Are you in a low mood now? Is it like being lost in a forest, unable to find an exit, and not knowing where to be? Going forward, you're afraid to fall into the mud, and then you're afraid to fall off a cliff.

So I stopped at a loss, consuming supplies day by day. I can't get out of this forest until I run out of everything.

Why do we continue to viciously cycle in low energy?

In 2020, I left my familiar field of work, hoping to challenge myself and prove myself, so I returned to school and started a new career. All this should make people can't wait, did not expect to usher in is irrepressible anxiety.

In the face of new challenges, I fear that I will learn too slowly, that I will be afraid of dragging down the team in the face of new tasks, and that I will be worried about starting over and appear to be unachievers compared to my peers. So, wake up in the morning, can't lift, at night, self-doubt. Day after day, every day with willpower to move forward.

Why am I so tired? Why do I feel energy exhausted? The ensuing challenges, the fear of failure, overwhelmed everything, but I never really faced, did not know that low energy actually comes from fear of failure, fear of not paying off anxiety, but subconsciously with "you are very not", "you have nothing to do" to force themselves forward.

Anxiety is like a double-edged blade, used properly, and can be properly planned before it happens, such as fear of not being able to report well and planning ahead of time. But indulging too much in anxiety only puts you in a state of energy depression.

Until a friend asks, "You don't seem to be in good shape, how is it?" Only then shocked, their anxiety even around the people feel. But immersed in self-complaining emotions, not my original intention, the depressed energy state but let me away from their goals more and more far away. So I decided to regroup myself and dismantle the low-energy hell by using the WTH compass method.

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What is the WTH compass method?

WTH compass law means:

W:Wish, Wish Scenario T: Thorn, Spike, Find the Reason H:Hell, Not As Good As You Wish Situation

This method can be structured in a form of table, to guide users to clarify the status quo, clear up the idea. First, write down your hell, which causes low-energy hell, such as feeling that your achievements are lower than your peers, fearing that you will drag down your team, and worrying about your inability to do so.

Second, write down Wish and find out what you want to be, for example, if you want to help your team produce and take responsibility. From this step, you can make a final Thorn to find out the difference between Hell and Wish.

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I dissect my situation: trying to help the team produce, but worrying about dragging down the team, is actually afraid that I will not perform as expected, underperform the model of the mind, and so on. So the "unknown" situation becomes a clear "known", can I do something for myself? It may be further study or discussion with supervisor and setting appropriate work objectives at this stage.

Through the WTH compass method, the needs behind emotions are exhaled. Originally wanted to avoid solving the problem, I just drink to quench thirst, not clear the mood, will only be stimulated by other external factors, again triggered.

So, using the WTH compass method, let me:

  • Place the fear of the unknown and jump out of the drowning plot
  • Find out the ideal in your heart and clarify the problem points
  • In the face of the gap between reality and ideal, develop a course of action

The WTH compass method, like a compass, finds a solution for people lost in the vast sea of trees. Therefore, I would like to provide you with anxiety, this set of practical exercises in energy management, with you from the face of unknown fear, into a sustained forward momentum.

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Give anxious people energy management exercises

Try to think back to the last time you were in pain and low energy? What do you think you should do? Do you think this method is useful? Why isn't it? Are you stuck in emotions and not well under-clarified?

First, see your emotions first

The most important step in WTH compass is to see your low energy, not evaluating, not pre-labeling negative emotions as "bad" and "bad".

Emotions are like a prompt signal to let us know what makes us uneasy, what behaviors make us happy, find emotions, see emotions, and then we can find the needs behind us, move on to the next step, and find out the possibilities of a solution.

Second, the use of WTH compass method to find out the solution

After seeing the emotions, then practice using the WTH compass method, writing down Hell (Hell), Wish (ideal), Thron (picking) and dismantling the dilemmas of life. In practice, try to make the unknown known, and everyone can gradually draw "the best path out of this forest."

Through practice you will find that you have the ability to get out of trouble, and sincerely thank all the adversity, more confidence in yourself.

Energy is sometimes high and sometimes low, into the downturn, give yourself a little time, a little stay, reorganization, find the first heart, ask yourself where to go this way destination.

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Finally, send a small American poem circulating on the Internet, "Everyone has their own time zone", hoping to give tired you, bring some energy.

New York time is three hours ahead of California time, but California time is not slowing down.

Someone graduated at 22, but waited five years to get a good job!

Someone became CEO at 25, but died at 50.

Others don't become CEOs until they're 50 and live to be 90.

Some are still single, and some are married.

Obama retired at the age of 55, and Trump didn't become president until he was 70.

Everyone in the world has their own time zone.

Some people around you seem to walk in front of you, and others seem to walk behind you.

But everyone has their own pace in their own time zone.

Don't be jealous or laugh at them.

They're all in their own time zone, and so are you!

Life is waiting for the right time to act.

So relax. You are not behind.

You're not ahead. In the time zone that fate has arranged for you, everything will be on time.

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