenges."

The imminent transformation of industrial digital, but also urged the transformation of talent, "digital, digital optimization, digital transformation, different companies and industries are now facing different stages of development, no one can stay out of the way, each company may be a technology companies, data companies, can not ignore the impact of the general trend on talent, the job market."

The trend is torrent, international relations is also, Tina mentioned, the change of Sino-US relations, geopolitical instability, is the focus of corporate decision-making, the world is flat, if talent for international relations do not have a new understanding, then it is difficult to adapt to the butterfly effect caused by the linkage.

"Diversity is also reflected in your perception of the international outlook," Tina says, which consists of three main aspects, first, the intellectual level, that is, the level of understanding of the politics, economy and culture of other countries; All three are workers with an international outlook and should master the basic competencies.

3 Steps to Being a Good Worker - Learn, Zero, Learn Again

A good worker, but also a good life traveler, the word "talent" is not a tall frame, but how you see yourself, and what kind of person you want to be, who you expect to work with, whether you do something satisfactory and fulfilling.

At the end of the speech, Tina held the microphone in her hand, there was light in her eyes, that light, no sense of professional distance from the senior managers, but very close to every audience present, Tina's brilliance, more introverted with light, can see that she exhausted all kinds of methods, for their own open land of the kind of ground, steady and open mind.

Illiteracy in the 21st century, she mentions, is not the illiterate, but the one who does not learn, who does not zero, who does not learn again.

"A lot of people ask me, what kind of job vacancies, what industry is the most popular now?" 'There's no standard answer, ' says Tina with a laugh, as she has repeatedly stressed at the beginning of the speech, that success is temporary, but that growth is a one-off, and if you only use the same old ways to deal with new problems, you won't be able to solve any problems.

Learning is the foundation, zeroing is finding new ways, and learning again is to update your knowledge, catch up with the pace of the world, catch up with your own growth, rather than stop in place.

"Don't always look for the standard answer, you have to be a person who is not afraid to get lost. " She was gentle and determined, and sent this sentence to all of you, and to you who read this article.