Shiko Hashihara spoke boldly about her body at a new reality release, saying, "I don't think nudity should be taboo", but it drew criticism from a large number of Japanese netizens.

Why is Shiko Hashihara - or woman - showing a healthy body involved in personality traits and being called "debauchery"?

The model started out in 2010 as Shiko Uchihara, who starred in the adaptation of Murakami's famous novel "The Forest of Norway", and has since opened up a reputation in The Japanese film industry for his role as Xiao Green in the film.

In addition to her outstanding appearance, Shiko Hashihara, a mixed-race American and Korean, has been a controversial figure in Japan because of her bold style and boldness.

Recently, 30-year-old Shiko Suwon, for the photographer friend Maomu モ カ art solo exhibition (dream probabl き) to shoot a series of nude photo, the photo of her, retreat from the past fashion, commercial film and television makeup, with fresh plain face mirror, put up hands and feet, there is a comfortable reiki.

The background of photography is nature and fields, the liberation of the body, between the snow and the sky, leaving her real figure.

The photo shoot, the biggest since Shiko Hashihara's debut, was bold about her body at the launch, saying, "I don't think nudity should be taboo," and arguing that it's the healthiest sex appeal to embrace nature naked.

As soon as this statement came out, it immediately attracted criticism from Japanese netizens, some people said that "this speech is really sick", "the real life collection can sell out to have ghosts", and some people said "she can publish, but the question who wants to see?" Some netizens even believe that Shiko Suwon's remarks and actions have defiled serious Japanese culture.

The discussion makes us wonder why women who embrace sex and sex are always more morally suspicious than men who embrace sex. Why is it easy for women to be considered debauchery when they are healthy and sexy?

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Treating nudity as taboo is a negative attitude

We can look back and think, if today is a man who is naked and sexy, will people use the same criteria to examine or judge?

The popular view reflects the orientation of social values, that is, as long as heterosexuality and patriarchy remain the universal hegemony of the society, the "mass" in fact represents a certain degree of male perspective, so the "public" in the examination of "male sexiness" and "female sexiness" there are very different standards.

And in the past, especially in Asian society, there have been quite a few cases to support this.

Shirley, a korean actress who used to post photos on her Instagram account without her underwear, sex appeal and sexual innuendo, has been criticised by netizens: "How's your mental state?" It's better to make, so it can be seen that all kinds of magnified examination of a woman's body, her body does not belong to her own. As long as the Buddha girl chose the option that does not meet the expectations of society, then her behavior should be placed in the title of unruly, very different behavior.

Looking back, Shiko Hashihara has always avoided talking about sex, and the sexy photos she shares on her personal community are not in the minority. Japanese netizens believe that, in her position in the Japanese modeling world, large-scale works, too sexy commercials can not answer, but she has always been loyal to their own way, clearly express their belief in the body and sex.

In 2019, a group of photos with the German magazine INDIE Magazine exposed, the photo scene is Japan and the room, Suwon Ishiko dressed sexy, or sit, or lie down, or lie down, eyes with firm and confident, the series of photos highlight the innovation and bullying of fashion magazines, but the photo, suddenly attracted a large number of Japanese netizens scolded, including sexually suggestive provocations.

Shiko Sauhara's real-life set was scolded, and it was not the first time. From start to finish, however, it was not the photos themselves that made the outrage, but the Sarashiko who made the choice. Women who show courage to take back physical autonomy still have to be humiliated from time to time, as if women's self-confidence and desire for the body were displayed and can be judged and controlled by others.

Girls are encouraged to take back body autonomy, but are still choosing and labelled.

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The measure of freedom and sexiness of the body is just as ordinary as it seems

Shiko Sahara said, the nude as taboo, is a very negative attitude, many people have a difficult opportunity to show their bodies in the sun, running in nature, climbing, can let the body and mind have a feeling of integration with the outside world, comfortable relaxed mentality, but also let people out of the current pressure, healthy nudity, should not be seen as so obscure. 」

Is there a scale for sexiness? In response to this question, Shiko Hashihara said, "Most of the sexy "scale" and sexual "desire" equated, "but in her mind, the so-called sexy, is to be able to naturally show the body, like this time, she put herself into nature."

When it comes to sexiness, people always get it wrong. Women are able to present and enjoy sex under their will, or in a consciously safe and comfortable environment, to interpret what she considers sexy. However, this does not mean that others can be arbitrarily interpreted with non-well-intentioned gaze. Women can express their lust, but at the same time, being sexy is not the same as an invitation to sex.

As Shiko Suwon put it in 2018 in solidarity with Japanese model Kao Ri in a photographer's sex campaign, "Women are not objects, women are not props," and she believes that women are free to choose how they should render and feel their bodies.

The kickbacks came to the fore in 2017 when Emma Watson was controversial for filming the cover of Fancy World magazine and wearing a Burberry knitted hoodie to expose her breasts, when netizens attacked her for her sexy outfit with "why feminists should show their breasts." Emma Watson was scathing on the show.

"Feminism exists to give people freedom, and women can be anything they want to be, even if they walk the streets naked should be very safe. Emma Watson

Get your body back in your hands. Your choice is one thing, the malice of others is another, anyone, as long as you have full control of your body, then you have the right to actively and actively use and empower your body.