Did you know that when people are high and low in energy, our performance will be very different? The environment is difficult for us to control, but our own "energy" is the force that leads us on.

The second half of the 2021 CFG kick-off was a community gathering, led by Merci, head of the Women's Fan Operations Team, to lead all participants through an hour-long workshop on women's fan original "Energy Management."

This workshop draws on the "energy management" approach of women's fans and CFG promoter Zhang Weixuan's decade-long venture. These methods have also been deeply helpful to team members, and now we'd rather go out and share them with you.

From UIUX designers to PM and operations team leaders, energy management is Merci's strength

Workshop lecturer Merci opens with her own story, starting with a graphic designer, and opening her career as a UIUX designer in a woman's fan. During her seven years as a woman's fan, she has undergone two transitions, from UIUX designer to PM and engineer team leader, and now she takes on new challenges and becomes head of the operations team.

During her seven years in the cross-country career, Merci has also confessed to having had several low-energy troughs and breakdowns, such as the three times her carefully planned app was withdrawn, and the conflicts and frustrations she had during her time leading the team of engineers, and that she had shed tears several times during meetings.

Merci: "Have you ever had experience in your workplace where you've worked hard and tried everything you can, but you've been pushed back?" In 2014, my first application design work interface proposal was withdrawn three or four times, not for a month. It broke me down and my energy was getting lower and lower.

But guided by an energy management approach, Merci has successfully created the Google Play Best of 2015 app Read Bar and Google Play Best of 2017's Women's Fan Daily. Today, Merci is also one of the most powerful, energetic and god-mates in the women's fan team who is looking forward to working with her.

Work is a combination of people and things, the ability to complete transactions and key technologies are important, but soft power such as "self-energy stability", but also in this era of rapid change and high pressure, whether you can take good care of yourself, continue to grow at work, gain, go long-term, like yourself, become the key to God's teammates.

You can't change your workplace in one fell swoop, but you can learn energy management first

Before the CFG's opening ceremony, we had a commonality between the obstacles and low-energy points felt by students in the technology industry (or about to enter the technology sector): women were in the minority in the technology industry, lacked peer communities, lacked role models, and always felt single-handed and prone to loss of self-confidence and energy. This is also confirmed by the important concept of energy management.

In the workshop, we first show you what energy is. There are many kinds of energy, the energy of the physical world, including heat, heat and so on. When we focus on "human feeling energy", the energy of the person comes from your feelings of interaction with the subjective environment.

So, what is the pattern of energy?

The high-energy pattern is:

  • 1. Feel relaxed and happy at all times
  • 2. Do things with all your heart
  • 3. Take a good recovery and rest, get up and look forward to each day
  • 4. Feel that life is the ideal way to look
  • 5. Clear thoughts
  • 6. Have confidence in facing the challenge

The low-energy pattern is:

  • 1. Always nervous and anxious
  • 2. It's not energetic to do things
  • 3. Sleep badly, get up in the morning feel tired, not mental
  • 4. Life is a bit chaotic and difficult to control
  • 5. Confusion
  • 6. Lack of confidence, feel that things are not done well

If you're in any of the six low-energy states that fit any of the 1s, it means that you've been avoiding certain inner lessons for a long time, and once you start learning energy management, digging deeper into the core of your inner problems, one solution at a time, you'll find yourself more stable, facing any challenge, and being able to be energy stable and confident.

Introduction to Energy Management Methods: WTH Compass

In the workshop, Merci brings field participants to quickly apply one of the four methodologies of "Energy Management 01": the WTH compass.

Yan Xuan and Merci found that the same external environmental conditions and tasks, with their own different energy levels, will lead to very different life feelings, work results.

Do you have the experience to change one work or study environment after another, but the situation does not improve? That's because the environment is subjective and created by your emotions and your interactions with the environment.

Attribution to the environment is really one of the easy and quick ways, but we will also lose important growth opportunities, as well as nutrients. To really solve your low-energy dilemma, you must face the causes of your emotions and start with your inner lessons. Because, when the energy is low, then good environment, again great opportunity, you do not have the ability to see, identify and undertake.

The environment is subjective, we need to face the reasons for their emotions.

In the workshop, using the WTH compass, Merci guides you through three things step by step:

  • Hell: Things/status/status as you wish
  • Wish: Wish situation/status/status
  • Thorn: Pick a sting and find out why it fell

After picking out the biggest thorn, it is possible to face the real point in their hearts, and then in an effective way, gradually deal with and solve.

How to effectively solve the heart of the largest root of the thorn, in fact, energy management workshop, there are three practical methodology. In the community workshop at the CFG's opening ceremony, we first pick out the thorns in your heart and invite the participants to discuss and share them in groups, and discover and harvest them during the stinging process.

Sharing and completing the WTH compass, she finally clarified the problem that had plagued her for years: it wasn't the workplace that stuck with her, but the family situation that affected her energy and status at work. Through a clear distinction between their own wishes, not as good as their own wishes, the reasons for the fall, she found that the original family of certain difficulties, not she can control and solve, once there is such a understanding, she found that she actually should do the most, is to trust family members, and let oneself gradually put down this burden.

In just a few minutes, the student used the WTH compass method to solve her years of trouble, energy recovery, and even willing to generously share with the other 100 students, the whole room sounded sincere applause.

In life and the workplace, to grow, it takes more than hard power. What really sets you apart among talents and develop over the long term is often your soft power. Energy management is the cornerstone of all soft power.

Being able to maintain energy stability and high efficiency in the face of any challenge is your unique competitiveness.

Guo Fuzhi Merci

If you have the skills of soft power bottoming, have the ability to learn, welcome to sign up for women fans "energy management workshop", a three-hour workshop, teach you from positioning problems, understanding the core, design the least feasible way to solve, and copy in all aspects of life.